Doraemon is a Japanese manga seriesthat is written and illustrated by the manga writing team Fujiko Fujio. The series has also been adapted into one of the successful anime series. The story is about a robotic cat named Doraemon, Doraemon travels back in time from the 22nd century to assist a pre-teen boy named Nobita Nobi. There are many video games starting from platformer games to RPG games that specialise in Doraemon.

The Nintendo Switch supporting.

Doraemon recently celebrated a huge milestone by hitting 50 years since the debut of the franchise in Japan. The series follows a cat robot traveling from the 22nd Century to assist a young boy who is struggling in class. Doraemon has since become an iconic character throughout Japan since his introduction in 1970. The robotic cat from the favored series made its way into video games with plenty of titles, including some for the 3DS. Doraemon games teach kids subjects like English, Math, and even Japanese. The region had titles like DoraKazu: Nobita no Suuji Daibouken back in 2012, with Dora Moji: Nobita no Kanji Daibouken being the last game within the learning sequence in 2015.


Doraemon games: Gametsu

According to Gametsu, the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee revealed a replacement collection of games from the Doraemon franchise for the Switch that has all the training titles from the series that were released on the 3DS. The Doraemon Learning Collection has no name yet. What we do know is that it’ll accompany four different games that tackle different categories. 

No release date has been given for the gathering aside from the announcement of its existence because it involves the Switch. There’s also no information on whether this may be coming to the West because you know that most of their learning titles were only released in Japan. 

What are the best Doraemon Games in 2021?

Doraemon games: What are the best Doraemon Games in 2021?
  1. Doraemon vs Nobita Snow Adventure ( 11143)
  2. Doraemon and the Bad Dogs ( 9876)
  3. Doraemon and the King Kong ( 9477)
  4. Doraemon and Nobi Nobita Revenge ( 8691)
  5. Doraemon Mystery ( 8434)
  6. Doraemon Restaurant ( 6877)
  7. Doraemon Online Coloring ( 6206)
  8. Dress Up Doraemon ( 5974)
  9. Doraemons Racing ( 5784)
  10. Doraemon Halloween ATV ( 5227)

What are the best mobile Doraemon Games?

  1. Doraemon vs Nobita Snow Adventure ( 11143)
  2. Doraemon Cut Puzzle ( 1290)


  1. Doraemon vs  King kong Game
  2. Doraemon vs King kong
  3. Doraemon vs  bad dog Game
  4. Doraemon vs bad dog
  5. Doraemon Tank Attack Game
  6. Doraemon Tank Attack
  7. Doraemon mystery Game
  8. Doraemon mystery
  9. Doraemon Jungle Hunting funny Game
  10. Doraemon Jungle Hunting funny
  11. Doraemon And Nobita Revenge funny Game
  12. Doraemon And Nobita Revenge funny
  13. Doraemon fishing Game
  14. Doraemon fishing
  15. Run Doraemon Run Game
  16. Run Doraemon Run
  17. Doraemon Racing Game
  18. Doraemon Racing
  19. Doraemon Nobita Paper Toss Game
  20. Doraemon Nobita Paper Toss
  21. Doraemon Marathon Game
  22. Doraemon Marathon
  23. Doraemon Mice Invasion Game
  24. Doraemon Mice Invasion
  25. Doraemon Nobita baseball Game
  26. Doraemon Nobita baseball
  27. Nobita With Ghost Game
  28. Nobita With Ghost
  29. Doraemon Hunt Penguin Game
  30. Doraemon Hunt Penguin
  31. Doraemon Guess Letters Game
  32. Doraemon Guess Letters
  33. Doraemon Dinosaur Game
  34. Doraemon Dinosaur
  35. Doraemon Gift Box Game
  36. Doraemon Gift Box
  37. Doraemon Hunger Run Game
  38. Doraemon Hunger Run
  39. Doraemon Janken Game
  40. Doraemon Janken
  41. Doraemon Anywhere Door Game
  42. Doraemon Anywhere Door
  43. Doraemon Gian Game
  44. Doraemon Gian
  45. Doraemon Restaurant Game
  46. Doraemon Restaurant
  47. Doraemon Nobita Playing Badmin Game
  48. Doraemon Nobita Playing Badmin
  49. Doraemon Baseball Typing Game
  50. Doraemon Baseball Typing
  51. Doraemon Tokyo Racing Game
  52. Doraemon Tokyo Racing
  53. Doraemon Synchro Game
  54. Doraemon Synchro
  55. Doraemon Motorcycle Game
  56. Doraemon Motorcycle
  57. Doraemon Hidden Objects Game
  58. Doraemon Hidden Objects
  59. Doraemon Adventure Game
  60. Doraemon Adventure
  61. Doraemon Rage Cart Game
  62. Doraemon Rage Cart
  63. Launch Doraemon Game
  64. Launch Doraemon
  65. Doraemon Super Ride Game
  66. Doraemon Super Ride
  67. Doraemon Toy Machine Game
  68. Doraemon Toy Machine
  69. Doraemon Hunt Penguins Game
  70. Doraemon Hunt Penguins
  71. Doraemon and Ball Game
  72. Doraemon and Ball
  73. Doraemon Balloons Game
  74. Doraemon Balloons
  75. Doraemon Bowling Game
  76. Doraemon Bowling
  77. Doraemon: Bicycle Racing Game
  78. Doraemon: Bicycle Racing
  79. Doraemon Car Driving Challenge Game
  80. Doraemon Car Driving Challenge
  81. Doraemon Matching Game
  82. Doraemon Matching
  83. Doraemon Smart Puzzle Game
  84. Doraemon Smart Puzzle
  85. Doraemon Album Game
  86. Doraemon Album
  87. Doraemon Coloring Papa Noel Game
  88. Doraemon Coloring Papa Noel
  89. Doraemon Butterfly Coloring Game
  90. Doraemon Butterfly Coloring
  91. Doraemon Flying Colors Game
  92. Doraemon Flying Colors
  93. Doraemon Nobita And Coloring Game
  94. Doraemon Nobita And Coloring
  95. Doraemon Dress Up Game
  96. Doraemon Dress Up
  97. Doraemon Star Adventure Game
  98. Doraemon Star Adventure
  99. Doraemon Friends Race Game
  100. Doraemon Friends Race
  101. Doraemon Memorize Colors Game
  102. Doraemon Memorize Colors
  103. Doraemon Coloring Book Game
  104. Doraemon Coloring Book
  105. Doraemon and Nobita Halloween  Game
  106. Doraemon and Nobita Halloween
  107. Doraemon and Nobita Candyland Game
  108. Doraemon and Nobita Candyland
  109. Doraemon valentines day Game
  110. Doraemon valentines day
  111. Doraemon go home Game
  112. Doraemon go home
  113. Doraemon games: A dream island Rebel Giants Game
  114. Doraemon games: A dream island Rebel Giants
  115. Doraemon jingle finding Game
  116. Doraemon jingle finding
  117. Doraemon and Dorami Monster City Game
  118. Doraemon and Dorami Monster City
  119. Doraemon Block Breaker Game
  120. Doraemon Block Breaker
  121. Doraemon and Nobita Flap Flap Game
  122. Doraemon and Nobita Flap Flap
  123. Doraemon and Nobita cash cow Game
  124. Doraemon and Nobita cash cow
  125. Doraemon Lines Game
  126. Doraemon Lines
  127. Doraemon Jump Jump Jump Game
  128. Doraemon Jump Jump Jump
  129. Doraemon Pacman Game
  130. Doraemon Pacman
  131. Doraemon fishing spoon net Game
  132. Doraemon fishing spoon net
  133. Doraemon hidden Game
  134. Doraemon hidden
  135. doraemon Kite Fly Game
  136. doraemon Kite Fly
  137. Doraemon Crazy Baseball Game
  138. Doraemon Crazy Baseball
  139. Doraemon Touching Ball Game
  140. Doraemon Touching Ball
  141. Doraemon Games: Gadget bobbles catchers Game
  142. Doraemon Games: Gadget bobbles catchers
  143. Doraemon says Game
  144. Doraemon says
  145. Doraemon beach jumping Game
  146. Doraemon beach jumping
  147. Doraemon galería de tiro Game
  148. Doraemon galería de tiro
  149. Doraemon Spatial sequences Game
  150. Doraemon Spatial sequences
  151. Doraemon Fly Game
  152. Doraemon Fly

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