Want to know more about pokemon nature chart? You may not know this, that every Pokémon you catch in Sword and Shield features a unique nature that can affect their stats. There are 25 different natures total, which suggests there is a lot of room for variance between the creatures you catch. Thereupon being the case, you would possibly want to catch an equivalent Pokémon multiple times until you get one with a nature that matches your battle style. 

  1. How nature affects stats
  2. How to check your Pokémon’s nature
  3. It’s possible to vary a Pokémon’s nature

How natures affect stats

The nature of your Pokémon affects its stats. If you tend to battle with attention on defense or attention on attack, then you ought to attempt to get Pokémon that have conducive natures.

                              Raises             Lowers

  1. Adamant            Attack             Special Attack
  2. Bashful               None                None
  3. Brave                  Attack             Speed
  4. Bold                  Defense           Attack
  5. Calm                  Special Attack Attack
  6. Careful             Special Defense Special Attack
  7. Docile           None               None
  8. Gentle               Special Defense Defense
  9. Hardy               None                 None
  10. Hasty                 Speed             Defense
  11. Impish               Defense         Special Attack
  12. Jolly                   Speed             Special Attack
  13. Lax                     Defense          Special Defense
  14. Lonely               Attack             Defense
  15. Mild               Special Attack  Defense
  16. Modest               Special Attack   Attack
  17. Naive                 Speed             Special Defense
  18. Naughty           Attack             Special Defense
  19. Quiet                   Special Attack   Speed
  20. Quirky                 None                 None
  21. Rash                    Special Attack   Special Defense
  22. Relaxed                 Defense           Speed
  23. Sassy                    Special Defense Speed
  24. Serious                 None                  None
  25. Timid                     Speed             Attack

How to check your Pokemon nature from chart

pokemon nature chart: How to check your Pokémon's nature
  1. While your game is on, Press X to enter the most menu.
  2. When the subsequent page pops up, Select Pokémon.
  3. If the Pokémon you would like to see is in your party, hover over it and press A. If it isn’t in your party, press R to travel to your Boxes then click thereon.
  4. Next click Check Summary.
  5. to scroll over to the pencil and paper icon, Use your Joystick. Your Pokémon’s information and nature will display.

It’s possible to vary your Pokémon’s nature in Shield and Sword

Once you complete the most storyline in Sword and Shield you’ve got the power to get Mints from the Battle Tower. We’re currently performing on a guide that lists all of the mints you’ll get and explains how they modify your Pokémon’s stats. We’ll update when it’s done.

The laws of nature

Pokémon Sword and Shield are tons more complicated than they initially seem. Casual gamers can enjoy the storyline and therefore the thrill of catching Pokémon while serious gamers can really probe the stats of their party and work to finish their Pokédex. Now that you simply realize nature in Sword and Shield, you’ll check your party and see what stats each of your main Pokémon have.

# Nature                     Increase stat stat Decrease           Favorite flavor Disliked flavor

0 Hardy         —                           —                           —                   —

  1. Lonely       Attack             Defense           Spicy             Sour
  2. Brave       Attack             Speed                       Spicy             Sweet
  3. Adamant       Attack             Sp. Attack           Spicy             Dry
  4. Naughty       Attack             Sp. Defense           Spicy             Bitter
  5. Bold       Defense             Attack                       Sour             Spicy
  6. Docile                     —                           —                         —               —
  7. Relaxed       Defense             Speed                         Sour             Sweet
  8. Impish       Defense             Sp. Attack           Sour               Dry
  9. Lax       Defense             Sp. Defense           Sour             Bitter
  10. Timid       Speed             Attack                         Sweet             Spicy
  11. Hasty       Speed             Defense           Sweet             Sour
  12. Serious         —                          —                         —               —
  13. Jolly       Speed             Sp. Attack             Sweet               Dry
  14. Naive       Speed             Sp. Defense             Sweet               Bitter
  15. Modest       Sp. Attack             Attack                         Dry               Spicy
  16. Mild       Sp. Attack             Defense             Dry               Sour
  17. Quiet       Sp. Attack             Speed                         Dry               Sweet
  18. Bashful       —                               —                             —                   —
  19. Rash       Sp. Attack               Sp. Defense               Dry                 Bitter
  20. Calm       Sp. Defense               Attack                             Bitter                 Spicy
  21. Gentle     Sp. Defense               Defense               Bitter                 Sour
  22. Sassy     Sp. Defense               Speed                             Bitter                 Sweet
  23. Careful     Sp. Defense               Sp. Attack               Bitter                 Dry
  24. Quirky                     —                           —                               —                 —

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