Beyond Siri: Dictation hints for the iPhone and iPad

You’re possibly familiar with how to use Siri on iPhone 12 and other models, in addition, to opening apps for your iOS tool, getting information, and installation appointments. But you will be much less familiar with iOS’s different dictation features, the only that helps you to communicate in your iOS tool even as it converts your phrases into textual content.

I’ve long used dictation on my iPhone, due to the fact I actually have fats thumbs and locate the keyboard too gradually to apply. As lengthy as I’m in a not-too-noisy environment, it really works pretty nicely. I should make corrections at times, however, I can dictate lengthy emails, quick textual content messages, or even use dictation to go into seek phrases in Safari or to go into textual content in textual content fields on web pages. Better still, in my early tests, dictation in iOS 7 appears a lot extra accurate. Here’s how you could use dictation on an iOS tool and shop a whole lot of time typing. Before that, you must be aware of how to use siri on iPhone 12.

Turn on dictation

First, you want to make certain dictation grow. To do this, visit Settings > General > Siri, after which flip Siri on. Even if you don’t need to apply Siri’s private assistant features, you want to show it on for speech reputation to work. You can select which language you’re using here, which is especially beneficial in case you communicate with an accent. I stay withinside the United Kingdom, however, for the reason that I’m American, I set the language in Siri’s possibilities to English (United States). However, I set my Region settings to mirror UK dates and times. (Tap General after which International).

Dictate everywhere…almost

You can dictate everywhere in iOS wherein you could input textual content. For example, you could compose emails, dictate texts, or even dictate seek phrases in Safari’s seek field. Any time you spot the small microphone icon subsequent to the spacebar at the iOS keyboard, dictation is available. Just faucet anywhere you could kind of textual content, after which faucet the microphone icon to begin dictating. When you’re finished, the faucet Done after which look ahead to your phrases to be processed. It can take some seconds for textual content to seem.

Stay within the zone: If you’re using iOS 7, while you start talking, you’ll see a comments pane with a wavering line displaying the extent of your speech. The louder you speak, the extra the amplitude of the wave. (If you’re the use of iOS 6, or you’re the use of an app that hasn’t been up to date for iOS 7, you’ll see a microphone; as you communicate, the microphone will fill with red light.)

Talk into the microphone: You don’t want to talk very loudly; however, you need to hold your iPhone near your mouth, especially in case you’re outdoors. There are microphones at the lowest of the iPhone, and a single microphone on iPads, positioned on the pinnacle of the tool. It’s now no longer clean to talk immediately into the iPad mic even as searching on the screen. Speak into the tiny hollow on the pinnacle of your tablet.

You’ll locate dictation in noisy environments works a lot higher with an iPhone, due to the fact it’s less complicated to talk near the microphone. The iPhone additionally has a noise-canceling mic, which filters out heritage noises. You may locate that the Apple earbuds that include an iPhone—that have an inline mic—provide higher speech reputation, as do third-party headphones with mics, so long as you maintain them pretty near your mouth.

Dictate whilst related to Wi-Fi: Dictation to an iOS tool calls for that your voice to be despatched to a server, wherein it’s far identified and transcribed, after which despatched returned in your iOS tool. For this reason, dictating to an iOS tool works fine while you’re the use of Wi-Fi; it additionally works properly with a 3G connection; however, something slower is hit or miss, in my experience.

Dictate efficiently

If you’re acquainted with dictating into software programs along with Nuance Software’s $160 Dragon Dictate, you have already got a concept of a way to dictate into an iPhone or iPad. But a few computer strategies don’t work. Here are some suggestions to make dictation extra efficient.

Speak clearly: You don’t want to talk especially slowly, however talking too quickly will cause mistakes. The fashionable concept is to speak like a newscaster: Enunciate, however, don’t exaggerate.

Don’t say an excessive amount of Your voice must be despatched to a far-off server, so hold your dictation segments beneath 30 seconds. (Longer than that is probably an excessive amount for a 3G connection.)

Take benefit of autocorrect: While you couldn’t accurate errors in iOS dictation through voice, you’ll every so often see phrases that iOS thinks are probably incorrect. They seem with dotted blue traces beneath them. Tap an underlined phrase or phrase, and you’ll see one or extra alternatives you could select from.

Speak punctuation and symbols: To encompass punctuation for your dictation, you want to say “comma,” “period,” “hyphen,” and so on. Watch out for language differences. For instance, in case you’re using British English, you want to say “complete stop” as an alternative to “period.”

You can say “new line” to dictate a go-back character, and “new paragraph” to feature returns if you know how to use Siri on iPhone 12. You say “apostrophe” for a possessive noun, such as “Jerry Garcia apostrophe S guitar,” for Jerry Garcia’s guitar.

You’ll additionally say things like “dollar sign,” “euro sign,” and “pound sterling sign” to get the corresponding symbols.

When you need to capitalize a phrase, say “cap.” If you’re sending a message to a person about a film preference, for example, you would possibly say “I’d like to observe cap lord of the cap rings.”

Use acronyms with care: You can dictate a few acronyms, however now no longer all. You’ll locate over the years which of them paintings and which don’t. When spelling acronyms, make certain to pause among letters simply sufficient for them to be discrete.

Add emoticons: Do you need a kind smile? It’s less complicated to dictate them than to replace them with a quantity keyboard. Just say “smiley,” “winky,” or “frowny,” for ? , ? , or ? .

Proofread what you dictate: While a few mistakes might be obvious, and different misinterpretations may also have blue dotted traces highlighting them, there might be typos—or, extra correctly, speech-os.

As you get used to dictating into your iPhone or iPad, you’ll parent out the proper cadence and extent to get the maximum specific reputation. If you want to kindly use an iOS tool, strive the use dictation. Whether you operate it for textual content messages or emails, it is able to prevent a whole lot of time.

Hopefully, this article helped you in learning how to use Siri on iPhone 12 and how to use dictation.

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