Google Calendar Error 404: What is Error 404? How can You Fix it?

Millions of human beings use Google Calendar for scheduling and monitoring activities. Unfortunately, any troubles or mistakes confronted even as the usage of it could spell doom. The most common one is Google Calendar Error 404.

Many agencies and people combine their packages with Google Calendar to use the Calendar API. It is common to come across mistakes even in the usage of the API. 

An Introduction to Google Calendar API

The Google Calendar API helps you to combine your cellular or net packages with Google Calendar, developing new approaches so as to interact with your users. With the API, you could discover and examine public calendar activities and, in case you are authorized, you could access and regulate non-public calendars and activities on one’s calendars. You also can paint with many different calendar-associated objects, inclusive of calendars or access controls.

You can acquire deeper integration with the Google Calendar, which permits you to create, display, or sync with Calendar data.  In the end, this integration can decorate the person to revel in extra approaches than one.

Example: If you’re constructing a reserving app (for hotels, flights, etc.), the usage of the Calendar API, you could routinely create or regulate activities withinside the person’s Google Calendar on every occasion they make a reservation.

Common Google Calendar API Errors

Since mistakes are common even with the usage of Calendar API, it’s miles higher to apprehend a bit extra approximately the kinds of mistakes you could face earlier than diving into the specifications of 404 Error.

The Calendar API returns tiers of error information:

HTTP error codes and messages withinside the header.

A JSON item withinside the reaction frame with extra info lets you decide the way to manage the error.

You typically obtain 4xx errors even as the usage of the Calendar API. Some of the mistakes are as follows,

400: Bad Request

401: Invalid Credentials

403: Daily Limit Exceeded

403: User Rate Limit Exceeded

403: Forbidden for non-organizer

404: Not Found

409: The requested identifier already exists

412: Precondition Failed

The motive and answers for every one of those errors is various and unique.

Reasons for Google Calendar 404 Error

The Google Calendar 404 error referred to as 404: Not Found is the error message back whilst a targeted aid isn’t found. This error can arise in specific conditions, whilst executing a get request, having access to the calendar, updating an event, etc.

The motives are varied because of the conditions wherein the error happens. Some of them are:

When the asked aid (with the supplied ID) has in no way existed.

When having access to a calendar that the person can’t get admission to

Of direction, the 404 error also can occur because of a worldwide server or provider outage, which occurs from time to time.

Update: How to restore lingering sync problems

If you continue to have sync troubles after August 23, you can want to delete the neighborhood cache in macOS:

  • Launch Calendar and uncheck Google calendars withinside the Calendars list.
  • Quit the Calendar app.

In the Finder, 

  • use Go  
  • Open Go To Folder
  • enter ~Library
  • Open calendars
  • press Return.
  • Delete all objects with the word “cache” withinside the name.
  • Launch the Calendar and re-take a look at the Google calendars.

How to sync iPhone and iPad?

Solutions for Google Calendar 404 Error

While the answers for this error rely on the problem, you could see a number of the extra common answers here. For example, the often-counseled direction of motion whilst confronted with a 404 error is the usage of exponential backoff.

In the exponential backoff method, you periodically retry a failed request over a growing quantity of time to deal with errors associated with fee limits, community volume, or reaction time.

For example, you would possibly retry a failed request after one 2d, then after seconds, after which after 4 seconds. It is used to enhance bandwidth utilization and maximize the throughput of requests in concurrent environments.

Keep the subsequent in thoughts even as the usage of this method:

After the error, watch for a minimum of one 2d earlier than beginning the retry periods.

If the tried request introduces a change, inclusive of a create request, upload a take a look at it to ensure not nothing is duplicated. Some errors, inclusive of invalid authorization credentials, aren’t resolved with the aid of retrying the request.

If a 404 error happens even when updating an event, it is probably due to the fact that you are lacking the right XML namespace declarations at the entry. Ensure that you are specifying this effectively on your update.