How to delete documents and data on iPhone

My iPhone has 11GB of documents & data in Messages. How am I able to get it to release the needed space on my iPhone? How to delete documents and data on iPhone?

Documents & Data folder on your iPhone refers to the info stored by an app whenever it’s opened or used. It includes browsing history, cookies, cache, temporary files, logs, database files, and other information specific to the app.

These files are stored by the app to open quickly and efficiently; once you open the appliance.

However, with the app usage over time, the ‘Documents & Data’ folder builds up with these files, occupying significant space for storing on your device.

As a result, your iPhone may get slow or might not be ready to store new photos, videos, recordings, or apps.

Hence, deleting the Documents & Data on the iPhone is the best solution to reinforce your iPhone performance.

As of now, Apple doesn’t allow you to delete the ‘Documents & Data’ folder directly. if your iPhone has low storage, it will automatically free up space by removing temporary files and cache. But this is often not enough.

You do have to make space by removing unwanted documents and data on the iPhone.

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How to delete Documents and Data on iPhone and iPad

The only way to obviate the massive space taken by documents and data is to delete the app from your iOS device.

Before this provides you with jitters, remember you’ll always reinstall the app anytime.

The only care you ought to take isn’t to forget to make a backup in iCloud or iTunes of your important app data (photos, videos, recordings, contacts, messages, etc.) before deleting the iPhone app.

You can apply the methods given below to delete documents & data on iPhone 11 Pro/11/SE/XR and below models and iOS versions, including 11 and 13.2.

Methods to delete Documents and Data on iPhone and iPad

  1. Delete App and Reinstall
  2. Erase All Content and Settings
  3. Use iPhone data eraser

Method 1: Delete App and Reinstall

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, and other apps store many media files, chat history, cache, Recordings, cookies, temp files, and other documents that occupy excessive space on your device.

You can clear app data and documents and release space for storing on iPhone or iPad directly through your iPhone’s Settings.

Delete ‘Document and Data’ on the iPhone by deleting the app, that is “uninstalling”. this may also delete all the unnecessary app data, including cache, cookies, and temp files stored on iPhone.

Note: By deleting an app on iPhone, you’d lose the complete app’s data, logins, related media files, and other documents of that app. So please copy the app’s data on iCloud before deleting it. As an example, if you’ve got protected Instagram photos and videos on iCloud, they won’t get deleted after uninstalling Instagram from your iPhone.

Next, you have to reinstall the app from the Apple Store on your iOS device for reuse. Reinstalling will automatically get you the newest version of the app.

Steps to delete app/ uninstall app on iPhone:

  1. Open to follow Settings , > General , > iPhone Storage.
  2. You will see the quantity of storage occupied by your apps on the iPhone. Click on the specified app from the list, which you would like to wash .
  3. You will see the space occupied by your app’s Documents and Data on the iPhone. Scroll down and click on the Delete App.
  4. Next, click Confirm.

Note: Once you reinstall the app, its ‘Documents & Data’ folder would haven’t any unnecessary files. But with more usage with the passage of time, slowly cache and cookies will start accumulating. you’ll repeat an equivalent method to clear documents and data on iPhone when required.

Method 2: Erase All Content and Settings

resets your iPhone. It removes all the content present in and settings from the device. this may also clear apps data and documents. After using this feature, all of your app’s settings, cookies, cache, temp files, passcodes, photos, videos, audio recordings, and other data are deleted.

It is the simplest thanks to cleaning the iPhone and making space for storing on your device. However, confirm to require back-up of your important data on iCloud or iTunes before using this method.

Steps to Erase All Content and Settings:

  1. On the iPhone, attend Settings.
  2. Click and follow General > Reset.
  3. Click Erase All Content and Settings.
  4. A panel appears, click Erase Now.
  5. Enter Passcode and Apple ID password, if prompted. this may delete iPhone data.

Method 3: Use iPhone cleaner software

There are various iOS cleaner softwares available within the Apple Store that deletes data and documents on the iPhone for free of charge. The iPhone cleaner apps scan the iOS devices for specific apps like Photos, Contacts, Messages, etc., to urge obviate their data.

Some tools remove the apps of the iPhone, which will automatically delete the documents and data associated with them. While others are capable of clearing cache, cookies, temporary files, corrupt data, and junk files on your iOS device.

Some popular iPhone cleaners are Cisdem iPhone Cleaner,  Smart Cleaner, PhoneClean, Magic Phone Cleaner, etc.

You should try Stellar Toolkit for iPhone that erases all extra apps, data and documents, cookies, cache, junk files, and other data from your iPhone or iPad.

Prefer it once you would like to use your iPhone as a replacement clean device.

Can I delete Documents and Data from iCloud without deleting the app?

iCloud keeps your iPhone apps and data in them as a backup. Data stored within the cloud doesn’t affect the iPhone space for storing. But you’ll be wanting to delete unwanted data and documents of some apps stored in iCloud.

Unlike the above methods, you’ll delete iCloud ‘Documents and Data’ without deleting the app itself. Follow the given below steps.

Steps for deleting Documents and Data from iCloud:

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Open iCloud 
  3. Tap on Storage 
  4. Click on Manage Storage. a whole list of apps appears that shows the space for storing each.
  5. Click on the app that you simply would really like to delete data.
  6. Click Edit.
  7. Click Delete All. 
  8. This will delete the documents & data for that app in iCloud.

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