If your iPad charges slowly or iPad wont charge at all we will help you to work out this problem. It can be a fault in cable, plug, or lightning USB port. In this article we are going to guide you about how to fix common battery and charging problems or get Apple to repair or replace an iPad that you cannot fix. 

You plug your iPad in expecting to charge but you see that your iPad is not charging so in this article we will give you some tips for fixing this problem. 

First of all you should know why your iPad is not charging. When the iPad will not charge there can be problems in the four parts that work together for charging your iPad.

The four parts are 

  1. your iPad software 
  2. iPad charger 
  3. lightning cable 
  4. iPad charging port. 


The first thing you should try when your iPad not charging is to hard reset it. 

It is possible that your iPad software has completely crashed and it turns the display black and leaves your iPad unresponsive so in this case you should hard reset your iPad temporarily to fix the software crash. 

If you have an iPad that has home button then press and hold the home button and the power button together and you see that the Apple logo flash on the center of the screen sometimes you will need to hold on both of the buttons as long as 20-40 second if your iPad will not have home button then press and release the volume up button and press and release the volume down button then press and hold the top button until you see that Apple logo appears on your iPad screen.



The other thing you should try is to inspect your iPad charger. iPad Os can detect fluctuations in the power from the charger you are using so those power fluctuations can be interpreted as a safety risk or as a threat to your device so rather than trying to power through it, your iPad May stop charging. So you should try to charge the iPad with different charges that include every USB port on your laptop and the wall charger that came with your iPad when you purchased your iPad. If you have a USB port built into your search protected then you should try that too. If you see that some charges charge your iPad but others will not then you have identified that the problem was not in your iPad but in the iPad charger so if your iPad is not charging regardless of the which are there you use move on the next step given below. 


The next step is to inspect your charging cable closely examine the lightning cable you are using for charging your device is there any friend or is there any declaration On The Lightning character or in the wire of The Lightning connector if so then it may be time for a new lightning cable so you should buy a new lightning cable. For Lightning cable is what causing iPad charging problem try to charger iPad with a different type of cable if you don’t have any extra cable with you then borrow one from somewhere for checking out. If you see that your iPad is charging with one cable but not with the other then you have figured out this problem that the problem is in the charging cable not in your iPad.


ipad not charging

If you have tried your several cables and several charges but still your iPad is not charging then you should look into the charging ports and trim them out first of all grab off flashlight and closely Inspector iPads charging ports if you see any kind of Dirt, lint or any other debris that could be preventing your charging cable for making a clean connection to your iPad charging port then you should clean this out. If you have an older iPad then you will see that it has tiny pins that make connection to a lightning cable during the charging process. The pins are eight in number and if you have a new iPad then you will see that it have a USB port which have 24 pins present in it if any of one pin is concealed by the debris that it may not be able to connect with your charging cable conveniently in many cases it is better to be safe than the sorry even if you don’t see any kind of debris in the charging port we recommend you to make an effort and carried out your charging ports sometimes others cannot be seen with our naked eye.


If you have tried all of the processes mentioned above then A DFU  restore is the last option for you. A DFU restore erases all the codes present on your iPad and restoring it into the factory defaults ultimately A DFU restore can fix a very deep software problem easily which could be the reason why your iPad is charging. but before doing this do not forget to save backup of your iPad otherwise you will lose your contacts, videos, photos and other kinds of files .


It is the last resort for you. Unfortunately not every type of iPad will be fixed by the series of software troubleshooting steps. Sometimes you have to repair your iPad so one of the most common reasons why an iPad experience is a problem is because it is recently exposed to any kind of liquid like water. As you know that the iPad is not water resistant, the liquid can permanently damage the connector inside your iPad charging port and make it impossible to charge the iPad so if you have to get your iPad repair we recommend you to do so with the help of Apple.

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