As you know, games are one of the essential parts of our life. Pokemon Go Plus is a small device by which you can enjoy Pokemon Go while you are not on your smartphone, or you are on moving.

With the help of Bluetooth, this device connects to your smartphone on low energy and it notify you about every event of this game for example, an appearance of a pokemon with the help of vibrator and LED.

You can say, it is an easy way for collecting items and catching pokemons in a single click. You can collect Eggs, PokeBalls and many other items on Pokestops without checking your smartphone.

How can you play it?

If you want to play it, make sure that your phone is connected with your Pokemon go plus device.

Get Items from PokeStops:

  1. The light will flash blue, and your Pokemon Go plus will vibrate whenever you will get close to a PokeStop.
  2. You can acquire items you want from PokeStore by pressing the button present on your Pokemon Go plus accessory.
  3. Whatever items you will acquire, they will be visible on your smartphone screen.
  4. The light will shine in seven different colors and your Pokemon Go Plus will vibrate.

Note: you can check the pokemons you’ve caught or  items you have acquired while your phone was in sleep mode from the Activity Log in Pokemon Go.

Catch a Pokemon:

catch a pokemon
  1. Your Pokemon go plus will vibrate and its light will flash green whenever a Pokemon appears nearby.
  2. Your Pokemon go Plus will vibrate and its light will flash yellow if it is the specie of Pokemon you have not caught before.

Note:  A poke ball present in your inventory will be used. But Ultra Balls and Green Balls will not be used. 

The light will flash red if you have no Poke Balls to throw.

  1. Whenever you will press the Pokemon Go Plus button, it will automatically try to catch a pokemon nearby.
  2. When it attempts to catch a Pokemon, the light in your Pokemon Go Plus will pulsate white.
  3. You will see a message appearing at your screen saying, YOU CAUGHT A POKEMON, if you succeed in catching it.
  4. The light will shine in seven different colors, and your Pokemon Go Plus will vibrate.
  5. You will see a message appearing on your screen saying, THE POKEMON FLED.
  6. You’ll see a flash red light and your Pokemon go will vibrate.

Pokemon go plus Pairing & connecting.

  1. Open Pokemon Go app.
  2. Touch the Main Menu present in Map View.
  3. Touch settings, present at the top right.
  4. Tap on Pokemon Go Plus.
  5. For making accessories discoverable, Press the function button.
  6. Under available Device lists, Tap on Your Pokemon Go Plus.
  7. Accessories will vibrate when it is connected.

Catch Pokemon.

cathing pokemon

The indicator light on the Pokemon Go Plus will flash green and then vibrate when a Pokemon is nearby. The indicator will light yellow and then Vibrate if it’s a Pokemon you haven’t caught before.

For catching Pokemon, touch the Pokemon Button present on your Pokemon Go Plus. While the Pokemon is in PokeBall, the accessory will vibrate and pulse. It is dependent on pokemon’s power whether it will stay or break free from PokeBall.

The Pokemon Go Plus will light red 3 times if your Pokemon runs away. If you want to know which pokemon run away, you can see it in the Journal.

Your Pokemon Go Plus will light multiple times if you will be able to catch the pokemon successfully.

Viewing Activity:

If Pokemon Go is running in the background on your iOS or Android device, or the device’s screen is asleep, while you are using Pokemon Go Plus you will get the result of your Game’s activity on your Device.

You can also view activity of catching a pokemon or Visiting PokeStop in a journal.

How can you View Journal?

  1. Touch the trainee profile icon present in the Map view.
  2. Open the Menu.
  3. Touch on journal.

Note: this journal will show up your last 50 actions.

Walk with your Pokemon Go Plus:

Even if you turn off your phone’s display, the distance you walk will make progress toward gaining a candy with your buddy Pokemon or hatching a Pokemon, if your Pokemon Go plus is connected.

When you visit PokeStop once your device is connected, then it will tell you about every PokeStop as you continue to walk.

The indicator will vibrate and flashes blue, when you are in range of PokeStop.

Touch the function button present on the Pokemon Go Plus if you want to search nearby PokeStops.

The indicator will flash in multiple colours if you will be successful.

You can also see it in the journal.

The device will flash white if your item storage is full. It means you didn’t gain any items.

The Pokemon Go Plus will light red if you didn’t get any items and moved out of range of PokeStops.

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