The first game for the Rune factory series, that was released in 2005 on the platform of Nintendo DS was “ Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon”. As you can see that this game got a unique fantasized name, so that was enough for sparking the interest of thousands of p[eople.  We all know how interesting and incredibly popular games like Animal Crossing, Pokemon Go and Rune Factory 5 are. But it will not be wrong to say that this one comes up with a twist.

This came with a compromise leveling system, monsters, fighting abilities and a gear for improvement.

Instead of raising adorables sheeps, cows and chickens, you can actually raise monsters in this game. Toy still has a farm that has bodies of water to fish, needs tending, treasures to collect, people to meet and canvas to explore.

As for the initial release date for the Rune Factory 5 and also the latest and modest installment for the series was set for 2020. Many people start to hype then. Into that years, for four months, there was still no news that when this game might drop, and also there was no hard details for any kind of installments or updates for this game.

If you are new to Rune Factory 5 platform and know nothing about it, well strap in Pal! Because we got your back. You are going to experience a wild adventure from this game with our assistance.

rune factory 5

Now, just think about role play farming games like stardew or Harvest Moon. in the games like that, you know that you are responsible for the farms you got in the game, you can say you are actually responsible for the interactive town. 

This town will be full of people you are going to meet , potential love interests to marry or romance, and drama.

This game is much more than petting the cows at night, and water the turnip in the morning, but there are no requirements for the social aspects of this game. I have seen many of the successful players that play successfully without entertaining aspects of the social life of this game, but there are many more features that make this game unique and interesting.

Rune Factory 5 follows the same concept. You got a farm, and there are townsfolk you can befriend with, also have love to swoon and you have to manage your social life. But the main thing is, in the caves around the town, there are also monsters who are hiding. You will see that there is a blacksmith in the town. He is ready at his forge for making the sharpest weapon for you. There will be demons looking in the vacant homes, a witch that will be running in the bathhouse, and many wizards that can come and go as they like. Also, there will be a tyrant who will try to take over your small account. So as you can see, in this one game, there are multiple things running and operating simultaneously.

As everything got a backside story, just like this, Rune Factory 5 also has a story. And it is not just a usual story like; HARVEST MOON GODDESS IN TROUBLE! AGAIN. SOMEONE SAVE HER! AGAIN.

In this game, there is the responsibility of the entire village on your shoulders. 

No matter if it is a greedy king or the Legendary Dragon. In the end, it’s totally up to you to save the day and also manage the farm you have.

Ctory 5 is the game that you want to play again and again and still not be able to get over this. Even the legendary 2006 addition is still playable here in 2021.

But, for this age and day, the graphic might be disappointing but the game is still captivating.

Home Improvement.

Upgrading your home in this game is not just for free. It cost stones. Lumer and your money.

You can collect the lumber if you cut tree stumps and branches. By smashing the Rocks, you can collect the stones. And if you need to earn money, you can sell your resources and crops.

 You can unlock a decent amount of benefits if you will increase the size of your home.

  1. A double sized bed for you, in case you wish to get married.
  2. Children’s bed if you wish to have kids.
  3. A kitchen if you want to convert your crops into the meals. By this, you can replenish you health and rune points by eating your food.
  4. A forge for you if you want to upgrade or craft your tools and weapons.
  5. A crafting table or a workbench if you wish to craft or upgrade your weapons.
  6. Laboratory for making portions for stat boosters and fertilizers.

leveling system:

Rune factory 5: leveling system

There are multiple ways to level up in the Rune Factory 5. You need to level up your crops, monsters, tools, weapons, relationships, skills and character. Below, you will lean how can you level up;

Armor and weapons:

Upgrading your weapons helps you in increasing your item levels, special abilities and damage modifiers. By this, when you progress through the caves, and see a monster, it will be easy for you to fight the monster.

Upgrading your armor and weapons goes right along with all the home improvement systems described above. You can start upgrading your weapons once you manage to have a forge in your home. You can upgrade your Armor if you manage to have a crafting table in your home. It will cost a resource from your inventory every time you manage to upgrade your items.

If you use the same type of resource for upgrading your items multiple times, it will leave a lower effect, but eventually this will do nothing to your character at all.

Until the level10, you can upgrade your items, so ensure your progress in the items rarity as you will go!.


You can increase the number of squares that can affect your farm by upgrading tools. How? You can water six plots of lands at once as they will be opposite to each other.

If you got a forge, then you can open the upgrade option from your forge’s menu. In that Forge’s Menu, you can choose the tool you wish to upgrade and after this, you can decide the resource you are going to expand in that upgrade.

As for the limitations, they do not change at all.

rune factory 5 Tools


You can do better tasks by upgrading your skills.  In other words, if you manage to have a high forging skill, you can have a better success rate when upgrading or crafting your items.

Every level of Rune Factory games mostly contain familiar skill sets. You can level up to the skill sets as you earn points, or do specific tasks. The more you use hammer, spear, ax or sword, higher will be your Swordsmanship skills.

The less RP it will take as your swordsmanship increases. It will also increase effects and damage. Your craft and upgrading skills increased by forging. The RP amount for mining will decrease as your MINING skill increases. 

The amount of RP used for watering cans or sickels will decrease as your Farming skills increases. The amount and items evel of the resources gathered by monsters will increase with your Communication skills.

HP recovery rate while sleeping in dungeons as your camping skills increases. Your ability for crafting potions, stats boosters and fertilizers will increase as your pharmacy skills increases.

For accessories, you have to increase your decoration skills.


By upgrading your cropsing level , you can make high levels of medicines and food. You can also earn by selling your crops.


Overall stats of your character will increase by leveling your character. By increasing your multiple skills, playing games for a long time and killing monsters can increase the level of your character.

You can recieve defense against magic, higher bonus for magic attacks, physical defense, physical attacks, vitality, intelligence and strength as the level of your character increases.

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