You Must be wondering how to print screen on Mac or how you can take a screenshot on Mac if you recently switched from Windows Platform to iOS. you can capture your screen in several ways like, print screen on PC, capture a part of screen with the help of Keystrokes or capture all of your Screen. In this article, you’ll find about all of this.


If you got macOS, You can capture the screen by pressing Shift+Command-3 keys together. This captured screen will be saved on the desktop of your Mac in PNG format by default.

These screens will be captured at the same time as a separate individual image if you have additional displays connected to your Macbook.

How to Print Selected Screen Part.

You can use Shift+Command-4 keys together if you want to capture just a part of the screen. by this, your cursor will turn into a crosshair selection tool by which you can easily drag out with a left click and can select whatever you want to capture.

You just have to let go of the left button of the trackpad or mouse simply, on a Mac and you can take a shot.

If you want to capture the part or specific content of your desktop, you just have to hover the cursor over the window in the form of a question and then tap on the spacebar.

The window will turn a shade of blue and the crosshair will turn into a on the left button of your Trackpad or mouse for taking a shot.

Note: if on either of the shortcuts described above, you tack the control key, then macOS will copy the captured image to your Mac’s Clipboard. It is very useful if you wanted to paste this into an application that can view or edit images.

On the other hand, the screenshots you will take with the help of these key shortcuts, they will be saved straight to your desktop.

As, macOS Mojave has changed very much of screenshot methods, screenshotting or printing screen on Mac is still a heavily searched question because not everyone got the latest version of macOS.

Below, you will find out more information about How to print screen on Mac.

How to screenshot on Mac byPre-Mojave Commands.

How to print screen on Mac

As we mentioned the keys above, you need to make yourself familiar with these keys more and more.

  1. command+Shift+3
  2. Command+Shift+4

Why these Commands? Because these commands are easy to remember and of course convenient on gripping. It is also the quickest way for capturing your screen and can capture the entire screen or the part of your screen at once as per your choice. If you are using multiple screens at a same time, then it is not a problem because with this command, you can take a screenshot of multiple screens simultaneously.

The 2nd one is a nuanced way for taking a screenshot. Instead of capturing a whole screen, it offers you to capture a specific area of your screen if you want. If you follow up this combination with a space pressed, then it will allow you to choose the window screen you want to capture.

While these commands let you Print screen on Mac, but rather than full fledged feature of Mac, it feels like an afterthought. as so many people want to know How to Print Screen on Mac, it is not surprising at all that Apple had decided to make it more clear How to Screenshot in Mac OS Mojave.

How to Print Screen on Mac byPost-Mojave Commands.

The commands mentioned above still work for Mojave users, but now there is another option for them that is actually very much in keeping with the existing format of How to Print Screen on Mac.

If you are a Big Sur, Catalina or Mojave user, you can use Command+Shift+5 for bringing up a screen capture Menu. 

By this;

  1. You can capture the entire screen.
  2. You can capture a selected window.
  3. You can capture a selected portion.
  4. You can record the entire screen.
  5. You can record the selected portion.

There is also an option that lets you select where your Macbook’s video and screenshots will be saved. It is present on the right hand side of the menu.

Third-party Apps.

How to print screen on Mac

If you are in search of the snipping tool for your Mac that can actually do a little more then you may need a third-party App for printing your screen on Mac.

One of the best apps for this purpose is, Cleanshot X. this app’s toolkit contains almost 50+ different changes in it, this actually makes it an ultimate tool for capturing screen on your Mac.

You can use this app for capturing screenshot whether it is an area, window, full screen record video or even a scrolling content.

You can also choose to hide all the desktop clutter and it can also disable the desktop notification in just one click. Once you have captured your screenshot, open it from another overlay window that pops up and then, you can start editing.

You can also add blur specific parts, annotation or draw, this cleanshot X will assist you in virtually customizing anything you want.

Self-timer is one of the coolest features to mention here. It can help in internal cloud, pinning and of course in screenshot. 

Sel-timer helps you to capture something with a delay. This actually helps you in capturing your right moment. You can pin your screenshot to the desktop if you want it to be visible on your screen.

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