As you know that the house in animal crossing on switch don’t stray from previous games if you get a house and you get into a debit for upgrading it. So, it allows you to expand your house and you can create more rooms and fill with Furnishing. If you change the appearance of your house exterior then it will require a lot of investment. One of the core parts of animal crossing New Horizons is decorating the inside of your house with various furniture items. There are plenty of ways for changing the way the outside of your house looks but unfortunately you will not be able to do this instantly because the option will not be available for you on the top of that the game will never explain how you can unlock it in the first place. but you don’t have to worry about it because in this article we are going to guide you and will fully explain everything you need to know in order to customise your home exterior.

Animal House Upgrade. 

Before you start to customise the exterior of your house you are going to need to unlock the ability for doing so for this you need to renovate your house first by expanding the size of the main room and after that you will be adding new rooms in your house and each room unlocked after the back room addition unlocks new exterior customise option you can also purchased the upgrade bhaiya speaking to Tom nook in the residents service and each of these renovation can cost a lot of Bells each one more expensive than the previous one here is The breakdown of what each upgrade will cost you: 

  1. 198000 Bells for main room size up-gradation. 
  2. 348000 Bells for the addition of the back room 
  3. 5 48000 Bells for left edition 
  4. 7 580004 right room addition 
  5. 12 48000 Bells for second 4 additions. 

So in total you will need to spend 3100000 Bells for getting access to all of the different exterior customisation options and this may sound difficult and this will definitely be if you will not focus your efforts on making Bell as quick as possible.



One of the difficult parts of the process is talking to the Tom nook present in the resident services. But as the difficult path over so you all need to do is to head over to the residents service building in your town Plaza and then you have to speak with Tom Nook and you can start customising your home exterior. 

Here are the following things you need to do 

  1. Entering the resident service building. 
  2. Speak to Tom Nook present at the construction consultant counter. 
  3. Select about my home option. 
  4. Tap on I want to customise. 
  5. Click yes please. 
  6. And by this they will allow you to browse the selection of different customisation options that will be available.


From the menu of customisation you can select four different types of customisation for the exteriors of your Animal crossing house that are mailboxes, doors, walls. if any one of them is unavailable, so it will be because you have not upgraded your home enough to be able to customise them yet. from each part of your house there are several different materials to choose this includes stone, woods, shingles and many more and above that each material can also be selected in a wide variety on the different colours finally by pressing the buy button you can now choose whether or not you want your Windows to have different kind of curtains all of these option give you plenty of room for coming up with a creative look by mixing and matching these options you can also press the expert and if you want to see how your house will look in both night and a time which is much appreciated.

Once you will finalize your look, you have to press the + button for confirming your selection, then they will tell you that the upgrade will cost 5,000 Bells and it can take a day for completion. 

We also recommend being absolutely sure of your choosing style since each time you can wait for exterior it and each time it will cost a flat 5000 Bells no matter how much or no matter how little you will change. So if you will accept, your chosen renovation will be finished the following day so you can enjoy your fancy new exterior it is also important to know that if you will decide to get the final house upgrade and add a basement in it then they will give you a free exterior customisation permanently once you will pay this off. This option is ideal for the people who plan on changing their style again and again.

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