iPhone 11 Battery Life Review: What is the iPhone 11’s battery life like?

Following on from the superb iPhone XR, The iPhone 11’s battery remains strong as ever. I’ve been comfortably getting each day of battery life, even with ‘heavy’ use. So here is the proper iPhone 11 Battery Life Review for you.

The lack of an included fast charger may be a pain and we’d recommend buying one separately

Over the review period, the iPhone 11 has performed admirably when it involves battery life, comfortably making it through the day and almost improving on the already excellent iPhone XR.

While the XR was the long-lasting iPhone we had ever reviewed, that award now goes to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Saying that you’re still getting excellent endurance with the iPhone 11 and you’ll certainly notice the difference if you’re upgrading to an older iPhone just like the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, or iPhone SE. I might even say you’ll see suitably strong improvements if you’re coming from a Plus-sized iPhone – just like the iPhone 8 Plus.

What remains disappointing is Apple’s reluctance to incorporate a quick charge capable charger with all of its phones. 

within the iPhone 11’s box, you’ll find a “5w plug” which may take up to 3-hours to completely charge the phone when competing for Android phones with much larger cells inside that can go from 0-100% in an hour this simply isn’t ok. Apple also started to ship its iPhone 11 Pro models along with an 18w charger and this works with iPhone 11 too. one among these chargers £29 for the plug, £19 for USB-C to Lightning cable, though cheaper, Anker ones are available for £14 will make the charging process much quicker.

iPhone 11 battery – Video

The iPhone 11 features a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina LCD panel with a resolution that’s slightly above 720p. This is often far away from the very best resolution on an iPhone and it lacks the deep blacks you’d get with an OLED panel. 

Watching an hour of Netflix at roughly 50% brightness took the battery down between 6 and seven %. it had been an identical story for a downloaded video from iTunes.

iPhone 11 battery – Games

With Apple Arcade coming alongside iOS 13 the iPhone 11 is the perfect place to play a number of the impressive new titles within the Apple subscription service.

Take Oceanhorn 2 for instance, The iPhone 11 went through between 6 and 9% per 30 mins within the graphically intensive game and 5-7% in simpler titles like Assemble with Care.

iPhone 11 battery – Charging

As we discussed earlier, during this section, Apple ships a paltry 5w plug with the £729 iPhone 11. Charging the phone up thereupon can take up to three hours and it doesn’t do a really good job at supplying you with a fast boost if you’re in a hurry and you totally forgot to charge your phone the previous night.

We hope you find iPhone 11 Battery Life Review helpful. Let us know if you have any further queries or comments regarding this topic. Looking forward to your reviews.

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