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iphone se cases

Technically, there are tons of cases available for the latest iPhone SE. as it is identical to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, but these cases tower over the rest.

From the iPhone 11 lines, the iPhone SE might cost less than phones, but still, it is a wise decision for keeping your device armored in a good case.

The good thing for you is, you already got many good options you can choose as we have collected our favorites below. Before we dig in, there’s a tip for you! If you already have an iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, sitting around, you can still pull out the case and it will work perfectly on iPhone SE.

As for the outside, they are essentially the same phones and all of the improvements are present under the hood.

But, several casemakers below appear to be repurposing their old design of a new device.

iphone se cases

Durable & Dependable.

For iPhone SE, spigen simply repurposed its iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 cases, but actually that’s not a big deal. As you know that Spingem makes some of the most Durable and dependable cases in the field of business of cases. When these cases first came out, everyone loved them and till now, they rank the best.

Checkout 18,700 user ratings for the ultra hybrid cases if you need a second option. Vast majority are five stars. Not only spigen cases offer you a drop resistant and mix of protection, but they all are quite affordable and manageable.

Rugged Armor.



 Ultra Hybrid.

Clear, mint, black, red, rose.


Liquid Air.

  Dark blue and black.


Tough Armor.

  Red, black and gunmetal.



It makes ridiculously tough cases and it also maintains that tradition with the offering of iPhone SE. If you work or live in an environment where you think the chances of your phone falling is high, then the OuterBox Defenders is worth checking out because it is tougher than the rest.don’t worry about the cash problems. It is recommended for you to check out OuterBoxsummetry lines. Without a heft, it provides a lot of the protection to your device.

OuterBox is actually one of the very few case makers that can incorporate Popsockets directly to the device’s design. Although there are wide range of Outerbox cases available, but here are few of them for you;


 With Popsocket..



Dark red, teal, purple, black and clear.


iPhone SE case Totallee.

You need a thin case? No problem because Tatallee is here for you. It is all about the thin cases. This quality basically puts it on the end of the spectrum from the OuterBox.

It is merely 0.02 inches thick. It is ultra slim minimal.

If you are worried about keeping the backside of your phone safe from the scratches, it is the best choice for you. But as every picture has two sides, there is also a drawback of this case, as they are very very thin cases, they don’t offer you much of the protection for your device display.

On the other side, totallee doesn’t raise its edges around the camera of your devices for extra protection.

totallee clear cases are made up of grippy and rubbery material by which, you are less likely to drop them eventually. And even with that rubbery and grippy material, these cases are still miraculously less smudgy then Apple cases designed by Apple.

Totallee: minimal ultra cases.


 Soft and frosted


Frosted Black.


Monarch Rugged Shockproof Case:


Outback Case:



Rugged Translucent Ultra Thin Case:






If you don’t mind a little extra heft, and want a thin case, then Tech21 Studio Colour cases are one of the best options for you. Around the edge of the display, they have a ‘ Lip ‘, for keeping the glass safe from shattering if your phone accidentally falls off in a face down manner on the pavement.

Studio colour cases:

 Gray, blue, black, teal, coral, yellow, pine and red.


iPhone SE case Mous.

Mous limitless 2.0 line comes with a leather option and fairly predictable but elegant design. We recommend you to check out its shell, Bamboo or walnut backed cases if you really wished to stand out.

Mous Bamboo case:


Mous Walnut case:


Mous black leather case:


Mous Aramid Fiber case:


iPhone SE case: All about Apple’s Logo:

Apple eventually makes no mistakes but the best cases. If you are going for these and if you want that iconic logo present on the back of your Apple’s iPhone, the iPhone SE cases are best options for you. These Silicon cases are very Grippy and convenient.

Leather cases:

  1. Dark blue, red and black.
  2. $45

Silicon cases:

  1. Pink, white and black.
  2. $45.

iPhone SE case Olixar Novashield bumper Case.

eather cases iphone se

This slim yet relatively tough bumper case from the Olixar Combiles flexible clear polyurethane back for protection against Scrapes & scratches and a tough black Polycarbonate frame. It does not compromise the sleek design of iPhone SE.

It’s Easy pressed layers cover the side button and volume rocker. In the event of falling, the Air pockets present at the corner absorb the impact and also dissipate the force away from the phone.


Apple uses specially finished and tanned european leather in the Apple cowhide series of cases. This quality makes them Perennial favourites among all the iPhone users. It allows them to take them to the natural patina over time, no loss of durability and really soft to touch. While, microfiber linings present inside help in cushioning your handset.

It is also said that it does not offer very much protection against the drops, so if you think you have butter fingers, it is best for you to choose another case for your device. 

One of the main things to be noted is, it is also very compatible for wireless charging.

ESR clear.

In just 1.1mm thickening, ESR shock absorbing design presents you a very high quality case. If anyone is looking for a middle ground between protection and slimness without concealing the natural design and colour of their iPhone SE.

The clear material used, is actually a yellowing-resistant polymer that features Air guard corners for the protection of your device from dropping, bumps and dings. 

The slightly raised bezels of this case also do a very good job for the prevention of the camera and screen from getting scratched on a flat surface or cracked in a fall.

If that kind of thing irks you, then it is also entirely free of branding.

VENA wallet case.

Vena has put some thoughts into the design of this, albeit slightly bulky and smart wallet case. It has dual layer polycarbonate. It’s TPU chassis offers you military grade drop test protection. The metal plate present on the back flap also allows it to place securely on the magnetic car mount.

A video viewing kickstand is also present on the sliding back panel. There is also a hidden storage area in which you can keep up to three cards. But as every picture has two sides, it does not offer you wireless charges.

RhinoSheild SolidSuit.

Protective but slim, RhinoSheild’s SolidSuit case is a one piece shell that has a premium finish on the back. A proprietary impacted technology is used in it called ShockSpread material. It offers you a military grade defense against the falls and drops. But this case is featherweight, and its design ensures you won’t even know that you got a case on your case.

It is available in custom prints and a range of colors. This case plays nice with the range of the company for add-on camera lenses.

Snakehive Vintage Chestnut Brown Wallet.

iPhone SE case: Snakehive Vintage Chestnut Brown Wallet

This case is handmade. It uses smooth and full grain leather which not only protects your device from scratches and cracks but also smells genuine. It also develops a unique patina overtime.

A coated plastic holder present inside, holds your device safely in the place. This wallet case got a couple of functional features too. It got three cards on the slots on the inside. It also has a large compartment for notes. Even if the case is closed, all the ports are still accessible. It also stays securely shut thanks to a discreet magnetic clasp present on the front side.

We hope you find this article helpful. check out our other article on iPhone XR colors. Let us know if you have any further query or comment regarding this topic. Looking forward to your review.

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