Hard Shells in Soft Covers

Today we will tell you about some laptop hard shell cases and soft covers.

Soft covers

Back then, PowerBook Duo neoprene skin sleeves were pretty popular. They protect laptops in opposition to scratches and scuffs despite the fact that not against something worse than a minor bump and a few even can help you use your laptop without casting off the sleeve.

Nowadays, most of the laptops run too hot if used in a sleeve; on the opposite side, today’s sleeves are pretty a chunk more rugged, fabricated from materials that provide decent shock protection, as well.

Be-ez LArobe:  

Price: $25 to $35

Be-ez’s sleeves are manufactured from low-resilience polyurethane (LRPu), a fabric that appears just like neoprene, however, is a lot more inflexible and, one of the most important things is, absorbs shock. If you’ve ever used those “high-tech” mouse pads that quickly leave an imprint whenever you press your fingers into them, you’re acquainted with this material; this one has the capacity to take in pressure after which it slowly returns to its authentic shape makes LRPu a perfect material for smooth pc sleeves, offering a bit extra safety than different tender materials.

The various LArobes are also some of the maximum appealing and defensive soft sleeves I’ve ever seen, thanks to an extensive variety of available colors of this sleeve, elegant trim, and wonderful attention to detail. For example, the zipper is color-matched, and the zipper pulls are extensive and smooth to grab. On the interior of the sleeve, every seam serves twin obligation as a thick, padded lip that gives extra surprise safety for the rims of your pc (in addition to a bumper among your pc and the sleeve’s zipper). Unlike the other sleeves below, the LArobe is genuinely a sleeve: while unzipped, most effectively the top 1/3 or so of your pc is uncovered to permit you to slide the device inside and outside of the case.

The LArobe doesn’t fit like a comfortable glove; there’s a piece of room 1/2 of an inch or so, vertically and horizontally to your pc to move around inside it. But I became inspired through the LArobe, each aesthetically and functionally. If you simply want moderate safety while sticking your pc inside every other bag, this is a superb bet.

The LArobe is available in sizes for all of these devices:

  • MacBook Pros
  • MacBooks
  • PowerBook G4s
  • 12-inch & 14-inch iBooks.

Macessity BookCase & BookCase Pro 

Price: $20 

The BookCase line is in lots of ways a “LArobe, Jr.” With a layout that’s very much like that of the LArobe—from the polyurethane material to the thin, plastic trim across the edges—the BookCase is likewise much less pricey, despite the fact that its details aren’t as impressive as expected. The BookCase’s internal protective lip is smaller, & its zipper pulls aren’t as big and comfortable. And the BookCase is accessible in the best black with white trim. (One of the layout differences: the BookCase unzips on 3 sides, letting you turn the sleeve open.)

Still, if you’re not inquisitive about the trendy colors of the LArobe, and you’re OK with barely less shock protection, the BookCase and BookCase Pro are everywhere from $5 to $15 less pricey and are still stable sleeves.

The BookCase fits the 

13-inch MacBook

15-inch & 17-inch MacBook Pros.

MagicSoft Skinbook:

Price: $35

The Skinbook is likewise fabricated from shock-absorbent fabric; however, its fabric is a whole lot greater pliable—nearly like a cross among polyurethane and neoprene—and doesn’t feel as protective. Unlike the preceding sleeves, the Skinbook is designed to be kept for your laptop all the time. Four elastic straps connect the case to the top corners of the computer’s display and the front corners of its palm rest area; when you unzip the sleeve and open your laptop, the case stays in place.

Although it sounds convenient, there are 3 drawbacks to this approach. The first is that given how hot today’s notebooks get, surrounding them in a sleeve at the same time as they’re in use genuinely won’t assist with warmth dissipation. The 2nd is that on laptops with a front-ejecting optical drive, the elastic straps sincerely block the drive; you’ll want to unfasten the front-right nook of the sleeve so that you can use the drive. Finally, I wasn’t capable of getting a MacBook Pro or a MacBook to close nicely with these elastic straps in place.


  • 15-inch MacBook Pro
  • MacBook
  • 12-inch PowerBook & iBook
  • 17-inch MacBook Pro 

Hard shells

A couple of companies have launched snap-on polycarbonate laptop hard shell cases that defend your laptop from scratches; a few are clear, while others permit you to “change” the color of your computer. Having used such laptop hard shell cases on my own computer considering the fact that it was last fall, I can inform you that they work well, despite the fact that there are capacity risks.

The first thing is that you want to make sure to clean your computer and the interior of the shell before placing it, and also you must periodically cast off the shell and brush out any dirt and dust that finds its way underneath. If you don’t, those particles can absolutely scratch your laptop; in fact, due to the fact it’s pressed between your computer and the shell, it is able to do extra damage than if the shell wasn’t on. Second, be cautious not to open your laptop display too forcefully. The pinnacle piece of these laptop hard shell cases clips onto your laptop’s display and efficiently make it thicker; when you open the display fully, the bottom of the display is consequently getting into touch with the lowest of the laptop earlier than every day and placing extra strain at the display’s hinge. I haven’t seen any real harm because of this design again, common to each shell I’ve seen however it does make me nervous.

Speck SeeThru 

Price: $50

I formerly wrote about the 15-inch model of the SeeThru. You can study that article for all of the details, however, I’m including the SeeThru again right here because, in view of that time, Speck has launched a slew of recent SeeThru models: black, pink, orange, green, and blue fashions for the 15-inch MacBook Pro; clear, blue, red, green, pink, and orange shells for the MacBook; and clear and red variations for the 17-inch MacBook Pro. The right news is that each suits its respective version like a glove, and they all appear great. I in particular just like the orange models.

There are distinctions among the authentic 15-inch SeeThru and the contemporary one: Apple made mild adjustments to the arrangement of ports at the MacBook Pro among the authentic 15-inch model and next variations; to accommodate each layout, the right-hand aspect of the 15-inch SeeThru makes use of a long, single opening in preference to a separate opening for every port. In addition, Speck has raised the rate of the 15-inch SeeThru to $50 to match the rest of the line.

Macessity BookShell for MacBook

Price: $35 

If you’re searching out something just like the SeeThru at a low price, the BookShell is the answer, despite the fact that it’s available only in clear, and only for the MacBook. Like the SeeThru, the BookShell’s portions snap securely onto your laptop. And, basically, the BookShell suits in addition to the SeeThru and gives comparable scratch protection. However, there are some differences. 

On the plus side, the BookShell gives higher ventilation for the lowest part of your MacBook way to large ventilation slots, 3 huge openings, and thicker feet that increase the laptop higher off your work surface.

On the other side, the BookShell gives much less general protection: the aforementioned openings on the lowest are pretty huge; the entire lower back edge of the MacBook is unprotected (in comparison to simply the hinge region with the SeeThru); and rather than individual openings for every port and the optical drive, the BookShell leaves most of the right and left facets open. Whether this is a great tradeoff to save $15 is up to you.

Hopefully, you liked our introduction of laptop hard shell cases and soft covers. What were your favourite laptop hard shell cases and soft covers? Let us know in the comment section.

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