The fact you are looking for games like Animal Crossing isn’t a surprise. After all, it has been over a year since Animal Crossing: New Horizons arrived in our lives and every one’s obsessions wane. The sweet as pie sim has had the web aflame, sharing fashion designs, crushes on the anthropomorphic characters, and even fixing their own bartering systems for hard to craft items. But no need to worry if that’s you, because we’ve found a bunch of games that are almost like the Nintendo classic, letting you customize your world, socialize safely, and you will never need to pay Tom knook one bell to try to do it. 

A Short Hike

Available on: PC

This delightful little indie is about exploring the luxurious landscape of Hawk Peak Provincial Park. No pressure, no deadline , only one little birb making friends, going for a swim and stretching his wings to soar between cliffs. It’ll offer you an equivalent warm fuzzy feeling you get from Animal Crossing at its best, and demand little or no from you in terms of your time or difficulty. Short and sweet, it is the perfect thanks to kill a couple of hours when the planet outside is being particularly crazy. 

Garden Paws

Available on: PC (coming soon to Nintendo Switch) 

Developers Bitten Toast Games brought this adorable simulation game to life on Kickstarter, and it rings tons of comparable bells to Animal Crossing in its gameplay and elegance. You inherit a farm from your grandparents, and work with the Mayor and hard hat to create up the town and customize your home. even as you would like bells to expand your home, getting yourself a healthy supply of coins to figure on the town may be a must. By exploring caves for treasure, completing quests, and running your own shop to sell everything you discover round the world, you’ll begin to refill that coin purse. There are not any enemies within the caves to pose a threat either, so it really does bring one very relaxing time that allows you to play at your own pace. With farming, fishing, cooking, crafting, and animals to boost, there’s no shortage of the way to pass every day. 

Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands

Available on: PS4, PC Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iOS

In resemblance with the Animal Crossing  this game sees you building a replacement life on an island, but the most difference here is that you’ve arrived by shipwreck, instead of Dodo Airlines. You’re responsible for fixing camp for you and your fellow survivors, farming crops to feed the masses, and ultimately trying to create a ship to flee. Work together with your fellow castaways and they’ll offer you side quests, which are the right excuse to explore and interact with the varied flora and fauna. Unlike the serene world of Animal Crossing, Stranded Sails is home to some supernatural nasties you will need to face, which whole “cursed” thing may be a worry. a minimum of you will have the soothing sounds of the waves to assist keep your anxiety cornered. 


Games like animal crossing: Forager

Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

If grinding for resources is your favorite part of the Animal Crossing experience, then Forager is that game for you. Its cute visuals hide an addictive loop of exploring, resource management, building, combat, crafting, and puzzles which will keep you lost in its brightly colored world for hours, days, weeks… what even is time anymore? The developer says the sport was inspired by Stardew Valley, Terraria, and Zelda and it shows, stealing good bits from all of them to form something new and special. It’s up to you what you are doing and when, so you’re liberal to spend time within the game doing whatever you would like , whether that’s dungeon raiding or obsessively building. 

Games like animal crossing: My Time at Portia

Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch

There are endless things to try to do in My Time at Portia, and lots of Animal Crossing fans will feel right reception in its cartoony world. Surprisingly, it’s set during a post-apocalyptic time where many secrets dwell beneath its unassuming charm. Once you enter the town, you assume the role of a builder who can craft all manner of buildings and items to satisfy commissions. These commissions are your main source of income to start out with, but with ample opportunity to line out into the large open-world and find relics, go fishing, raise cows and chickens, and farm, you’re liberal to build a life for yourself in whatever way you would like . there’s also more of a storyline to the present game, so you’ll also work towards completing the varied quests to uncover the mysteries of Portia. going to know the residents is additionally an enormous part of the experience. Again, there’s combat involved, but if you’d rather avoid the fighting, you’ll send the Civil Corps to gather items for you so you’ll avoid venturing out into dangerous areas. Overall it’s quite slow in pace and a comparatively gentle life sim. 

Games like animal crossing: Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Games like animal crossing: Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch

With no threats in view, you’re liberal to roam the planet and do whatever you would like at your own pace. you’ll get to understand the inhabitants of the planet and fulfills their quests for them to find out useful skills and tricks. There are several professions you’ll try, from being a chef to a tailor, and running your own little customizable farm. The planet is formed of several different environments and biomes, giving every area its own distinctive look and feel. As you will explore the creatures who roam the lands will become your friends if you feed them treats. With many alternative ways to satisfy objectives and much of skills to create, the life you lead is up to you each step of the way. Yonder truly may be a very charming, chilled out experience which will appeal to Animal Crossing fans. 

Games like animal crossing: Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Available on: Nintendo Switch

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town may be a charming, more expansive entry within the series that features a similar feel to Animal Crossing. considerably also channeling Stardew Valley vibes, you progress to a replacement town that’s languishing and struggling, so as to start out your own farm. But it gives you tons of freedom to measure out your best farm life however you would like, but also revitalize the town, and make friends with the residents there. And for anyone who loves decorating, you’re bound to enjoy making up your farm and residential. 

Games like animal crossing: Castaway Paradise

Games like animal crossing: Castaway Paradise

Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, Android 

This game was Originally released on PC and mobiles before coming to consoles, Castaway Paradise has very similar vibes to Animal Crossing, and seems to draw inspiration from the series in its own way. After finding yourself ashore on an island once you get trapped during a storm, you encounter a number of the locals who offer you a tent to call home. After fixing your tent, you’ll begin to explore the island, get to understand the residents, and work towards unlocking more parts of the island to explore. a number of the residents also are anthropomorphic animals like pigs and ducks, so it’ll feel very familiar. Even as you are doing favors for Punchy and Hamlet and any fellow neighbors in New Leaf, you’ll help the villagers with their activities in Castaway Paradise and form friendships. You’ll even fish, catch bugs, and grow your own crops. It’s probably the closest tropical Animal Crossing-like experience you’ll currently play while you wait it out for brand spanking new Horizons.


Available on: PC 

Staxel may be a cute blocky sandbox adventure that features a lot of elements which will feel familiar to you. because the newest resident within the village, you’re tasked with restoring a farm. going to know the residents and forming friendships may be a big part of the sport, and you’ll help the villagers call in various ways. The locals will assist you get settled in, and every one have their own unique personalities. together with your rundown home and farm, you’ll have your work cut out for you, but you’ll spruce the place up however you wish with many customization options (like putting floor tiles and picking furniture). Eventually, you’ll be ready to expand and grow your farm with some diligence. And because of its sandbox nature, you’ll even customize the planet around you. If you fancy an opportunity from farming and lecture your neighbors, you’ll also venture out into the Wilds and catch bugs, fish, and hunt. With many collectible items and hobbies to occupy some time, it’s a delightfully laid back little adventure that also features co-op functionality. 

Happy Street

Available on: iOS, Android 

Building a town with cute animal friends? Happy Street may be a great alternative for anyone trying to find something on their smartphone. As a touch fox called Billy (who wears goggles on his head – vital, that), you float down during a hot air balloon to land on the bottom and be greeted by Pepin, the globe-trotting extraordinaire. With Pepin, you began to create yourself a replacement home and a town to form new friends. After collecting resources around the landscape and constructing more buildings, new animals will enter the town you’re starting to grow. With the prospect to explore different areas, expand your town, and build all manner of outlets and stands while you chat with the residents and fulfill objectives, it’s a fun little mobile game which will help debar your hunger for more Animal Crossing adventures.

The Sims 4

Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4 

The Sims is that classic life sim, and there’s tons to like about it. If you enjoyed designing the right homes for all of your favorite animal pals in Happy Home Designer, or producing your camp in Pocket Camp, creating homes within the Sims 4 takes that to subsequent levels with some very satisfying and intuitive home building tools. Rather than having neighbors who are elephants with teapot-shaped heads or camo alligators, you’ve got human-like sims. You’re not in debt to start out with, but you’ll be if you don’t send your sim to figure and avoid using the classic money cheat (we all do it); it’s entirely up to you. If you think that about it, Tom Nook is sweet, really. I mean, maybe you didn’t want that extra floor space, but hey, a minimum of you’ll take some time racking up those bells without having to stress about losing your amenities. With a huge library of expansions available to feature more content to your sim worlds, there is no end to the amount of activities you’ll rise up to. Some are even quite similar, like collecting bugs, going fishing, and finding collectibles round the towns. 

Little Dragon Cafe 

Available on: PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Little Dragon Cafe is one of the relaxing little simulations that’s all about relationships, raising a dragon, and running your very own cafe. The sense of community during this game from the first creator of full moon packs it with heart and charm. you furthermore may inherit the possession of a dragon egg, which you want to nurture and lift on top of trying to stay the cafe running smoothly, and work to seek out what happened to your mother. Beat a day’s work, right? But you will not be behind the counter serving up dishes. you’ll also venture out and explore the planet together with your little dragon friend, farm for ingredients, make friends with the residents of the planet, and find out new recipes to boost your menu. As your dragon baby continues to grow, you’ll even ride on its back to form exploration all the more interesting. It’s a really chilled-out experience with a fun story, little cooking mini-games, and charming characters.

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