Apple never failed to surprise us with it’s technology that contains most latest features and tool with emerging modernized designs and best graphics. Today, you are going to find about one of the most astonishing inventions of Apple, that is the 14in MacBook pro which will be released in 2021 it will replace the 13in model with Apple’s M1 chip.

As the 14in MacBook pro will replace the 13in the model, there will be more latest and modernized features coming to range, including Apple’s M1 chip( which has already made its appearance in entry-level models) and new screen technologies.

There is also a rumor that we could see the return of MagSafe, and the touch-bar will disappear. It can be said that Apple will correct its old mistake with New MacBook models.

When will the 14in MacBook pro will release?

people waiting for apple new release

14in MacBook pro has been rumored for some time.TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that the MacBook Pro will be here by the end of 2020, but after some time, he changed His forecast. He said that Apple’s plans have been forecast to 2021 because it will utilize mini-LED displays in its new model and the main reason for the delay was, there was a problem with supply due to coronavirus pandemic.

In December 2020, Kuo said that the New MacBook Pro will be released in autumn 2021. Then in early January of 2021, in a note to investors, he said that it is not possible to release New MacBook before the third quarter of 2021

It is obvious that working on a 14in MacBook pro is not easy.

 A report from DigiTimes indicates that Radiant Oppo-Electronics will supply the mini-LED backlight units and Quanta Computer will be assembling the new Mac laptops.

It is also suggested that a 12-core chip could instead be destined for the 14in MacBook pro. Both the analyst, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, and Ming-Chi Kuo have indicated that we can expect an extensive redesign for the 13in MacBook pro.

  1. We can expect a significant design change including a flat-edge iPhone 12 .
  2. A return of MagSafe charging. 
  3. No touch-bar.
  4. More ports including an SD card slot.

It is also reported that upcoming MackBook Pro models could even be made of titanium.

Screen :

screen of new macbook pro

In November 2019, when the 16in MacBook Pro launched, it was made in such a design that it can have reduced bezels. 

By following the characteristics of the arrival of that model, there have been rumors that Apple might replace the current 13in MacBook Pro with a model that has a bigger screen.

No need to worry, the dimension of the current 13in screen will not be changed, the idea is that Apple can produce a 14in Macbook by reducing bezels around the display. 

It is a point to be noted that 13in pro actually measures 13.3in.

When Apple’s Phill Schiller was asked about the likelihood of larger display for 13in MacBook pro in November 2019, told youtube personality on Nathan Morrison;

“I will not draw any extrapolation from anything else”

Rather than what Schiller said, we think it’s possible that there will be a bigger display like 16inMacBook Pro or the 14in MacBook Pro.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that there will be a mini-LED display in New MacBook.

Back in March 2020, Kuo also said that Apple will replace the 13in MacBook pro with a 14.1in model with the mini-LCD display.

Another amazing feature of the New MacBook will be its touch-screen.

 Why do we need a touch-screen on Mac? Because Apple silicon transition should make it possible to use iOS applications on Mac.

Spec And New Features:

spec and feature of new macbook pro

Whether it is design services or not, it is expected that there will be changes on the inside in terms of storage options and processors.

There are the following Specs that we expect to see in new MacBook.

Wi-Fi 6:

MacBook Pro will offer 802.11ax WiFi 6.

Why is it important? 

WiFi 6 is also known as net generation WiFi.

  1. It will provide fast network speed
  2. better connectivity
  3. support multiple devices efficiently.

Webcam and Face ID:

MacBook Pro offers a 720p camera. In comparison to facetime cameras(aka Selfie Camera) on iPhone 11 ranges offer 1080p HD video recording and 12MP camera. Now it’s time for Apple needs to bring up its game.

The iPhone 11 camera is TrueDepth, so it offers Face ID. it is something we’d like to see appear on the MacBook range.

It is suggested that we might get Face ID on Mac. Big Sur Beta contains codes that hint that TrueDepth Camera is coming on Mac.


For New MacBook Pro, the return of MagSafe is also predicted.

In January 2021 Bloomberg and Kou stated that Apple will restore the MagSafe charging connector, which was very useful for people, who didn’t want their Mac to crash to the ground if they tripped over the power cable.

What is MagSafe?


It doubles throughput to 15w which brings the iPhone in-line with most other fast charging Android devices. It aims to solve the issue by snapping the charger into place on the back of the iPhone.

No-Touch Bar:

According to January 2021, as we mentioned above, Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that the OLED touch bar will be removed from New MacBook Pro and all the physical function buttons will be restored.

But it is also said that the New Model could include an updated Touch Bar.

Microphones and Speakers:

The 16in MacBook Pro has improved speakers with noise-canceling and a deeper bass microphone.

Will the 14in the model gain the same update? We can say, there will be an improvement but not on the same level.

It is difficult to have improvements in 16in because its small design has limited space. There are three speakers in the 16in MacBook Pro on each side. Two of them are woofers.

That is why the smaller model may simply be unable to accommodate this, even if the screen is 14in, the size of the Mac will not change.

As in the case of the Microphone, the 13in model is not likely to need the three-mic studio array required by professional creative users.


battery og new macbook pro

The 16in MacBook Pro has a 100W battery. This is a very high-power battery that offers 11 hours of use.

The 13in MacBook Pro contains an Intel processor and offers 10 hours of battery.

It is suggested that Apple Silicon will make it possible for Apple to achieve more battery life from smaller models.

The 2021 MacBook Pro offers 20 hours of battery life. This will be one of the best features of the new MacBook.


The 2.0 GHz 13in MacBook Pro on sale, now offers 16GB RAM as standard.

The M1 MacBook Pro offers 8GB RAM.

Apple claims that its UMA ( unified memory architecture ) means it is not necessary To have this much RAM. WHY? Because all RAM can be accessed quickly as it will be in the same location as CPU and GPU, and can be assigned where needed.

By this, you can say that there are chances that upcoming MacBook will have 8 GB RAM as standard.


graphic of macbook pro

M1 Pro  Model that was launched in November 2020 offers an 8-Core CPU and 8-Core GPU. It’s claimed by Apple the GPU in this model is more than “5x faster” than its predecessor.

Current 2.0GHz offers Intel Iris Plus graphics, which are integrated with the Intel processor.

By testing, it is concluded that Intel-powered MacBook Pro, with its internal Iris Graphics card, had little chances against the M1 MacBook Pro.

In a developer document, Apple said that integrated GPU in  Apple processors is optimized for high-performance graphic tasks.


Apple updated two entry-level 13 MacBook Pro models in November 2020 that makes them the first Mac to adopt M1’s Chips.

The other two 13MacBook Pro models remain untouched when they gain 10th generation Intel Processor and More RAM after the update in May 2020.

It can be assumed that two remaining 13in MacBook models will adopt M1 or more powerful and latest versions of M1 in 2021.

After reading all the information above we hope that it will be cleared for you that the new MacBook Pro will include the latest features and more specified graphics.