Fitbit Charge 3 vs Charge 4: is the Latest, Work it all Fitness Tracker, a Luminary Update?

While we’re all expecting the primary tracker to emerge with Wear OS assistance and Google Assistant integration, Fitbit isn’t resting on its laurels.18 months after the debut of the redesigned Charge 3, Fitbit has released the “Charge 4”, bringing new chips, new functions, and a brand new color. Here’s the way it compares to closing year’s model:

Display and layout

To the untrained eye, the Charge 4 is a carbon replica of the Charge 3, however, while you put them side by side, you’ll note some mild differences. The Charge 4 appears large on paper, however, the tapered layout offers it a completely comparable sense to the Charge 3.

Charge 3 Dimensions: 

35.8 x 22.7 x 11.8mm,Weight=29 grams

Charge 4 Dimensions: 

28.8 x 42.7 x 12.5mm,Weight=30 grams

With a completely comparable body, the Charge 4 additionally has the precise equal high-resolution (100×160) 1-inch grayscale OLED show with the Fitbit emblem underneath. The Charge 4’s display screen is extra advanced because of higher backlighting that adjusts to distinct lighting fixtures conditions.


Fitbit introduced entirely new navigation with the Fitbit Charge 3, and not anything has been modified at the Charge 4. 

The display screen is completely touch-enabled for taps and swipes, and the divot at the left aspect is genuinely a haptic inductive button that acts as a shortcut to the settings/dismisses alarms/and turns on Fitbit Pay. If you’re coming from a Charge 2, it’ll take a few getting used to, however, it’s massively progressed over the bodily button and tap-display screen at the Charge 2.


The Fitbit Charge 3 already had an array of powerful sensors, and the Charge 4 most effectively builds on it. The Charge 4 makes NFC fashionable for Fitbit Pay (previously it was restricted to the SE version) and additionally provides integrated GPS, a primary for a Fitbit tracker. Both models also are swim-proof as much as 50 meters.

Charge 3 

3-axis accelerometer 

Optical heart rate display 

Altimeter Vibration motor 

Relative SpO2 sensor NFC (in unique versions most effective)

Charge 4 

GPS 3-axis accelerometer 

Optical heart rate display 

Altimeter Vibration motor 

Relative SpO2 sensor NFC

Apps and notifications

While the Charge doesn’t run anywhere close to the variety of apps that the Versa does, its library covers the basics. And at Charge 4, you get new ones: Agenda, which is essentially a mini calendar, and Spotify, which helps you to manipulate what’s playing on your phone when you have a Spotify Premium account.

  • Charge 3: Exercise/Relax/Timers/Alarms/Weather/Settings
  • Charge 4: Agenda/Spotify/Exercise/Relax/Timers/Alarms/Weather/Settings

The Charge 3 and Charge 4 can also acquire notifications out of your phone, and if you’re using an Android phone, you may set custom brief replies for responding to textual content messages.

Fitness, sleep, and health

The foremost functions of the Fitbit Charge manifestly revolve around health and health monitoring, and each variation conveys an array of apps and functions that will help you get and stay in shape.

Charge 3 24/7 heart rate tracking Cardio health rating Sleep Stages Real-time pace and distance Goal-primarily based totally workout modes Guided respiration Automatic workout recognition Swim monitoring All-day calorie burn Female health

The largest new health function at the Charge 4 is Active Zone Minutes, with the intention to be coming to the Versa and Ionic smartwatches, however now no longer the Charge 3. To get greater customized exercising results, Fitbit will set up heart rate zones with the use of customized fats burn, cardio, and top heart rate metrics to optimize your attempt for the duration of workouts. Then your Charge 4 will provide you with a warning when you’ve reached your goal heart rate sector and report it on a Workout Intensity Map to be had inside the Fitbit app.

You’ll additionally be capable of tracking your Sleep Score at Charge 4 and use Smart Wake to progressively awaken at a fixed time instead of being jolted out of deep sleep.

Battery life and charging

Both the Charge 3 and Charge 4 provide complete 7-day battery existence consisting of sleep and regular workout monitoring. However, if you switch on GPS to your Charge 4, it’ll be extensively lessened. Fitbit estimates that GPS use will drop the battery to 5 hours because of the battery gobbling GPS chip continuously sending and receiving a signal. Runners and cyclists will need to turn it on earlier than exercising, however, for the most part, it’ll stay turned off.

Colors and bands

Like the Charge 3, the brand new Charge 4 is available in shades with some exceptional band options.

Charge 3 

  • Black
  • Graphite 
  • Blue 
  • Gray
  • Rose gold 
  • White
  • Graphite (SE) Lavender
  • Rose gold (SE)

Charge 4 

  • Black
  • Black Storm Blue
  • Black Rosewood
  • Rosewood Granite Reflective Woven
  • Black (SE)

While the black alternative could be very similar to final year’s graphite color, the rosewood version is closer to the Versa Lite’s mulberry color of crimson than rose gold. 


The rate of the Charge 4 is similar to the Charge 3: $150 for the usual version and $170 for the unique edition. The most effective distinction is that the Charge 4 SE has the same capability as the Charge 4, in which the Charge 3 SE introduced NFC. The extra $20 buys you an additional distinctive woven band that could typically be promoted for $35.

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