Whether you would like to be ready to quickly distinguish your Apple devices in your iCloud, want to understand that the way to rename iphone when using Find My, or quickly knowing where exactly you’re sending your files when performing AirDrop, you would possibly end up trying to find how to rename your device or several. Thankfully, it’s very easy to try to do, and during this article we’ll guide you through all of the steps.

Your new device name also will sync to iCloud, and you’ll be ready to conveniently manage your devices with their new names. By the way, if you switch your device into a WiFi hotspot, your device name will show up when scanning for a WiFi network within the vicinity, so that’s one more reason to select a catchy name.

Let’s check out the way to rename an iPhone, an iPad, a Mac, an Apple watch, your AirPods, and even your Apple TV.

Why you would like to try to to it

Like we’ve said above, one might have to change the name of their iPhone – for the device to be easily identified in iCould, Find My, AirDrop, when WiFi-hotspotting, and more. Since the default device name format is your account name + ‘s + the sort of the device, i.e. iPhone, iPad, etc. (e.g. Kelly’s iPhone), you would possibly want to vary the name of your device to avoid broadcasting the sort of device you’re using.

And albeit you merely treasure your high-tech device and have an endearing name for it only for your entertainment, that’s reason enough to ‘officially’ rename your device within the settings too!

Change the names of your Apple devices

Apple conveniently makes it possible to vary the names of individual devices, so let’s change that name to your iPhone and other toys right away!

How to change your iPhone or iPad name

How to change your iPhone, iPad name

Here’s the way to change the name of your iPhone: 

  1. tap the Settings app on your home screen and find General. 
  2. Open the menu and tap About.
  3. The first line is your device name. 
  4. Tap Name and you’ll be ready to change it or type during a new one
  5. Now that you simply have the skills to call your iPhone, you really have the skills to call your iPad also since the steps are precisely the same – Settings > General > About > Name. Tap on the Name and sort in your required iPad name.

And while you’re managing the fundamentals, you would possibly want to believe backing up your data or transferring information between devices seamlessly. AnyTrans for iOS can do this seamlessly for you and help transfer files, copy information from your iPhone to Mac, migrate between phones, backup WhatsApp, and more.

How to rename iPhone and the way to vary the name of your Mac

Since macOS and iOS are far more different than iOS and iPadOS, knowing the way to change device name on an iPhone won’t assist you much when deciding the way to change the name of your Mac. The method remains very simple though.

All you’ve got to try to do is click on the apple-shaped icon at the highest left side of your screen within the Menu bar (the Apple menu) and attend System Preferences. There, find the Sharing icon and click on on it:

In the window that pops up, you’ll see the highest field named Computer Name where you’ll type in your required device name and hit Enter key on the keyboard:

Now that your Mac’s name is all settled, time to think about cleaning it up a touch. you’ll use fan-favorite CleanMyMac X to smart scan your Mac and find unneeded system junk, large old files, malware, clean-uninstall apps, and perform other maintenance tasks to optimize your device productivity.

You can also monitor your computer’s performance and workload directly in your Menu bar with the assistance of iStat Menus:

Use the app to line up all the needed trackers into your menu bar and stay awake so far together with your Mac’s performance when it involves CPU load, memory load, temperature, battery life, disk usage, and more.

How to Change the name of your Apple watch

When we learnt the way to change the name of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, it had been all done on those devices themselves. Since your Apple watch is an adjunct, albeit a strong one, you would like to vary its name using your phone.

  1. To do that, open your Apple Watch app on your iPhone and attend the My Watch tab. Next, proceed to General > About. Simply type within the new name for your watch and you’re done!

How to alter the name of your AirPods

As your AirPods sync to your phone simply through Bluetooth so you don’t need an app for accessing them. Just attend Settings > Bluetooth. confirm your Bluetooth is on and your AirPods are connected.

Under My Devices, find your AirPods. Tap on the small circled i to travel to subsequent menu. Once there, tap Name and you’ll be offered to type within the new name of your AirPods.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as if you’ll name each of the AirPods individually, but we are sure that’s another iOS feature to look forward to within the future.

How to rename iphone and the way to vary your Apple TV name

Chances are, you’ve found out the way to rename your iPhone or iPad purely through clicking around your phone’s settings, but what about your Apple TV? you almost certainly spend way less time idly browsing your Apple TV’s settings. allow us to assist you out there also, because you’ll, in fact, change the name of your Apple TV, and we’ve learnt how.

  1. Open TV Settings and attend General > About. There, you’ll be ready to find the Name option. Type in your new name and choose Done.

your new Apple TV name is live Now, So, Renaming your Apple TV won’t be the foremost urgent task, but if you’ve got quite one in your home or sleep in an apartment house and your neighbor’s TVs show up once you browse devices within the vicinity, you’ll want to obviously distinguish your device from anybody else’s.

Pro tip: If you’re managing your Apple TV with the house app, you’ll rename them within the app under Rooms menu.

To rename through the house app on your iPhone, attend Rooms and choose your device. Find the settings wheel icon at rock bottom and click on thereon. Tap the name of your device for renaming it.

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