The Big Journey: a Journey to the Dumpling

The Big Journey is a Big adventure that takes you on a charming journey to the dumpling.

This physics-based journey game is fun, polished, and definitely lovable.

These days, maintaining up with video games may be a full-time job. So how can you separate the sign from the noise? The wheat from the chaff? The Temple Runs from the Temple Jumps? Allow us to assist through frequently deciding on a game You Should Play.

Imagine you’re a cat. A cute blue kitty who loves food, especially the fresh-steamed dumplings. That’s not an excessive amount of a stretch, right?

Perfect. Because The Big Journey is an addictive physics-based adventure game that includes a round, blue kitty named Mr. Whiskers who simplest wishes one factor in life: Dumplings. But his friend, and the proprietor of his favored dumpling stand, Mr. Choo, is missing. So it’s as much as Mr. Whiskers to locate Mr. Choo…by rolling around. Mr. Whiskers’ challenge is to roll through forests, caves, and deserts, and query the nearby population about Mr. Choo’s whereabouts. And he can’t do this without food or without points, so he’ll additionally collect insects and dumplings along the way.

It’s been some time since I’ve played a game with a physical controller scheme—and that’s not actually a mistake, due to the fact I normally choose video games that you could play while you’re lying in bed. The Big Journey’s tilt controls will have you diving and dipping with Mr. Whiskers as he tumbles via tunnels and bounces over hills—and it’s extremely good fun.

The Big Journey is surely the complete package: This recreation hits all of the checkboxes for what makes a notable cellular recreation. It’s captivating and cute, with a brilliant storyline and a severely marvelous soundtrack, and it’s surely really well worth the $1.99 rate tag. Here’s why: 

The wacky physics are a laugh to master: The controls in The Big Journey are quite straightforward, however, that doesn’t suggest you’ll get the hold of them properly

You play as Mr. Whiskers, a rotund but cute cat whose main method and technique of locomotion is rolling with gravity. To move Mr. Whiskers, you have to tilt your phone, which tilts the game’s landscape. Gravity then takes over it and Mr. Whiskers roll in the direction you have tilted. if you tap the virtual button in the lower right corner of your screen Mr. Whiskers can also jump. This movement comes in handy when you need to avoid obstacles, bounce your way up a particularly tough piece of terrain, or bash enemies.

Levels aren’t linear, so you’ll slosh to and fro throughout every colorful panorama earlier than you eventually arrive in a valley of blooms that suggests the end. As you would possibly anticipate from the name of this game, The Big Journey isn’t only about the destination…it’s about the journey. Each stage is filled with hidden paths that cause treats like scrumptious dumplings or pleasant creatures who can also add or might not have information on Mr. Choo’s location. If you don’t hone your tilty, cat-rolling skills, you’ll leave out the paths and the secrets and techniques they hide.

If you’d as an alternative not use the game’s physical controls, there’s a button control scheme that provides tilt buttons to the bottom left nook of the screen, however, I located this controller scheme to be plenty extra tough and irritating than the accelerometer-based engine. 

It’s all approximately the journey: Sure, Mr. Whiskers’ most important intention is to discover his pal and gorge himself on dumplings, however, there are masses of secondary dreams to keep you occupied (honestly, you’ll overlook all approximately Mr. Choo…however Mr. Whiskers won’t). 

There’s a star system that gives achievements based on the range of insects and dumplings you collect, in addition to how rapidly you complete a level. Standing in your manner are the enemies, a lot of cute-however-malicious creatures and boundaries who will clutch one in all your amassed dumplings in case you come to be hitting them, though a few enemies may be defeated with a bash, assuming you time your soar motion correctly. The dumpling will come out of you, Sonic-the-Hedgehog ring style, and you’ll have some seconds to reclaim it earlier than it disappears forever.

In addition to dumplings and bugs, you’ll additionally locate diverse critters scattered at some stage in the world. As you stumble upon every critter you’ll be capable of asking them about Mr. Choo maximum of them will recognize nothing, and could point out their preferred meal alternative as an opportunity on your dumplings. (But manifestly you’re going to maintain out for the dumplings.) If the critters you meet show up to be cats, you’ll be capable of playing as the ones kitties in your subsequent go-round. 

It’s all simply gorgeous: The Big Journey is an absolute pleasure to play, appear at, and concentrate on. Seriously, I dare you not to fall in love with the vibrant, colorful landscapes and the stunning interest in detail, not to say the smooth-yet-quirky history factors that make every level come alive without distracting you from the mission at hand.

And it’s not simply the pictures you’ll love, the soundtrack is likewise incredible. There’s a mainly stunning and haunting lullaby as you tour through the middle of the night woods in bankruptcy two (there are 5 chapters total, every with 5 ranges and a unique story-progressing cutscene). 

It’s not simply me, the sport is aware that it’s gorgeous, that’s why it has integrated photo ops all through every level. When you notice a camera icon seem at the left facet of the screen, faucet it to take a photo of Mr. Whiskers. Your % may be routinely uploaded to Catstagram entirely with all of the applicable hashtags, naturally, and you’ll additionally be capable of percentage in it in your real-existence social networks in case you so choose.

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