Does your iPhone name show up as just iPhone? how to change the name of your iPhone? Or even if it’s a custom name but you’re able to shake things up? Follow along for a way to vary your iPhone’s name.

Your iPhone’s name will show up during a number of places like when sharing thereto via AirDrop, viewing iCloud backups, using the Find My app, managing it when connected to your Mac, and more.

To make it easy to spot your device and also to spice things up a touch bit, it’s fun to offer your iPhone a singular name.


  1. On your iPhone, head to Settings
  2. Tap General > About > Name
  3. Tap your current name, delete it, and enter a replacement one
  4. Tap Done

Here are a couple of other places you’ll change your name on your iPhone:

How to change the name by Apple ID

To change your name that’s related to your Apple ID:

  1. Head to Settings
  2. Tap your name
  3. Choose Name, Phone Numbers, Email
  4. Now tap your name at the highest to vary it

How to change the name by Contacts

How to change the name of your iPhone by Contacts

To change your name or other details on your contact card, head to the Contacts app, and tap yourself at the highest of the app, lastly choose Edit within the top right corner and you’ll make your changes. Tap wiped out the highest right corner when finished.

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