If you’re wondering how to use the Voice Memos app on an iPhone to record notes, meetings, yourself singing within the bathroom, or other audio, you will have it mastered in only a couple of minutes. The app is simple and straightforward to use once you recognize the few steps.

Just a fast note before we dive in: while the Voice Memos app allows you to make surprisingly top quality recordings of the sounds round the phone, what the Voice Memos app won’t allow you to do is record a call. But which will be a blessing in disguise, as recording conversations can cause a litany of legal issues, though there are several quality paid apps you’ll use to record calls on an iPhone you have to get to. 

And for more advanced audio recordings, particularly those geared toward the assembly of music, podcasts, and therefore the like, you could possibly try Garageband for iPhone, which singer-producer Steve Lacy famously wanted to record a track for Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy-winning 2017 album “DAMN.” 

Apple’s iPads and iPhones are great for taking note of streaming audio, but they’ve not been great at recording it. They still aren’t, but there are ways to form certain sorts of recordings which will be useful.

it’s about the ways you’ll record streaming audio, and even phone calls, when you’re researching a subject or interviewing someone.

We’re still at the stage where this is often effectively a workaround, though, and there are privacy reasons why Apple will probably forever block the power to record FaceTime calls, a minimum of without the opposite person knowing.

Still, when you’re trying to find out something from a webinar or a corporation group call when you’ve five minutes on the phone with an expert on a subject you’re researching, this is often what you are doing.

Streaming audio

iphone voice record

You’re going to seek out exceptions to the present, so you want to test it out before you believe it completely. Broadly, if audio is playing on an internet site, you’ll record it on your iPad or iPhone.

Yet, Apple’s live stream of keynotes & financial earnings reports are fine, you’ll record them. There are often legal issues to try to do with making recordings or using them, but technically it all works if you are doing the subsequent.

  1. Add Screen Recording to your center 
  2. Swipe right down to get center then tap the Record button
  3. Watch the stream
  4. Tap the red Recording icon within the menu bar when you’re done
  5. You will see a notification saying the screen recording has been saved to your Camera roll. And there it’s , a video of everything that was on your screen during the recording — and every one of the audio too.

If the location blocks you, though, you’ll realize it directly because the recording ends and you get that notification immediately.

You don’t want video

You have just recorded a video of your screen and we’re only curious about the audio. For once during this audio workaround, it’s to your advantage being on iOS.

You could AirDrop the video over to your Mac and after this, open it in something like QuickTime Player. If you then visited File and Export As, you’d find an option called Audio Only.

That would roll in the hay, but even without AirDropping, it’s an additional step where the iPad can roll in the hay in one — if you’ve got an app called Ferrite installed.

Ferrite may be a basic studio for the iPad and it’s the advantage that it can import video from your Camera roll, and discard the video.


For the safest results, record your screen this manner in chunks of just a couple of minutes whenever. In our experience, you’ll record one half-hour webinar’s audio fine and therefore the next will suddenly stop. Sometimes as you hear it being recorded, you’ll hear the audio cut out, but sometimes you will not know until you come to play it all back.

So as inconvenient because it is, start and restart the screen recording at intervals.


The advantage of using Ferrite, and dealing with audio streamed over an internet site, is that this audio are going to be broadcast quality — or a minimum of, it’ll be as high a top quality as your connection, your app and your call can provide.

If you’re just concerned with getting down what someone is saying, then you continue to want the very best quality recording you’ll have because it’ll make transcribing easier.

You’re just not always getting that chance. Speaker Phones were invented in order that we could put our iPhones ahead of them and use Apple’s Voice Memos app.

And then iOS external microphones were invented in order that we could do that better.

At least the iPad is sweet for recording audio in this manner. also as Voice Memos, you’ve got Ferrite, and you furthermore may have GarageBand. Although GarageBand is expecting you to be singing lyrics so getting it to record quite three minutes, without a metronome, takes a lot of learning.

It’s a workaround

It’s good that the iPad and iPhone won’t let nefarious people record your phone calls or FaceTime, but it stops all folks . we will not ever expect Apple to relax security, but we will hope for it to become an option.

How to record audio on iPhone with the help of Voice Memos app

voice memo
  1. Locate the Voice Memos app, which can be in your phone’s Extras folder; it says “Voice Memos” thereunder and has a picture of an audio graph.
  2. Launch the app, and note the massive red circle at rock bottom . Once you tap that, a recording will commence at one.
  3. To prevent recording, tap the red square at rock bottom of the phone.

And as far as the basics go, that’s how you record audio on your phone. But there are a couple of other things to explore within the Voice Memos app.

How to edit and export an audio file on Voice Memos 

To rename a recording you have to tap the word New Recording 1 and sort during a name.

To add more to your recording after you stopped it, tap the three blue dots beside it, then hit “Edit Recording.” Scroll to the top of the timeline, hit “Resume” to recommence the recording. Just make certain you scrolled to the top, otherwise you are going to be replacing audio instead of adding more to the top. you’ll also crop the sides of the audio file through an equivalent “Edit Recording” feature. 

To share a sound recording, exporting it to apps and sending it to others, you have to tap the three blue dots beside a recording again and after this click on “Share”to open sharing options. 

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