It is also known as Ditto Pokemon. Ditto is a purple blob of a Pokemon that was actually part of the original 151 Pokemon of Gen.

Ditto is able to transform into a specific Pokemon and mimic its powers. It is very useful because it is able to breed with any other Pokemon. You need a Ditto for the completion of your Pokedex as well as for the special research.

This thing is, you will not be able to catch Mew before catching Ditto.

How can you catch  Ditto in Pokemon Go?

It can take on the attributes, appearance and attack on any other Pokemon it sees. Although in the original launch of Pokemon Go, it was missing. It eventually finds its way into the world hiding as Rattata, Magikarp, Zubat and pidgey. With each subsequent generation, it stops showing at certain places and learns to transform itself into new species of Pokemon.

Pokemon ditto in Pokemon go?

As in 2021, Ditto Pokemon can be shown in Pokemon Go.

  1. Paras.
  2. Hoothoot.
  3. Spinarak.
  4. Hoppip.
  5. Remoraid.
  6. Whismur.
  7. Gulpin.
  8. Nummel.
  9. Bidoof.
  10. foongus.

How to know if Ditto Hides as another pokemon?

Ditto can only be encountered in his wild transform state. This states that you are unable to see ditto in sightings or nearby. You won’t know if he is near to you until you’ll catch him.

Only then, you will be greeted with ‘OH?’ instead of Gotcha, and the Pokemon you caught will be revealed as Ditto. So for this, you have to catch all of the Pokemons, you never know which one is Ditto.

Why do Pokemons, that can be Ditto changed?

it was unable to hide a Magikarp when the first Magikarp in the Pokemon Go got a shiny variant available. from that day till now, when a shiny potential of a Ditto specie is released, more Pokemon added to the pool and the shiny one got removed for compensation.

They are really common Pokemons, so to avoid disappointment, you really have to turn into Ditto.

How can you catch Ditto Pokemon Go quickly?

catch a pokemon

As it is determined the moment a Pokemon spawns, so, you can crowdsource it. If you are part of Pokemon Go community on Discord, WhatsApp, slack or Facebook messenger or more similar service like for the organization of raids and ask everyone to post their Ditto encounters so it will be easy for you to catch him live. For not spamming players who already got Ditto, you can make a separate room or group for Ditto hunting, but as it will be local, it should be able to increase your chances.


As you know that Ditto always hides as a common Pokemon, then the usual rules can be applied. Like, always go for the Curveballs and the stacks as bonus and you can have them all.

Gyms and Raids.

Ditto got only one move set that is struggle and transform. As for transforming it does zero damage but immediately changes Ditto in the same Pokemon he will currently fight. That is true whether it is attacking Gym or defending it, for taking it down or training.

Ditto will take the attributes of the Pokemon he will mimic. Though Ditto’s CP will be based on his level rather than the level of the pokemon he will currently be copying.

If ditto transforms into another ditto, it is obvious that it will remain the same.

Current Disguises.

Currently, ditto can be disguises into;

  1. Hoothoot.
  2. Spinarak.
  3. Hoppip.
  4. Remoraid.
  5. Whismur.
  6. Gulpin.
  7. Numel
  8. Bidoof.
  9. Purrloin.
  10. foongus.

Is ditto useful in battle?

battle in pokemon go

As for the battles, dittos are not very useful for the battles. Although it can copy powerful moves, types and base stacks, it is unable to copy the Pokemon’s HP. in battles, Ditto is a very fragile pokemon.

For the trainers who are trying to make their way through the special research task, Ditto will be the roadblock. But you don’t have to worry about it because it comes out hiding when you least expect it.

Ditto pokemon go Methods.

Use your nearby radars:

On your nearby Pokemon list, always keep an eye out for the target Pokemon. As they are all common Pokemons it will be very helpful to be able to see where and what’s, as more and more Pokemon will be added to the list with the passage of time.

Catch Ditto with Incense and lures.

You can now catch ditto from both incense and lures. If you want to stay in one place and don’t want to miss out, pop on incense or lure and target your list of Pokemons. It is possible that you find a Ditto comes to you instead of any other way around.

Ditto is the same for everyone.

ditto can always be found inside a set Pokemon spawn unlike shiny Pokemon which can be entirely random and are unable to be shared by fellow players. 

That means if your Fellow player finds a Ditto while you were looking for one, so no need to worry because you can get one on the spot. Keep yourself subscribed in Pokemon Go Discord Groups. You can ask players so they will keep you updated about Ditto.

Crack a Lucky Egg:

You can be lucky because you can get a Ditto from the Luck egg. You can earn it by earning stacks of XP as you will check every Pokemon’s encounter.

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