Want to know about Airpod vs Airpods pro?

AirPodsAirPods Pro
Wireless charging case
Universal fit
H1 Chip.Hey siri; Always on
Up to 5 hours of listening time
More than 24 hours of listening time.
Free personalized engraving.
Customizable fit
Active noise cancellation
adaptive EQ
H1 Chip
Hay sir; always on.
Sweat and water resistant.Upto
Upto 4.5 hours listening time
More than 24 hours listening time.
Wireless charging case.Free personalized engraving.

Design and Fit difference.

AirPods Pro sport an all new, in ear design, with three sizes of flexible and soft silicon tips that click into the place including large, medium and small. In comparison, the standard AirPods contain a one size fit in design. But many people find this thing adequate. Some of the people face issues with AirPods design due to hurting their ears or falling out of their ears. Apple says; that these new tips are specially designed for comforting your ear shape, keeping your AirPods Pro secure and the vent system helps in equalizing pressure for minimizing the discomfort.

AirPods Pro also offers you a feature named Ear Tip Fit Test. by this, you can check the fit of EarPhones into your Ears for determining which of the seals provides the best seal plus acoustic performance.

How can you access the Ear Tip Fit test? You can access this test by tapping the info icon present next to your AirPods in Setting > bluetooth.

ipod pro vs ipod

Apple also says that these advanced algorithms work together with the microphone facing inwards in each of the AirPod for measuring the sound level in the ear and then compare it to what is coming from the speaker driver.

In a few seconds, the algorithms will detect whether the ear tip is the right size for your ear and also has good fit into your ear, or should need some adjustment.

Both AirPods vs AirPods Pro have a familiar white plastic design, that contain a stem dropping below the ear.

But if the regular AirPods are also placed in your ear, keep in mind that they do not contain silicone ear tips.

Size & Weight.

In comparison with regular Airpods, AirPods Pro are slightly heavier than regular AirPods and you can say that 4.0 vs. 5.4 grams per earphone.

Apple says the AirPods Pro are engineered for your fit and comfort.

Transparency modes and Noise cancellation.

Airpods Pro removes background noises and features active noise cancellation. It also allows the users for focus on what they are listening to.

With this feature, you have assistance with two microphones. The first one is an outward facing microphone and it can also detect the external sounds, these sounds then cancel out with AirPods Pro Anti noise feature, before it actually reached your ear.

The second microphone is the second inward facing microphone, it listens towards the ear so that the AirPods Pro can cancel out any of the external noise they detect.

Apple says, for the best results, the noise feature continuously adapts the signals of sound 200 times per second.

If a user wish to hear something around them, then they can just simply press the force sensor and hold it, present on the stem of the AirPods Pro for jumping between transparency mode and active noise cancellation mode. This lets the outside sounds in, if necessary. As an example, you need an outside vice when you are paying for the coffee and if you are talking to some nearby.

There is a Force Sensor on the stem of AirPods Pro, by which you can switch between the transparency mode and active noise cancellation. 

You can press the Force Sensor once for pausing, playing or answering a phone call. If you want to skip forward, then press it twice.

If you want to skip back, then press this Force Sensor three times. And, if you want to switch between the listening modes, then you have to press and hold it.

noice cancellation

Note: the regular AirPods do not have a force sensor, transparency mode or active noise cancellation.

Sound quality improvements in the AirPods Pro:

It is said that AirPods Pro can deliver Superior Sound Quality which is a thanks to the Adaptive EQ.

For shaping in the individual Ear, it automatically tunes the low and mid Frequencies of the music.

In comparison with regular AirPods, AirPods Pro are really better, but as you know that there is always some subjectiveness.

An Expanded mesh Microphone port is also featured in this AirPods Pro by which the call quality really improves in the windy situations.

Battery life.

It is said that AirPods Pro can last upto 4.5 hours per charge, with transparency mode and active noise cancellation enabled. 

If your active noise cancellation and transparency mode is disabled, then your AirPods can last upto five hours, in consistency with the regular AirPods.

As for talk time per charge, AirPods Pro offers you 3.5 hours talk. If you have second generation AirPods, then it can be up to three hours.

Both the AirPos and AirPods Pro come out with a charging case. This charging case provides an additional charge for upto 24 hours of total listening time. It also offers 18 hours of total talk time.AirPods Pro offers you a wider charging case for accommodation of ear tips, but the thing is the battery does not appear to be much larger.

Water resistance.

IPX4-rated water resistance is featured in AirPods Pro, while the AirPods got no water resistance feature.

For your information; the ‘ 4 ‘ in the IPX4 actually means water splashing, against the enclosure from all directions, shall have no harmful effects.

Apple also says that AirPods Pro are sweat and water resistant for exercise and non-water resistance sports.

So, your AirPods should not be submerged in water or else, you have to face the damage.

airpods vs airpods pro

Pricing Difference:

AirPods Pro are priced at $249 with a wireless charger in the United states. For $ 159 or $199, the second generation AirPods are available with a wireless or wired charging case. 

In short, it is obvious that AirPods Pro are $50-$90 more expensive than the AirPods.

If you want truly wireless earphones, then the regular AirPods are a perfectly fine choice for you. It roughly comprise the same battery life as the AirPods Pro. But, if you want noise cancellation, Improved sounds and water resistance, then without any doubt, the AirPods Pro are the best option for you.

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