The Nintendo Switch case is fabulous casoles with the best games. It is portable and this feature can put it into the peril. If you are storing it in a house with pets or kids, or even if you are taking it with you on a go, you first want to know if it is really safe for you. 

One of the case names, Fintie Carry case, stands out to be one of the best Nintendo Switch case for its convenience and mix of style. It provides plenty of space for cartridges and many other accessories.

We have gathered a list of other options based on your style, budget and level of paranoia.

  1. Fintie carry case.
  2. ButterFox carrying case.
  3. Zadii hard carrying case.
  4. powerA everywhere messenger bag.
  5. Breath of the wild case.
  6. PDP nintendo case.
  7. Mumba carrying case.
  8. Vault case.

Fintie Carry Case:

This one is a unique looking carrying case. It provides tons of the conveniences. There are 21 style options available for you. You can choose from these options. These options include the Z-Galaxy theme. The hardshell case provides up to 10 game cartridges and ample protection for your switch.

The inferior storage space includes an inner mesh pocket with addition of a reliable zipper for keeping up your accessories in one place.

You can also carry it around with the help of a convenient handle. However this case is not waterproof so you have to keep it dry when transporting in the rainy weather. 

Here are the following pros and cons of this case.


It has 18 colour options .

it is inexpensive 

It has an interior zipper pocket.

 It has a handle for carrying. 


 it is not waterproof .

It can only store 10 games.

butterfox carrying case.

Nintendo switch case: butterfox carrying case

This one is a hardshell butter Fox case. It is the least expensive option on the list. It holds 19 game cartridges in protective fabrics. More than the best pic can to keep the switch screen from getting scratched. You can safely store cable Joy cons and charger behind the mesh zipper compartment storage. The inner zipper is a full term made up of metal rings which can be a little strange to hold onto but that’s a minor inconvenience for most of the people. 

Here are the following pros and cons of this case 


it is inexpensive. 

it has the zipper storage. 

It Doubles as a stand ample storage space. 


it is not waterproof. 

The inner pool tab is very odd.

Basic vault case 

Nintendo switch case: basic vault case

This Nintendo Switch case can protect your switch from damage. it can hold up to 8 game cartridges in such a way that they will not scratch the switch screen in the transport. It can also fit the switch console and and it can also that’s the joy cones. The best thing about this case is it is small in size. Its sleek design will allow it to fit in small areas for easy travel. This case is also not waterproof so you have to be careful when there is inclement weather. Just keep in mind that since it is such a compact design so it will not provide more storage space for different kinds of accessories. But it has a heavy duty look on it.

Here are the following pros and cons of this case . 


It has a heavy duty shelf. 

it is compact. 


it can hold only 8 games.

 it is not waterproof. 

It offers no extra storage.

Mumba carrying case. 

Nintendo switch case: mumba carrying case

This case is waterproof. It’s a hard shell to keep your switch and accessory protected. Its storage compartment is assessed with the help of zippers so things will not fly out of a place. It can hold up to 20 games. It also features our wrist strap for easy travel. but the thing is there are some trade-offs in this case, the cartridges holders are very sung that make it difficult for you to slide in the game. But there are no tons of colour choices available but you have to choose between black, light blue, camouflage. since this case is large in size so it takes up more space while travelling. 

Here are the following pros and cons of this case. 


It is waterproof 

It has a hard shell 

It can offer plenty of storage 

It holds up to 20 games 

There are three colour options available. 


It can take more space. 

Sung cartridges holder.

Zelda, breath of the wild.

This is a soft canvas case. it is specially made up for the Zelda lovers. It has space for up to 14 games and it can hold your switch with the attached Joy code. The Legend of Zelda breath of the wild theme is present for outside and inside of this case and there is also a small zipper on this case. It also features a strap for easy transportation and it is a nice and small case you will be able to store in your luggage or in your backpack while traveling. something to be noted in this case if there is no extra storage space for cables or accessories. In addition to that this case is also not waterproof for you have to be careful during rainy weather. 

Here are the following pros and cons of this case. 


It is lightweight. 

It can hold 14 games. \

It has a wrist strap.


 It is not waterproof. 

It offered no more storage space.

Power A everywhere messenger. 

This is a messenger type bag by which you can carry Nintendo switch case, HDMI cables switch charges, Joy gones, the docks, Pro controller and many other accessories. This bag is a travel companion with the shoulders. with the shoulder straps you can move your hands free while traveling. There are no specific holders for your game in this case but you can easily store them in many other pockets. This bag comes with a smaller protective case for attachment of joy cones and for your switch. since this back is made of Canvas so this one is not waterproof but you have to be careful while transporting or in rainy weather. 

Here are the pros and cons of this case. 


you can carry it everywhere. 

It comes with a switch-case. 

It offers you three colour options. 

It has the detachable shoulder strap. 


It is very expensive. 

It has no games floor. 

It is not waterproof.

Zaddi hard carrying case.

This case is a hard shell carrying back and it has a sleek design for helping you in transportation. This case has a space for switch console, dock, an attached joycon there is an additional pair of joy cons, the AC adaptor, cable, additional pair of joy con, hold 21 games. It has the detachable shoulder strap. It has a carrying handle. Cons if people ames. you have to try to know to shove too much extra stuff like games in this case because the zipper can get stuck and break. 

Here are the following pros and cons of this case. 


It is a hard shell.

It can hold 21 games.

It has a carrying handle.


It is a hard shell. 

it can be fragile if overstuffed. 

foam means you can only store specific accessories.

So these words Nintendo switch cases for you we hope you find this article helpful. let us know if you have any further queries or comments regarding this topic. looking forward to your reviews.