How to show battery percentage on iPhone 11? Sometimes, though, you would like to understand exactly what proportion of power your phone has left.

On older iPhones, you’ll have the battery percentage display by default – and we’ll show you ways. On newer models, there’s not enough room within the status bar because of the notch, but there are shortcuts and widgets that make the share easy to seek out or display permanently. 

How to Show Battery percentage within the status bar of iPhone 11?

On the iPhone SE 2020, or on the iPhone 8 or earlier, you’ll have the battery percentage display permanently. 

Open the Settings app and therefore the Battery menu. you will see an option for Battery Percentage. Toggle it, and you will see the share within the top-right of the house screen in the least.

Find the battery percentage on newer iPhones

On the iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and their various sibling phones, you’ll find the battery percentage within the Command Center. Simply swipe downwards from the top-right of the screen to tug up the menu; there, you will find the battery percentage within the top-right corner.

That’s the fastest method. Another method is to swipe left-to-right on the house screen to tug up the Today View. In iOS 14, this view contains various Apple app widgets, including A battery widget that displays the present percentage.

You may got to scroll right down to find the battery widget in Today View, but you’ll tap and hold it, then drag it to the highest in order that it’s more immediately visible.

Add the battery percentage widget to your iPhone

How to show battery percentage on iPhone 11: add the battery percentage widget to your iPhone

If you would like the battery percentage to seem by default your main home screen on newer iPhones, you will need to form room for one among the new iPhone widgets.

Tap and hold an empty portion of the house screen, then tap the + icon within the top-left. Scroll down until you discover ‘Batteries’ and choose that option. 

You can choose from three different battery widgets. All three show the share , but the larger widgets also will show the precise percentage of synced devices’ batteries, like your Apple Watch 6 or AirPods.

Choose your favorite, hit ‘Add Widget’, rearrange the apps on your Home screen as you see fit, and you will have a continuing battery percentage summary without having to swipe or scroll.

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