Finding a Pokemon Sword and Shield Ditto is crucial if you would like to breed Pokemon at the Nursery. Unfortunately, it’s only available in one specific spot which you cannot access until late within the game, so don’t think you’ll catch one right at the beginning of your Pokemon Sword and Shield journey. 

Ditto is extra useful when you’re Pokemon Sword and Shield shiny hunting, so for everything you would like to understand about where to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Sword and Shield, read on.

Where to catch it?

Thankfully, Ditto isn’t exclusive to at least one of either Pokemon Sword or Shield; you’ll catch the lovable pink blob in both games. Unless you recognize exactly where to see however, it’s unlikely you’ll encounter it. That’s because Ditto are often caught exclusively within the Lake of shock section of the Wild Area. you’ll find it during any weather, but you will need to cross the lake to the tiny patch of land on the opposite side which has three areas of tall grass.


Ditto features a 20% chance to spawn as an overworld encounter – meaning you’ll see it before you enter into battle – but it’s pretty small, so if you see the ideas of its pink outline within the grass, make a beeline for it. During this part of the Wild Area though, you will find it surrounded by tough Pokemon like Hatterene, Golurk, Sigilyph, Mandibuzz, and more.


Ditto sword and shield: Eggs.

Once you’ve caught a Pokemon Sword and Shield Ditto, take it to either of the 2 nurseries – on Route 5 or within the Bridge Field region of the Wild Area – and leave it with a Pokemon you would like more of. After a short time , you ought to be ready to collect an egg and walk it to hatch into a baby Pokemon. Because babies are definitely made at nurseries…

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