In 2014 the 27 inch iMac 5K was announced as the significant revision of the iMac line the iMac has always been one of the essential parts for Apple and it continues to be popular with consumers special thanks to its All-in-One unibody design and of course the prosumer power.

  1.  It has a 27 inch 5K retina display. 
  2. 500 nits and P3 colour gamut 
  3. configurable to 128 GB RAM & 1TB SSD. 
  4. Radeon Pro 5300 graphic drivers  
  5.  start at $ 1799.

iMac 27 inch Specs

here are the specifications of iMac 27 inch for you;

  1. processor type: Intel Core?i5 
  2. processor speed: 3.2 GHz 
  3. RAM size: 8GB 
  4. hard drive size: 1000 GB 
  5. operating system: Mac OS X Lion 
  6. processor model: intel core i5 3470 
  7. processors speed: 3.2 GHz 
  8. max turbo frequency: 3.6 
  9. processor bits: 6 bit 
  10. free memory slot: no
  11. maximum amount of memory: 32 GB 
  12. number of memories slots: no 
  13. RAM size: 8GB 
  14. type of memory: DDR 3
  15. Hard drive size: 1000 GB 
  16. number of hard drives: 1pc 
  17. optical Drive: No 
  18. RAID controllers SSD: no. 
  19. memory card reader: yes 
  20. types of memory card: SDHC, SDXC, Secure digital 
  21. dedicated graphic memory: yes 
  22. graphic memory:1024 MB 
  23. Bluetooth: yes 
  24. type of bluetooth: 4.0
  25.  network connection: yes 
  26. Wireless: yes 
  27. Type: 802.11 802.11 b 802.11 z 802.11 
  28. HDMI: no 
  29. Thunderbolt: yes 
  30. number of Thunderbolt ports: 2. 
  31. operating system: Mac OS X lion.


iMac 27 inch: Refresh

Here is the latest big refresh for the 27 inch imac. 

  1. upgrade Hardware though the design remains the same 
  2. the standard model feature 6 core and 8 core 10th generation Intel CPUs 
  3. The 10 core option is also the Intel configuration model. 
  4. SSD are now standard which means no more fusion drive.
  5.  it started 5.2 GB and went up to 2TB in the 6core model. 
  6. As for the 8core model it is 8TB. 
  7. The SSD is the part of imacs motherboard which helps in supporting Hardware encryption. 
  8. it cannot be removed from the upgraded model. 
  9. a flash storage expansion board is attached with a connector on the motherboard for the 8th TB or 4TB models.
  10. The FaceTime camera is upgraded to 1080p. 
  11. There are also improved microphones and speakers.

iMac 27 inch Pricing.

The 10th gen intel Cpus are present in the entire generation. It offers a base configuration of 3.1GHz 6Core !0th Gen, Intel i5, 256GB SSD, 8GB DDr4 RAM and a Radeon Pro 5300 graphics foe $1,799.

It can be faster if configured with Intel Processor up to 10th Gen, Intel i7, up to 128GB RAM, 8TB SSD and with Radeon Pro 5700 XT, it offers improved graphics.

A maxed out iMac would likely to perform better than the priced iMac Pro, and costs $8,799.

iMac 27 inches Design.

As you know that 27 inch iMac has gone through several updates but nothing about the exterior has changed since the 2014 release. 

Its frame features 5mm tapered casing and a hump on that back that is large on the back. This big hump houses the internal components and large ching under your iMac’s screen.

Despite a pixel dense screen and even powerful chipset and graphics, the cooling system has not changed yet and also the slotted exhaust holes run across the bottom of the screen. 

All the power cables and ports connect in the back and there is a hole which allows for cable management.

But, one of the things you can say that is unfortunate is the design which prevents users from accessing the ports easily and makes the connection temporary. Because of this, it is also harder to hide or manage.

iMac 27 inch Processor.

iMac 27 inch: Processor.

By default, the latest 27 inch iMac comes with the 10th generation intel i7 and i5 chipsets.

The base model contains Radeon Pro 500 Series GPU. It is an advantageous improvement over the previous generation based GPU. 

If you wish to have a powerful graphic machine without jumping up to much more expensive iMac Pro then upgrade your 27 inch iMac to Radeon Pro 5700 XT .

Upgrade Path.

There is a rear door below the power cable in the 27-inch iMac that allows users to change or add the installed RAM. users can use cheaper third party solutions and can upgrade the RAM up to 128GB.

Internal storage is fixed to the logic board and cannot be upgraded or removed by the user. Storage is available in 8TB, 4TB, 2TB, 1TB and 512GB configurations and the 8T and 4TB versions connect extra storage with the help of expansion mount and cables.

Even if the user soldered in new storage or detached the storage, the system will automatically reject it as the storage and the logic board are paired in hardware at installation.

As mentioned above, there are two THUNDERBOLT 3 ports in 27-inch iMacs, that allows for two 6K monitor connections. It also includes Pro Display XDR. 

This also allows for fast speed data transfer, that means the external memory is limited only due to its data transfer speed as if it is hard wired.

Users can attach to the external GPU via Thunderbolt 3 if needed more graphic powers. Companies like Blac Magic are pros in making powerful GPUs. It can massively boost up a Mac’s performance. You don’t have to buy a new machine for it.



The iMac updates starts with 4GB of GDDR6 memory with Radeon Pro 5300 graphics.

It can also be upgraded to Radeon Pro 5500XT with 16GB or 8GB of memory if you need much improved graphics. 

The base model contains a standard Radeon Pro 5300, 8GB of memory.


  1. iMac 27 inch: 2014 
  2. iMac 27 inch: 2015
  3. iMac 27 inch: 2017
  4. iMac 27 inch: 2019
  5. iMac 27 inch: 2020.

10th Gen CPU.

The 10th Gen Intel CPU is present in the entire line of 27 inches iMac.  Users can also upgrade to 3.8 GHz 8Core 10th-Gen Intel Core i7, 3.3GHz 6Core 10th-Gen Intel Core i5 or the high end 3.6GHz 10Core 10th-Gen Intel Core i9.

These chips are modest in comparison with the server class Xeon CPUs that are found in the iMac Pro. they also consume less power. And it is obvious that, the low power they consume, the low heat they put out.


The latest 27 inch iMac remains one of the few machines in the lineup of Apple Consumer to feature User Upgradable Storage. 

You can save up to $2000 by upgrading your RAM. 

The base model comes out with the 2666Mhz DDR4 RAM of 8GB and it is upgradable to 128GB.

The 10th-Gen Intel Cpus are able to support up to 2933Mhz RAM instead of the slower 2666Mhz RAM Apple uses.

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