The contacts in our address books aren’t just numbers and addresses. They are, first of all, people that are important to us — either because we do business with them or share our lives. So to make sure nobody goes missing, the smallest amount you’ll do is have your iPhone contacts protected . So, if you would like to find out about the way to sync contacts from iphone to mac, read below.

The great news is that syncing contacts between your Apple devices is sort of easy. Apple’s icloud service iCloud is there to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac during a few clicks and can keep everything up so far once you make changes. 

How to sync contacts from iphone to mac With the help of iCloud

Syncing your iPhone contacts are some things you ought to only ever need to do once: because of iCloud your contacts will then get synced between devices seamlessly. Once you’ve synced the primary time, any changes to contacts on your iPhone are going to be carried over to your Mac, and the other way around . This also means you’ll be ready to access your contacts online albeit you don’t have your iPhone or Mac with you.

To complete the method properly — you’ll got to first sync your phone contacts to iCloud, then enable iCloud contacts on your Mac, and eventually tidy your contact list once your Mac and your iPhone contact lists are merged together.

How to sync contacts from iphone to mac to iCloud

How to sync contacts from iphone to mac to iCloud

To sync contacts from iPhone to Mac, first we’d like to enable iCloud sync for contacts on iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings on your phone 
  2. tap on your name
  3. Navigate to iCloud
  4. check the box next to Contacts
  5. tap Merge

Please note that if you’re trying to sync contacts to iCloud on an iPhone running iOS 10.2 or earlier, once you launch Settings, click on iCloud. Then follow the steps as described above.

How to get your contacts from your  iCloud to your Mac

Now that you simply have the skills to sync contacts to iCloud, it’s time to make sure that those iCloud contacts show up on your Mac. Basically, all you would like to try to to now’s to repeat an equivalent steps on your Mac so as to download the contacts you’ve just uploaded to iCloud:

  1. Go to System Preferences on your Mac
  2. Select iCloud and login together with your Apple ID
  3. Check the box present next to your Contacts to sync iPhone contacts to Mac

Your contacts will now sync: any contacts on your Mac that previously weren’t on your iPhone will show up and the other way around . Once you bring everything together, you’ll find that your contact list looks a touch messy. 

How to quickly tidy contacts after syncing

How to quickly tidy contacts after syncing

When you sync iPhone contacts to Mac, the contacts from your phone will likely get mixed together with your Mac contacts from Messenger or FaceTime. to stay the contact list organized across all of your devices:

  1. Go to Contacts on your Mac
  2. Make sure you’ve selected iCloud contacts within the sidebar
  3. Tidy up, delete, or add contacts as required 

Give your changes a flash to point out abreast of your other devices then give yourself a pat on the rear — now you recognize the way to import contacts from iPhone to Mac with iCloud.

Learn to sync and copy contacts sort of a pro

Although iCloud is simple thanks to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac, you’ll find more functionality and power with the specialized backup manager apps.

For example, an excellent alternative to iCloud for data sync between iPhone, Mac, or the other iOS device is AnyTrans. This professional backup manager and media downloader can export iPhone content to Mac by categories or copy what’s on your device during a single tap, transfer data across multiple accounts of iCloud, and then move content from your iCloud or iTunes library to Mac.

AnyTrans comes especially handy in major content migration — once you get a replacement iPhone, for instance . Besides, its built-in backup manager saves you time with automatic instant iPhone backups avoiding you lifting a finger.

The media downloader from AnyTrans also gives you instant access to favorite audio and video content from quite 900 sites, like YouTube or DailyMotion, that you simply can download onto your device and offline watching.

To transfer data on to your Mac, iPhone, or iCloud with AnyTrans:

  1. Launch AnyTrans
  2. Connect your device to Mac with USB
  3. Pick where your data goes
  4. Send it there instantly

When you wonder how to sync iPhone to Mac and need to make certain that none of your contacts are lost, try ChronoSync Express — instant sync and backup of all of your important files, including contacts. With notifications of emails about everything happening on your PC when it’s not with you and tasks scheduled to run automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis this app will keep your data safe and updated.

ChronoSync Express is additionally great once you got to remotely synchronize data between several Macs, backup folders with easy auto connection to your file servers, or install Mac sync software for accessing your iPhone or iPad storage from Mac.

How to export contacts from iCloud for safekeeping

Once you’ve synced and arranged your contacts properly, you would possibly want to export them from Apple’s ecosystem for extra safety and peace of mind. Good idea! If you wonder the way to get contacts from iCloud, it are often easily done right within the Contacts app on your Mac:

  1. Open the Contacts app
  2. Under enter the menu bar at the highest of the screen click Export
  3. Select the Export vCard
  4. choose where to export your contacts to

You can now import your vCard into Gmail, Outlook, or the other contact management service and rest assured that you simply have your important contact information protected .

How to manually copy contacts on your Mac

From time to time, you would possibly end up during a situation of contacts not syncing to Mac. It’s only one of these weird things when exporting your iCloud contacts won’t work 100%. But albeit it does, you’re safest backing up your contacts manually, just to possess no regrets afterward.

  1. You can manually copy all of your contacts right within the app:

A .vcf file are going to be created, which you’ll increase your cloud storage or physical backup. you’ll also drag and drop individual contact cards if you don’t want to copy all of them.

Another good way to stay your contacts out of Apple’s ecosystem or restore contacts from iCloud is using an app like Disk Drill, which can assist you not only to copy your data but also recover lost files. It’s compatible with all major devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad, even Android devices, also as USB and SD cards), performs regular data backup to avoid any loss, and may bring any quite data back, no matter the rationale that caused its loss, be it data corruption, unintended removal, disk utility error, or others.

Additionally, Disk Drill comes with a variety of knowledge protection options, like disc space analyzer and risk alerts to stop any harm to your Mac and data stored there.

So learning the way to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac also as the way to backup contacts to iCloud might prove truly vital.

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