Team Go Rocket has taken over Pokemon Go, even if you are working on a special research (monthly) or if you are trying to defend the Pokemon Go world, then trainers are able to challenge Team Go Rocket, Executives, Grunts and even the head honcho himself; GIOVANNI!.

In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Team Rocket.


It is basically a feature present in Pokemon Go that will allow you to battle an NPC trainer in the game for rescuing the Shadow Pokemon and after this, you can receive the reward.

These battles rank from simple to downright challenging. This is a part of a big story line; you can also have several special quests in this game.

Pokemon Go Team Rocket Encounter.

The specialty of team Go Rocket is, they always use a simple Pokemon but they can change them into identifiable easily. They also have a unique blue cube that floats above them, and when you get near to the Pokestop, it will turn into a dark gray version having a Red R that will be hovering above it.

You’ll see that one of the members of team rocket will appear and start to tap on them, by this the battle will start.

As, your PokeStop disc is not just discolored either. It also changes direction often by erratically spinning quickly. By this, you can also have additional clues.

Invasion’s working.

Pokemon Go team Rocket: Invasion’s working

Whenever you will spin an invaded PokeStop, you are actually challenging them to battle just like the one you are used to seeing against team leaders and friends.

These battles comprise the same type of three Pokemon, so before battling, you have to make sure that you have a selection of battle parties having different types for counteracting this.

That pokemon, that you fight, is now captured by Team Go Rocket. Now, these pokemons will appear with Red Glowing eyes and a dark cloud of energy. Once you will be able to defeat them in the battle, you can then have a chance of catching these Pokemons which contain these unique stats from any other normal pokemon.

They now have higher attacking power in exchange of lower defensive capabilities and they are now much more aggressive than before. They can now make for the ideal glass cannon. They are some of the best encounters now for certain Raid Battles.

Based on your performance, you can have Premier Pokeballs. It is also based on numbers of shadow pokemon you have purified and rescued. So, you have to catch a shadow Pokemon, and if you got lucky enough in capturing a shadow Pokemon, then it’s totally your choice whether you want to purify a shadow pokemon or you want to keep it as a Shadow Pokemon.

Pokemon you will purify now have their CP boosted, stats leveled and it will cost less power for powering up. Both purified pokemon and shadow pokemon have special moves. These moves can only be changed during special events or Elite TMs.

Aerial Attacks.

arial attack

As on 7th of July, 2020, Pokemon Go team Rocket has taken to the skies. Now, you might see the hot air balloons of the team GO rocket will spawn randomly on your Map just like Pokemon.

These encounters worked the same as Team Go Rocket PokeStop Invasion.

  1. You can encounter Grunts without a Rocket Radar.
  2. You can encounter one of the team Go Rocket Executives with a normal radar equipped.
  3. You got a chance to encounter Giovanni if you have super Rocket Radar equipped.

These terms are the same for the shadow Pokemon if you encounter a team go rocket at the PokeStop. If you will be unable to beat Giovanni or Executive, then your Radar will remain intact until you become strong enough to beat and defeat Team Go Rocket leader.

Shadow Pokemon you can fight with.

As, there is a possibility that Team Go Rocket Grunt will challenge you as a shadow Pokemon. You will have a hint before you challenge them. These hints mainly include;

Coiled and ready to strike:

  1. Type: poison.
  2. Pokemon: Nidoran(male or female), Zubat, Nidorina, Grimer, Muk, Weezing.
  3. Counter: Psychic, ground.

Normal doesn’t mean weak.

  1. Type: normal.
  2. Pokemon: Teddiursa, Raticate, Porygon2, Porygon-Z, Snorlax.
  3. Counters: Fighting.

ROAR! How does that sound?

  1. Type: Dragon.
  2. Pokemon: Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite, flygon, Gyarados.
  3. Counter: Dragon, Fairy, Ice.

These waters are treacherous.

  1. Type: Water.
  2. Pokemon: Magikarp, Gyarados.
  3. Counter: Electric, Grass.

Don’t tangle with us:

  1. Type: Grass.
  2. Pokemon: Lileep, Hoppip, Oddish, Gloom, Ivysaur, Weepinbell, Victreebel, shiftry, Vileplume.
  3. Counter: Bug, Fire, Ice, Flying poison.

Battle against my Flying Type Pokemon:

  1. Type: Flying.
  2. Golbat, Houndour, Houndoom, Ninetales, Arcanine.
  3. Counter: Rock, ice, electricity.

Do you know how hot Pokemon Fire breath can get?

  1. Type: Fire.
  2. Pokemon: vulpix, ninetales, beedrill, scizor.
  3. Counter: Water, rock, ground.

Go my Super Bug Pokemon:

  1.  Type: Ground.
  2. Pokemon: Anorith, Shuckle, Beedrill, Scizor, Scyther, Venomoth.
  3. Counter: Fire, Rock, Flying.

You’ll be defeated into the ground.

  1. Type: ground.
  2. Pokemon: Diglett, Swinub, Pupitar, Marowak, Gliscor.
  3. Counter: water, ice, grass.

Lets rock and roll:

  1. Type: rock.
  2. Pokemon: Aron, Nosepass, Tyranitar, Pupitar.
  3. Counter: Steel, grass, ground, water.

Purifying Pokemon.

What do you mean by Purifying Pokemon? When you purify a shadow Pokemon, it change them from their shadow state and it will teach them a new attack know as Return,

It also increases level and IV score quite a bit. But, it is not necessary to purify every shadow Pokemon you have rescued. And, if you Purify several numbers of shadow Pokemon, you can also get an additional Premier ball, by this you can catch more shadow pokemon.

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