How to download Scribd? In this article, we’ll provide you a step by step guide for downloading documents of choice from Scribd.

But before that you need to know what is Scribd? 

Scribd is basically an audiobook and ebook subscription service that includes millions of services. Scribd ebook services are offered to iOS and Android platforms. You can say that Scribd is a digital library for you.

Scribd was founded in March, 2007 by Trip Adler, Jared Friedman and Tikhon Bernstam.

You can find it by the URL,

You usually use other websites or torrents to download the ebook that you want to read or listen to, but sometimes it happens that you will not be able to find your ebook on your favourite website that you wanted to download. But do you know, where can you find your favourite book without any problem? That platform is scribd.

Now, you have little idea about Scribd, and you have also found a book on Scribd that you wanted to download, but the thing is, Scribd will ask you to join their membership. But we’ll guide you to download documents from Scribd without spending a single penny.

It is the generation of soft copies and you don’t have to carry these heavy books with you, so this is one of the reasons that Scribd is our favorite ebook listening and reading app.

What do scribd do?

Scribd let their members listen and read as many books as they want to. It is just a game of click to access millions of books on your mobile devices, iPhone, iPad or Android. And you can read them anywhere.

You can use Scribd Application , browse Scribd websites or read already downloaded magazines and books.

One of the best things that make Scribd compatible, is the fact that any member can upload their own books or short stories to the platform for others to read.

How does it work?

Scribd actually gives you access to their library through multiple devices. All you need to do is to sign up for a free trial or buy a monthly membership, then log in.

How to download scribd?

Scribd is very easy to use and is user-friendly. Once, you sign up in Scribd, go to or you can download the Scribd app on your Mobile Device. That is all, you don’t need to do anything else. Now you are ready and you can start listening or reading any book you want.

You can browse your book of choice by category, title, or by author. When you find the book of your choice, you can then download it to your account. You can read the downloaded book even if you are offline.

Is Scribd Legit and Safe?

These are the things that many people worry about the most. Scribd is a verified app and has millions of users worldwide. One of the best things is, Scribd support team is fantastic.

How to download documents from Scribd?

As we told you before, we are not going to give you a complex method or any kind of tools & utilities like downloader to download Scribd documents. Here we will show you easy methods which are 100% working and you can also follow them whichever will suit you.

Uploading Method:

In Scribd’s system, there is a loophole so you will be able to view or download any document you want without spending any money and you can save them on your PC, without having a membership plan.

For this; follow the steps given below.

  1. Open
  2. Search for a document or book, you want to read.
  3. Copy URL of document or page from address bar.
  4. After copying URL. Login to Scribd. ( you can use your FB account)
  5. After login, you’ll be directed to the Scribd page.
  6. Skip the subscription option and get back to your account.
  7. Now you have to create a document, you can write anything in it and upload it.
  8. Click done.
  9. Don’t close the page, paste the URL that you have copied in the address bar for downloading your chosen document.
  10. After pasting the URL, you will be able to see the download.
  11. You can choose the format to save your document in.
  12. After choosing the format, click on the Download button.

Your document will start downloading and will be saved on your device.

 You are now ready to enjoy your document.

Download by using Access Key.

  1. Open
  2. Open the document page that you want to download without subscription.
  3. Right click on the page.
  4. Click on view page source.
  5. Press Ctrl+F or you can press Command+F and after this search for Access-key.
  6. After identifying the key, copy it anywhere.
  7. Now, replace the Access-key and document-id in the URL.
  8. Open that URL after making changes.
  9. The document will start loading, after it will completely load, save it as PDF.

Download by using GreaseMonkey Script.

It is one of the good methods for downloading documents without any subscription. It is best because you don’t have to login to your Scribd account because it is based on GreaseMonkey Script. The only thing to mind is, you should have a Firefox browser installed on your Mac or PC.

For this, follow the following steps given below.

  1. Open Firefox browser.
  2. Install the Add-on called GreaseMonkey.
  3. Now, download the GreaseMonkey Script.
  4. Now, open your document’ page that you want to download.
  5. Hit the Download button.
Download by using GreaseMonkey Script

You’ll be able to download without any subscription.

Download by Python Script.

It is a Python Script method that worked as a Scribd downloader. It was created by Erik Fong. This script allows you to download the Scribd document for free.

One of the best things about it is, it can download the document even if it requires authentication or Blurred. It works efficiently.

This script is able to download images and texts from the desired documents. So, what you have to do is, combine text and images into a PDF by using any suitable tools.

For this, follow the steps given below.

  2. Now, enter the document URL.
  3. After this, Click on Generate Download Link Button.
  4. Wait for a few seconds.
  5. You’ll see a link for downloading your document on your document.

This is how Python Script works, we hope this will work for you too. 

Download by Free Subscription from Scribd.

You can also download the scribd document by having a one month free subscription. It is basically a one month trial.

All you have to do for this is, you have to create an account on Scribd. You also have to fill your payment details but it will not cost anything. It is just a trial account, they ask your payment details just for security details, but you can also use your PayPal account too.

  1. Create your account on
  2. You can sign in with your Google or Facebook account.
  3. After creating your account, claim your 1-month trial subscription.
  4. Now enter your account details.
  5. Browse the document or book you want to read.
  6. Download that document.

6. By using
  1. Open any browser on your phone.
  2. Open Scribd.
  3. Search for a document you want to read.
  4. Copy its link.
  5. Open
  6. Paste the copied link there.

 Your document will start coping after a few seconds.

Pros and Cons.

Everyone wants to know about the pros and cons of the services they are using.

Here are some Pros and Cons of Scribd


  1. Price: you can read everything for just $8.99.
  2. Have a free trial.
  3. Huge collection of ebooks and audiobooks.
  4. Have a lot of sheet music and magazines.
  5. Easy to navigate website and apps.
  6. Works on multiple platforms like Kindle Fire, Android and iOS.
  7. Have a great support team.
  8. Have student discounts.
  9. Members get free access to MUBI, Blibkist and many other services.
  10. You can upload your own files.
  11. You can read or listen to downloaded books anytime.
  12. Can be used on up to four mobile devices.


  1. It does not support Kindle Paperwhite.
  2. It does not allow you to hide some categories present in your search result.
  3. Not possible to have a free trial without providing payment information. For example, Credit Hour information.