iMac keyboard: Everything you need to know!

imac keyboard

iMac keyboard is also known as Apple keyboard. This keyboard is designed by Apple inc. it is used with different kinds of computers. Currently Apple is offering only dual models that can be operated with USB and Bluetooth. It has an integrated battery. The magic keyboard is with a numeric keypad in silver or space grey colour. A black and silver model is also included with this. Both of these keyboards share a similar look and feel. These keyboards are based on very thin aluminum Chesapeake and laptop style low profile keys sitting much closer to the tabletop in comparison with the traditional keyboard designs.

The iMac keyboard has a sleek design with built-in rechargeable battery. This iMac keyboard has enhanced key features. it offers a stable season mechanism Beneath each key. You can also optimize key travel low profile. iMac keyboard provides a remarkably comfortable and precise typing experience to you. It can also be automatically with your Mac so you can get work right away. And the battery of these keyboards are incredibly long lasting. These batteries can power your keyboard for about a month or between charges.

The iMac keyboard was released alongside the magic trackpad 2 and Magic Mouse 2 in October 2015. Its manufacturer is Foxconn. Its type is USB and Bluetooth type keyboard. The connectivity is Bluetooth 3.0 plus media lightning port. There is an extended layout version of Magic keyboard that is known as a magic keyboard with numeric keypad. It was released in June 2017. Its successor is the Apple wireless keyboard.

iMac In a box.

With the box of Magic keyboard you get a lightning USB cable too.

iMac Specs.

iMac Keyboard: Specs

There are following technical specifications for you 

  1. Its height is 0.16 to 0.43 inches. 
  2. Its width is 10.9 
  3. its depth is 4.52 inches. 
  4. Its weight is 0.51 pound
  5. In general it has multimedia keys. 
  6. The connection and expansions contain bluetooth wireless and lightning port.


In system requirement you have to keep it mind that uses enable Mein computer with OS X 10.8 11 on letter is compatible with iOS devices with iOS 9.1 or later is also compatible with this keyboard.

iMac Keyboard Compatible devices. 

The compatible devices with this iMac keyboard contain 

Magic keyboard for iPad Pro 11 inches and iPad Air.

Apple pencil 

Smart folio for iPad Pro 11 inches 

Magic keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9 inch vs magic keyboard with numeric keypad silver in colour magic Mouse 2 that is also silver in colour. 

Magic trackpad 2

Logitech wireless keyboard k750 

Login key to go ultra slim keyboard with phone stand. 

Ablenet trackerPro 2 hands free Mouse. 

Airpods Pro and airpods with charging case.


The magic keyboard is basically similar to its predecessor but it has a low profile in comparison with its predecessor force of Apple Tree engineer this keyboard with the season mechanism for increasing key stability by 33% and for introducing key travel. It has a field known reply replaceable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can be charged via a lightning port on the rear of the keyboard. These rechargeable batteries can last one month between charges. It uses an ST microelectronics stm32f 10 3GB 72 MHz 32 bit prince2 M cortex and 3 processor and it also includes a Broadcom that is BCM 20733 which enhances data rate Bluetooth 3.0 single chip solution. iMac Keyboard is now compatible with the iMac’s running OS X El capitan, and iPad devices that are running iOS 9, and TV running Apple TV software, 7.0 TV OS 10 or later.

iPad version. 

iMac Keyboard: iPad version

The iPad version keyboard means magic keyboard for iPad. In March 2020 Apple announced a magic keyboard with integrated trackpad for 2018 and latest iPad pros with the trackpad support which then connect to smart connector. it also support iPad year that was release later that year.

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