Off White Apple Watch Bands

List of Unique, awesome, and lavish Off White Apple watch bands you’d like to wear right now.

If taste and money are not concerned, we think these straps are more exciting than a Milanese loop or a spot band.

As we all know that the Apple Watch isn’t a spectacular device even if you cover it in pure gold and cost $10,000. No true potential of stylishness, expression, and funkiness is present in the straps. Mostly, we focus on sturdy, accessible, and of course affordable bands, but these are some of the main straps we think you’ll like to try.

SCF Apple Watch: 

Strap: Carbon fiber

Price: $59.99

Carbon fiber is one of the supreme materials because it is almost 5x stronger compared with steel. But when it comes to weight, it is lighter. Most people know it as embellishment for high-end sport-cars. But nowadays, it is available in different straps for the Apple Watch.

Mia Cuff: The Ultimate Cuff

Price: $74

Usually, the Apple watch bands for females are hard to find, the reason is the blocky design of the Watch itself. This Apple Watch is available in,

  • Rose gold
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Space gray.

One of the best things about this watch is, it delivers elegance at a fair price.

 This watch also offers 12 variations of designs.

Jord Wood

Band: wooden band, dark sandalwood

Price: $85

This watch is one of the eye-catching abilities. It is made up of Stacked zebra wood plus dark sandalwood. These are lined with titanium. These straps are capped with clasps of stainless steel.

The choice is, if you think that sandalwood and zebrawood is not your taste, you can also choose it as;

  • Ebony
  • Koa
  • Walnut

Stainless steel cuff

From: Epic watch bands

Price: $99.99

Both rugged and elegant, this band looks like something that dwarves and elves of Tolkein Middle earth would come up with if they had a choice to forge a bracelet as a symbol of friendship.

This watch comprises an X design and six Rhinestones are embedded in each X. this watch is available in;

  • Black
  • Silver 
  • Gold
  • Rose gold

Gray Apple Watch cuff

From: Cuckoo nest art studio

Price: $139

If we look back in 2015, “Hermes” then sold an Apple watch style band that was known as” The Cuff”. It was sold for $1500. Yeah, that was really costly but if we look into the positive side, the cuff was really cool. This strap is made up of leather, and with the assistance of another strap, the leather goes under the is not your only option, you can find other variants in the shop.

Case: MTM Status, A-38

Case for: Apple watch

Price: $199

If you think your Apple Watch’s complexities are not complex enough, then you definitely need the mighty “MTM Status, A-38 case for Apple Watch”.it comprises customizable titanium OR watertight aluminum. You’ll not face any battery problems because it contains customizable analog Quartz, micro dials. These are powered by their own battery.

Hermes Double Tour Band:

Price: $489

This one is known as a double tour band because the straps will wind twice around your wrist.

Viljo Marrandi Custom Engraved, Apple Watches

Price: $2,200 +

As the price shows, this is one of the most luxurious watches I’ve ever seen. If it’s at your cost, I will say that you should give it a try.

We hope you liked our Off White Apple Watch bands story. Let us know your views in the comments.

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