The Excellent iPhone 6/6s Cardholder Cases “Our Favorites Your Cards, Coins, and iPhone”

The excellent vintage wallet may also have competition from Apple Pay, however, it hasn’t pretty left the building yet. Even after a deep culling, you’ll probably nonetheless have a handful of cards and a few coins you can’t do without. So you need to know the best iPhone 6 cardholder cases.

You don’t want to lug around a large lump in your pocket, though. Plenty of case producers produces a number of shielding add-ons with a bit more room for the maximum important factors out of your pockets.

We went hands-on with a cautiously decided-on listing of 5 exclusive cases to look at that’s the nice for going the streamlined route. All of our contenders had room for a minimum of one credit score card, and paintings tremendous for brief journeys to the closest comfort shop or an afternoon on the beach. But in your everyday routine, one rose to the top. Here are some popular iPhone 6 cardholder cases.

Best iPhone 6 by 6s Wallet Case “Hex Solo Wallet”

Our favored iPhone 6/6s cardholder case is Hex’s Solo Wallet. It’s now no longer a conventional folio layout, however, we ended up who prefer its placement of available card slots proper withinside the again. Sliding out your credit score cards while you stroll as much as a checkout counter is a snap—however, the case is likewise engineered in one of these manners so that something you steady in the slots doesn’t fall out, even in the case, your iPhone ends upside down.

The Solo Wallet additionally comes with the choice of a neat “stingray” texture that gives a brilliant grip and combines a smooth setup with a unibody layout that protects your handset without requiring a cover. That’s an actual time saver whilst you want to reply a name or take a look at your display screen for notifications, and additionally very available to be used with vehicle mounts because you won’t want to fold the front flap.

Runner-up:Nite Ize Connect Wallet

If you want a greater room in an iPhone 6 cardholder case, Nite Ize’s Connect Wallet is absolutely our subsequent choice. It capabilities a detachable difficult shell with a complete defensive enclosure that could house up to a few credit score playing cards (or an aggregate of a credit score card[s] and coins). Besides providing such beneficent quantities of space, the -piece production makes it smooth to shed more bulk while you don’t want a wallet replacement.

And if the ease of a case that becomes wallet on call isn’t enough, the Connect Wallet even comes with a detachable belt clip that helps you to rock your iPhone ’90s-style. Retro chic!

What we appeared for

A range of issues crosses into locating the “proper” pockets case.

For starters is a case’s production: Some fashions have tight wallets designed to make certain that your playing cards won’t by chance fall off while you’re out and approximately, however, this additionally makes it tougher to drag them out whilst they’re needed. However, on account that maximum substances have a tendency to loosen up over time, a tighter match is commonly better, and the wallet will ultimately attain excellent stability among protection and comfort.

Speaking of substances, we suggest searching out an end that moves an honest compromise among shape and function. Most instances appear first-rate, however, we advise you stick to those who have sturdier substances that’ll maintain up in opposition to everyday use. Also, given the introduced bulk of playing cards and coins, you’ll need an end that lets in a corporation’s grip, and therefore will decrease the possibilities of losing your phone.

Ultimately, it takes a piece of endurance to locate the proper mixture of substances, looks, and format that match together with your lifestyle and needs. The correct news, however, is that there are lots of instances to pick from.

How we examined

We examined all of the instances over a duration of numerous days, taking them with us everywhere. We paid unique interest to how useful they had been, and the way their products and substances behaved below ordinary use.

We additionally mentioned how smooth they had been to put in and remove, due to the fact that some human beings will simplest need the more pockets talents on an occasional basis, in addition to how every case fared interior a vehicle mount. We checked if we ought to get entry to all of the ports and buttons of our iPhone with every case on, too.

Finally, we didn’t neglect that instances are in the end approximately safe. Though we didn’t carry out a complete collection of clinical drop tests, we did go through the occasional mishap with no lasting damage and are assured that every one of the instances we reviewed will hold your gadgets secure at some stage in regular use.

All of our iPhone pockets case reviews

Have a unique set of needs, or seek out a specific style? Here’s our listing of all of the iPhone 6 cardholder cases, we’ve reviewed. We’ll keep updating this on an everyday basis, so make certain to return back again to look at what else we’ve positioned through their paces.

Hex Solo Wallet review: 

An incredibly transportable slender pockets case for iPhone 6/6s, it is one of the most popular iPhone 6 cardholder cases.

If you do not want to hold greater than a credit score card or, this situation is first-rate for dropping bulk.

Using the Hex Solo Wallet, iPhone 6, and 6s; $40 on Amazon is a joy. Featuring a unibody layout and a leather-based outdoors that offers it a completely unique appearance and feel, this pocket case could be very smooth to put in and use. It’s our modern-day favorite, even no matter more than one small issue.

Design and Use

As a snap-on case, setting the Solo Wallet for your iPhone is going fast—and as soon as it’s on there, you’ll experience extensive openings for buttons and ports. At the back of the case are slots that exert good maintenance on whatever you install them—so tight that every so often you’ll have the hassle of pulling playing cards out. That said, we believe that we shouldn’t fear our playing cards or coins falling out if our iPhones were given a chance to become upside down.

You additionally get much less bulk and weight with the Solo Wallet than maximum different pockets instances, on account that there’s no front cover, even though that does come at the price of a bit much less safety from bumps and falls. We dropped our phones by chance without any damage to our iPhones, even though. And that slender profile made it a lot less difficult to apply our telephones with vehicle mounts.


We do have more than one quibbles with the Solo Wallet, even no matter liking it so a lot. The first trouble is its surprisingly sturdy chemical odor. That odor permeates the case whilst you first take it out of the box, even though it fades away after a few uses. In the beginning, even though it lingers for your palms and appears to dangle to the whole lot around you.

The 2d and greater minor hassle are that the tough texture on our check unit (a stingray leather-based model) can take being used to. While it gives excellent grip, our hands were worn-out a bit faster at some stage in a protracted phone name or prolonged durations of net surfing than we’d generally expect. Other leather-based textures are to be had that can be greater mild for your hands, though.

Bottom line

The Solo Wallet is the fine protecting answer we’ve reviewed therefore far: It balances all of the comforts of pockets with the portability of a slender case, performs first-rate with maximum vehicle mounts, and appears first-rate with any attire. Using your iPhone even as speedy as achieving a credit score card doesn’t get less difficult than this.

Nite Ize Connect Wallet review:

This 2-in-1 case can effortlessly bring your credit score cards and cash, another one of the most popular iPhone 6 cardholder cases.

The Connect Wallet’s progressive folio layout combines a tough shell with a detachable outer wallet.

Need a bit extra area from a wallet case, however, don’t usually need to be weighed down through bulk? The flexibility of the Nite Ize Connect Wallet (iPhone 6 and 6s; $40 from Nite Ize) is best in case you need the choice of carrying cards and cash, however additionally now and again ditching them, too.

Design and Use

The Connect Wallet’s layout combines a tough shell with a detachable outer wallet. The latter consists of 3 slots in your credit score cards and image IDs, and larger sections for different essentials. This case is easy to install, way to a handy flap that pops out on the pinnacle of the shell. It permits you to slip your phone in without by chance activating your strength or extent buttons.

The tough shell is a case on its very own that may be quickly separated from the outer wallet and used both standalone or, in case you choose to anchor it in your pocket or belt, collectively with the protected holster clip. We did discover that it’s a bit too clean to hook the case into the clip incorrectly, causing the phone to fall off in case you’re now no longer care.

Thanks to its type of compartments, the Connect Wallet functions with plenty of room for credit cards, a few cash, and perhaps more than one enterprise card. However, it may be pretty hard to quickly pull out something saved withinside the center card slot—an irritating revel in it in case you’re in a hurry or in case you’re stuck out at a gas pump on a chilly day.


While the case may be very handy for the duration of normal use, we do have more than one complaint: The inflexible material band that secures its cover has a tendency to slide off a bit too effortlessly, mainly while you region your tool inside a vehicle mount—we might have favored an elastic closure, which in our revel in has a tendency to provide a piece extra safety. The tough shell additionally functions as a really distinguished rim, which makes it a bit hard to apply your iPhone’s buttons. However, that equal lip does offer safety in opposition to facet and nook drops.

Bottom line

Overall, the Connect Wallet represents excellent stability among capability and versatility of use. It additionally offers exquisite value: Since its -piece production helps you to shed the pockets component while you don’t want it, you basically get instances for the charge of one. If you want extra then only a credit score card slot or, it’s clearly really well worth consideration.

Griffin Wallet Case review:

A light-weight alternative in your wallet

For the ones searching out an ultra-glossy pockets case, Griffin’s Wallet Case (iPhone 6 and 6s; $40 thru Griffin) would possibly simply would possibly healthy the bill. You will be positioned with a particular set of quirks that include its design, though.

Design & Use

Featuring a minimalist folio design, the Wallet Case offers credit card slots for use. The credit card slots are instead tight, and it is able to be tough to really get your playing cards out without a little effort. (On the plus side, it’s some distance much less probably your cards will slip out while you don’t need them to.)

The Wallet Case’s cowl doesn’t offer closure to maintain it securely closed, so if you’re now no longer slipping it right into a pocket, you can locate it has flapped open for your bag. That does suggest that your iPhone may be uncovered to keys and different sharp items that might scratch its display screen.

You can use the case to prop your iPhone up in panorama orientation, despite the fact that the indoors could be very slippery. As a result, your iPhone will have a tendency to shift around pretty a piece and fall over on the slightest movement.


Besides being slippery on the inside, the Wallet Case additionally feels slick on the outside. If you attempt to relax your iPhone on a choppy floor or use it with sweaty hands, be careful—you may effortlessly lose your grip on your phone.

The Wallet Case additionally doesn’t provide pretty as much safety in your phone, because it secures the usage of an open cradle design. The corners and aspects at the pinnacle 1/2 of your iPhone are left unprotected.

Bottom line

The enchantment of the Wallet Case is in how ethereal it feels: It’s one of the lightest instances we tested. So if you may stay with some drawbacks, and don’t want to hold a great deal with you to pay for things, it really works properly as an affordable alternative in your pockets. If you couple it with a pleasant display screen protector and make sure a secure vicinity for it while you’re on the go, it is able to be a superb desire for a person who heartily dislikes bulk.

VRS Design Layered Dandy review

A defensive and fabulous wallet case in your iPhone 6/6s, another one of the most popular iPhone 6 cardholder cases.

This case is a bit too quirky for heavy credit score card use, however ideal in case you need to ditch your pockets for an afternoon on the beach.

It’s unlucky that something that appears so fantastic isn’t very sensible at some point of regular use. While the VRS Design Layered Dandy,iPhone 6 and 6s; $35 and to be had from Amazon and VRS Design is light-weight and capabilities a leather-based textured end by means of stunning comparison stitching, its bulk and layout troubles hold it from being a winner.

Design & Use

Holding and the usage of the folio-fashion Layered Dandy as you move approximately your day by day habitually is a nice experience: It may be very light, suits properly in maximum pockets and bags, and gives excellent stability among portability and safety.

Installation is fast—simply snap your iPhone into its inflexible shell. We preferred the beneficent openings for unhindered get right of entry to all buttons and ports, in addition to the 3 slots for credit cards and a bigger compartment in your cash.


The drawback to having a lot of room is that, in case you expand each closing little bit of it, this example turns into pretty bulky. That makes it tough to shut properly. Even though the case is secured via means of a magnetic flap that in part addresses this difficulty, the quilt nonetheless feels a bit too wobbly, and, in our tests, it didn’t reliably cowl the whole display. This difficulty isn’t as huge of a deal whilst your iPhone is appropriately in a pocket or bag, however, we’re worried approximately what ought to occur if it falls face down without a display protector installed.

The case additionally doesn’t paint properly with a vehicle mount, even though the employer sells an optionally available magnetic accent that may be used for this purpose.

Bottom line

Overall, the Layered Dandy is a fantastic-searching case and does provide a whole lot of area for a person who can’t pretty pare right all the way down to only a credit score card or two. Its quirks, however, restrict its usefulness exactly in the one’s conditions wherein a wallet case is maximum beneficial.

X-Doria Engage Folio Lux review

This wallet case for iPhone 6/6s appears fantastic however is low on utility, another example of one of the most popular iPhone 6 cardholder cases.

Its see-thru backing does permit you to see all your iPhone, however unluckily that is now no longer sufficient to make up for its shortcomings.

Some instances appear fantastic but lack practicality, however, the X-Doria Engage Folio Lux (iPhone 6 and 6s; $35 thru Amazon) nearly absolutely ignore features in desire of shape. It’s a pity, especially seeing that this wallet case definitely does have such a completely unique appearance.

Design & Use

The Engage Folio Lux is slim, with a faux-leather-based front cowl and an obvious backing. This snap-on case sports a beneficial aspect beginning at the left, which helps you to effortlessly deploy your iPhone and consists of extra cutouts across the rim for ports and buttons.

The front cowl feels best to touch and consists of a slot for one credit card, however it lacks an elastic band or magnetic closure that might defend your phone’s display while you drop it. As a plus, the Folio Lux continues to be so slim in spite of a cowl that it suits any vehicle mount—you can’t say that for instances with bulkier profiles.


The see-thru backing does a fantastic process of leaving your iPhone’s lower back visible, however, it’s miles quite slippery. When mendacity on a clean floor that’s now no longer flawlessly level, your handset will have a tendency to slip around a bit.

The Engage Folio Lux is also lacking in beneficial capabilities: You can’t use it as a stand, and the single credit card slot is a bit too minimalist. That one slot can be sufficient for infrequent use, however, its restrictiveness seriously limits its attraction as an everlasting pocket replacement.

Bottom line

Ultimately, the Engage Folio Lux represents the incorrect trade-off between shape and feature. It appears fantastic, however, it doesn’t have a whole lot of room, doesn’t have paintings as a stand, and offers little safety in your iPhone’s display. You’re great off deciding on a case that appears much less precise and is greater beneficial.

These are the few most popular iPhone 6 cardholder cases. Let us know if anything is lacking.

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