Darkrai is introduced in pokemon 4th generation. He is a mythical Pokemon. Darkrai was officially revealed in 2007 in February. He is a member of the lunar duo with cresselia. 

There are few specifications of darkrai Pokemon 

  1. type : dark. 
  2. Ability: bad dreams. 
  3. Gender: unknown. 
  4. catch rate: 3. 
  5. Height: 1.5 m.
  6.  weight : 50.5 kg.
  7.  base experience yield:  210 
  8. Gen: IV. 
  9. levelling rate: slow.


It is a shadow like black Pokemon. It has a small head with a white fog like ghostly plume billowing from his head. it covers one of its bright Blue Eyes. It also contains a red spiky growth around its neck. It has a long black death hanging from its shoulder and skinny arms. It also has claws like hands which is black in colour. It has the light appearance of an or glass figure and also appears to be wearing a ripped, old clock. It normally does not have any sort of leg. 

This Pokemon is able to extend appendages, in the place of legs. When it comes to self defence it can retract its head and white plume into the pit stops its torso fringe by the aforementioned red growth. It is known to inhabit dreams and also causes the target to have an ending Nightmare. These nightmares can be stopped if exposed to the lunar wing from cresselia. But the unleashing of the nightmare is actually a defensive mechanism. 

It can escape danger or contact with humans by transforming into shadow. This Pokemon is also capable of some human speech. In the rise of darkrai it also shows its power was weaker than the palkia and dialga. The one thing to be noted is, it does not only cause a Nightmare but it is also attracted to them. It can also go around objects it is attracted to several times. This thing has been seen in Pokemon Ranger, Shadow of almia. During the Knights of the New Moon darkrai is said to be active. Describe possibly fields of Greenwich are characterized by its Association with neverending nightmares. It is the only Pokemon in Pokemon go that Learns Dark void .

Darkrai is the mythical Pokemon in the same class as celebi, mew and Victini. It is a power punch. Darkrai pops up in raids and makes the Pitch Black Pokemon par more accessible. Darkrai also has incredible powers and is super useful in a number of Pokemon go battles and raids. 

Darkrai Pokemon Go Basic Information. 

It is a mythical Pokemon. It is introduced in generation 4. It is incredibly powerful. It is the strongest Pokemon. it is one of the top 10 Pokemon in all the Pokemon go. It is a pure type Pokemon. It also looks like a ghost. Although it is drawn to and capable of creating different types of nightmares. This Pokemon avoids contact with other Pokemon and humans while they are awake. It dematerialised into Shadow for contacting them. If someone is suffering from darkrai nightmares they can be cured with one of the cresselia lunar wings.

Darkrai Pokemon Go encounter.

As darkrai is a pure dark type Pokemon so it is weak against fighting but type moves and fairies and it can deal dark fighting ghost type damage. As you know that there are tons of fairy types out there in Pokemon go so there are plenty of fighting types for choosing from and with the addition of Mega evolution there is also a solid bug type strategy as well in the Pokemon go. 

Darkrai Pokemon Go & conkeldurr. 

Is a pure fighting type Pokemon which was introduced in generation 5. It benefits from trade evolution. By this you will be able to evolve it easier and you can have plenty of candies leftover for powering this Pokemon up. It also takes half damage from darkrai dark type moves and takes normal damage from fighting type and ghost type moves. It has been in the game for a very long time but so but you might not have many of them. If you have one of these Pokemon you will want to know counter and dynamic punch. 


Darkrai Pokemon Go & lucario

Lucario is a steel type and fighting type Pokemon from generation for. Lucario makes for an excellent counter to Darkrai. It also takes half of the damage from Dark type. Move. It also takes half of the damage from fighting type so that is very important. It is rumoured that it can have Mega evolution two soon. But the thing is riolu is a pre evolution Pokemon of Lucario is still pretty rare so you probably don’t have a full team of Lucario till now. If you have one of them you are going to want to use it to know aura sphere and counter.

Darkrai Pokemon Go & mega beedrill. 

Mega beedrill is a new Pokemon in Pokemon go. It is a key to winning bug type strategy against darkrai. The energy of beedrill is quite Limited. you can say that it is an expensive play. But if you have one of them you should bring it and to coordinate with your fellow trainees so they can bring back type as well. X scissor and bug bit is the moveset, so you want your mega beedrill to know this fight. 


This Pokemon is no longer the top-tier fighting type in Pokemon go but its widespread availability as both in generation 1 Pokemon and have been featured in different kinds of events means many players can have entire teams of machamps. You can add trade evolution to the mix and there is just no excuse left to have at least a few strong Champs in your roster. In comparison with lucario and conkeldurr it is not powerful but it is top Contender. It also takes normal damage from fighting and ghost type move. You will want your machamp to know dynamic punch and counter for this raid.


 This Pokemon is a step down from machamp power wise but it has the same weakness and strength as Machamp. you should give preference to conkeldurr, machamp and lucario, for team for Darkrai. You will want your hariyama to know dynamic punch and counter. 


 It is a fairy type Pokemon that is able to stand up to Darkrai in Pokemon go. It is flying type Pokemon. It is the final evolution of generation II Togepi. But this Pokemon was not introduced in Pokemon go generation 4. It requires a sinnoh stone for its evolution. It takes half damage from the dark and quarter damage from the fighting. Dazzling gleam and Charm are the moves you will want your togekiss to know.


It is a fighting type and a Grass type Pokemon from generation 3. It is cheap for evolution. Its first stage promise is fairly common. It has been featured in different kinds of Events. It also takes half of the damage from darkrai the type moves with counter and dynamic punch it takes the damage. 


 It is a fighting type and a poison type Pokemon from generation 4. Toxicroak is not quite as study as some of the Pokemon present on the list. It is cheap, and readily available. It leaves a lot of extra candy for powering a full stop. It also takes half of the damage from fighting type moves and dark moves and it can deal super actively with damage with dynamic punch encounter. 


It is a fighting type and a bug type Pokemon. It worked really well with both types of moves in this raid, even though it is a Pokemon of generation 2. So many people don’t have this Pokemon. It takes half of the damage from Dark type moves and fighting type moves. It can counter and close combat for fighting type moves, Mega horn and struggle bug if you want to focus on bug type moves.


It is a fairy type Pokemon in Pokemon go. It does not perform well in this type. It is generation 2 evolution of snubbull. it is cheap to evolve. it is quite common. it takes half of the damage from the type moves and fighting type moves. It is one of the study fairy types. it will be far more useful if it gets Mega gardevoir, mega diancie and diancie.

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