How to update ios 14? If you are new to iOS platform, you must know about main features and terms of iOS platform.

Now, you must be thinking why iOS updates are important? How is it beneficial for your Device? 

iOS is basically the core experience of the contains redesign widgets on the home screen. 

iOs is an operating system for mobile which is developed and created by Apple Inc. it is specially made for the device’s hardware.

After Android, iOS 14 is the world’s second most installed mobile operating system.

Apple Inc release major versions of iOS annually. iOS 14 was actually released on 16th of September, 2020. 

iOS 14 is a compatible UI for both phone calls and Siri. it is available in 40 languages. 

By iOS 14, many useful changes can occur in your device like, in Maps it introduced cycling directions and make it more convenient to find the place you want to visit. In terms of Privacy features,it really improves the user transparency and it can control over how apps can access your data like camera, microphone or your Location.

It is not compulsory that all the features of iOS 14 will be available in your area.

How to update iOS 14?

 Create backup:

Backup your device’s data on your computer or iCloud so your important information will not be lost.

Install iOS 14:

  1. Open setting.
  2. Tap on general.
  3. Open software updates.
  4. Tap on download and then install.


There are following versions of iOS 14.

  1. iOS 14.0.1
  2. iOS 14.1
  3. iOS 14.2
  4. iOS 14.2.1
  5. iOS 14.3
  6. iOS 14.4
  7. iOS 14.4.1
  8. iOS 14.4.2

iOS 14:

It includes many app features that can be really important and significant for your Devices.

New Widgets:

gadget of ios 14
  1. There will be newly redesigned widgets. You can place them right on the Home Screen.
  2. Large, medium and small sizes allow you to pick any amount of information you want.
  3. Widget stack makes your home screen. Smart stack uses device intelligence to surface the right widget at the right time.
  4. With widget gallery, you can browse and choose any widget you want like, redesigned Apple widget for clock, weather, Maps, News, Photos, Fitness, Stock, Music, Reminders, Tv, shortcuts, screen time, notes, Tips, Podcast, Siri suggestion and files.

App Library:

  1. The App library organizes your Apps into categories automatically.
  2. You can place your according to date, time and location.
  3. In the recently added category you can see the apps you have recently installed.
  4. You can also hide your home pages.
  5. Tapping on apps for a long time can make them giggle and you can easily move them.

Compact design:

  1. Incoming FaceTime and phone calls appear as a banner at the top of your screen.
  2. With the help of Siri Compact design, you can refer to information onscreen and can easily launch your next task.
  3. You can also take FaceTime calls while using any other apps.


  1. You can keep your favorite messages pinned at the top.
  2. By mentioning, you can directly send a message to any individual in a group conversation.
  3. For sharing in groups, group photos can be customized.


  1. Face covering options.
  2. Hug or blush and new Memoji stickers.
  3. 19 new headwear styles and 11 new hairstyles for customizing your Memoji.
  4. Six added age group options.


  1. Cycling provides a route along Bike paths, bike lanes, bike friendly roads taking into how busy the street is or consideration elevation.
  2. Guide offers recommendations for meeting friends, eat, or explore curated by a selection of trusted brands.
  3. Refine location enables accurate and highly oriented locations when in urban areas with poor GPS signals.

Voice Memos:

voice memo on ios 14
  1. You can organize your voice memo recordings with the help of folders.
  2. You can mark your best recordings and then access them later without any problem.
  3. It also reduces room reverberation and reduces background noise.


  1. You can get started with build in folders of shortcuts.
  2. Your shortcuts automations are based and suggested on your usage pattern.
  3. You can keep your shortcuts running in the background while you use another app.


  1. Options to set your default web browser and emails.


  1. You can Assign reminders to people you shared a list with.
  2. Hide or arrange smart lists.
  3. Personalize list with newly added symbols and emoji.


  1. Listening now is smarter. It includes new episodes and personal episode queues picked for you.

iOS 14.2.2:

This update is helpful and important for security updates.

iOS 14.4.1

This update is also helpful and important for security updates.

iOS 14.4

This update of ios 14 includes following improvement features for your device;

  1. By this update, smaller QR codes can easily be recognized by your device’s camera.
  2. For correct identification of headphones, this update gives the option to classify Bluetooth device type in setting. Your Audio notifications will also be improved by this update.
  3. Notification for whenever the camera of your device is not able to be verified as a new, genuine Apple camera in iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

You can also solve the following problems with help of this update;

  1. If image artifacts appear in HDR photos taken with your iPhone 12 Pro, then they can be solved with iOS 14.4.
  2. Fitness widgets might not be displayed updated Activity data.
  3. Word suggestions may not appear and typing may not be delayed in the keyboard.
  4. In Messages, the keyboard may not come up with the correct language.
  5. Your Audio Stories from the News App present in CarPlay might not be resumed after being paused for Siri or Spoken direction.
  6. When you enable Switch Control present in Accessibility, it may prevent phone calls from being answered when the screen is locked.

iOS 14.3:

This update supports AirPod Max and Apple witness. With this update you can also add the ability for capturing photos on iPhone 12 Pro or Apple ProRAW. It also introduces privacy information on the Apple store. It also bug fixes your iPhone.

It improves;

  1. Apple Fitness+
  2. AirPod Max
  3. Photos
  4. Privacy
  5. TV App
  6. App Clips
  7. Health
  8. Weather
  9. Safari

iOS 14.2.1

This update addresses the following issues for your device.

  1. Some of your MMS might not be received.
  2. As for iPhone hearing devices, it could have sound issues while listening to any audio from the iPhone.
  3. In the iPhone 12 mini, the lock screen could become unresponsive.

We hope you will find this article on how to update ios 14 helpful. Let us know if you have any further query or comment regarding this topic. looking forward to your review.