If you are looking for how to connect Xbox controller to iPhone, then you are at the right place but before starting the process make sure you have the right model as some of the Xbox controllers won’t pair with the iPhone . 

How to connect iphone to xbox supported controller

  1. The controllers that are supported with iPhones are 
  2. exposed wireless controllers with Bluetooth and model 1708, 
  3. PlayStation 5 dual sense wireless controller, 
  4. PlayStation dualshock for wireless controller, 
  5. Xbox adaptive controller, 
  6. Xbox wireless controller series S and series X, 
  7. Xbox Elite wireless controller series 2. 

As you know that iPads and iPhones finally feel like a property relational game systems and now that iPad OS and iOS support it some of the Xbox one controller and the PlayStation DualShock 4 controller so we are focusing on Xbox One S controller in this article. but the thing is you cannot use any of ol’ Xbox one gamepad. you will need the Bluetooth compatible model that was actually made for Xbox as a model or the latest $179.99 Elite wireless controller series 2.

Pairing procedure to connect xbox controller to iphone

pair xbox

Here is the procedure for connecting an Xbox controller with the iPhone or with iPad

  1. Open the setting App in your device.
  2. Now press on Bluetooth and Bluetooth will probably already on and if it is not, then flip the Bluetooth toggle at the top on the next page.
  3. Can you see that the Bluetooth menu is open grab your Xbox One controller and make sure that your Xbox controller is charged turn it on by pressing the Xbox Logo button. 
  4. Now you have to press the wireless enrollment button present on the back of your Xbox One controller and after that you have to hold it down for about a few seconds you will see that the light on the button should start flashing quickly. 
  5. Now on your iPad or on your iPhone you should see an Xbox wireless controller popup under other devices in the Bluetooth menu you have to press it.
  6. The light on your Xbox button will immediately stop blinking, and it will still lit your Xbox One controller will now be paired.


How to connect Xbox controller to iPhone: DISCONNECT.

Once you are done playing with your Xbox controller it is obvious that you want to disconnect your Xbox controller from your device here is how can you turn it off and most of the convenient method is to hold down on export button for about few seconds on your device you can also turn it off to the control centre. 

  1. Now first of all open your control centre on a face ID compatible iPhone by swiping diagonally from the upper right corner of your screen toward the lower left of your screen on a touch id compatible iPhone you have to swipe up from the bottom of the display.
  2. Now you have to press and hold down the blue BlueTooth icon.
  3. Now you will see the menu pop up on your screen press and hold down the icon that’s a Bluetooth on.
  4. Now you will see an Xbox wireless controller in the option that will pop up on your screen you have to press it and your controller will immediately disconnect. 

There is another method that is less convenient but we have mentioned this method for you.

  1. Open the setting App on a device and press on Bluetooth.
  2. Under my device option, you will see an Xbox wireless controller to the right and you will see a letter ‘i’ with the blue circle you have to press it. now in the menu that will pop up you have to press disconnect and the controller will immediately stop working.


Connecting your controller again after disconnecting it is very easy method when you want to use the controller again you just have to press the Xbox button and it will immediately start working because it is already paired with your device and there is a good chance that it might accidentally turned on this way if you have an Xbox controller stuff in your bag. If you are on a trip It will be wise to simply unpair your device and then repair it when you want to play because pairing it doesn’t take that much time. 


If you want to unpair the Xbox one controller you just have to repeat the three steps mentioned above and after that you have to press on forget this device instead of disconnecting it.