As we all know that Pokémon GO Mewtwo is a legendary “Psychic” type Pokemon. It has a max CP of 4724,182 Defenses, 300 attacks, and 214 stamina in Pokemon GO. Mewtwo was originally found in the Kanto region and it was Gen 1 Pokemon. it is vulnerable to Bug, Ghost and dark type moves. He is boosted by Windy weather. Mewtwo’s one of the best moves are  Psystrike and Psycho cut.

pokemon go Mewtwo Raid Guide.

He is One of the best and most recognizable Pokémon out there and  Mewtwo is coming back to Raids in Pokémon Go for a limited time only. A lot of thighs have changed since we last faced off against Mewtwo, it also includes the introduction of Mega Evolution but here we have everything you need to know to take on the Genetic Pokémon. 

Who is Mewtwo in Pokemon Go?

One of the strongest and most recognizable Legendary Pokémon in Pokemon Go. He is one of a select few artificial Pokémon and he was created intentionally by humans. The scientists who created Mewtwo spent Several years conducting horrific experiments that included splicing and cloning DNA from Mew, the common ancestor of virtually all other Pokémon. 

As Mew has the DNA of virtually all other Pokémon so it can learn every move in the core game. Mewtwo came very close but due to these frightening experiments conducted on it, He then believed to be the most savage of Pokémon and also harboring deep seated hatred of humanity. 

He is also one of only two Pokémon with multiple Mega Evolutions. Neither Mega Mewtwo Y nor Mega Mewtwo X have been introduced to Pokémon Go till now.

In Pokémon Go, neither Mew nor Mewtwo can learn every type of move but they can learn a very wide range of moves. Mewtwo’s excellent stats and diverse movepool make it one of the most powerful Pokémon in all of Pokémon Go. Shadow form is the strongest Pokémon in the game by far. No matter if you are looking to add another Mewtwo to your roster or if you want to power up your existing Mewtwo, this is a Raid you won’t want to miss out on.


pokemon go Mewtwo: Counters.

As we all know that Mewtwo is a  pure Psychic type So, Mewtwo takes double damage from Bug, Dark, and Ghost types. What makes Mewtwo most threatening though aside from its killer stats? It has a wide range of moves. In this Raid, Mewtwo has the potential to deal Psychic, Electric, Fighting, Fire, and Ice type damage.

Mega Gengar

Even outperforming Shadow Mewtwo the Mega Gengar should be your first choice for this Raid. A Poison type and Ghost type, Mega Gengar is going to take double damage from Mewtwo’s fast attack, as well as any Psychic charged attack. If Mewtwo had Focus Blast, then it would take reduced damage from Fighting. 

Even taking double damage from Psychic moves he still outperforms every other Pokémon in this Raid, so if it’s possible to bring one then, you absolutely should. Shadow Balls and Shadow Claws are the moves you’ll want your Gengar to know.

Mega Houndoom

If you think that you are lacking in Mega Gengar Energy or you already have a Mega Houndoom ready then Mega Houndoom will perform incredibly well in this Raid. The Mega Evolution of Gen 2 Houndoom, this Dark and Fire type resists Psychic, Ice, and Fire, while taking double damage from Fighting. Even with all that resistance on its side it can still not be quite as durable as Mega Gengar, but if you are able to coordinate with your fellow. If you think about bringing Houndoom to this fight then you will need it to know Foul Play and Snarl.

Origin Forme Giratina

The Legendary mascot of Pokémon Platinum, Giratina will perform well against Mewtwo but specifically in its Origin form. Because Giratina is a Dragon type and Ghost type And Ice Beam is the only move Mewtwo could potentially have that would deal super effective damage. Giratina will take reduced damage from Fighting, Electric, and Fire. So, If you are bringing Giratina to the Raid then you will want Shadow Claw for its fast move and Shadow Ball that Altered forme Giratina doesn’t have access to, for its charged move. 

pokemon go Mewtwo Chandelure

pokemon go Mewtwo: Chandelure

Originally encountered in the Unova region of Gen 5 Chandelure is one of the great counters for Mewtwo. It is best Fire and Ghost types in the game. It can resist Fire, Ice, and Fighting type moves, and it has no weaknesses this Mewtwo can exploit. 

It will be Even better if its first stage, Litwick, has been featured in multiple events, including both 2019 and 2020’s Halloween events. It can even be hatched from Eggs right now. Just Ensure your Chandelure knows its Ghost type moves Hex and Shadow Ball in Opposition to its Fire type moves.

pokemon go Mewtwo Darkrai

It is Mythical Pokémon that was originally encountered in the Sinnoh region. Darkrai can  look like a Ghost, but it’s actually a pure Dark type. 

This shows that it’s super resistant to Psychic type moves and the only move you should worry about is Focus Blast. Although it is a Mythical type So, Darkrai has had widespread availability in addition with several runs in Raids and even being a Pokémon Go Battle League reward encounter. Dark Pulse and Snarl are the ideal moves for This Pokemon.

pokemon go Mewtwo

Mewtwo can be a great counter for itself with the help of its Legacy move Shadow Ball. While the Mewtwo you’re fighting in Raids now don’t have access to this incredible Ghost type move so, you may already have one that has this move or an Elite TM for getting it. 

Mewtwo can take reduced damage from Psychic type moves and it will bring no relevant weaknesses to this fight which means that it’s also super sturdy.

 If you are planning to bring Mewtwo to this Raid then you should pair Psycho Cut and Shadow Ball for dealing with the maximum damage. But if you see that your Mewtwo doesn’t know Shadow Ball, then it will be best to leave it at home and if your Mewtwo knows Psystrike then, don’t TM this move away. Psystrike is also a Legacy move.  Mewtwo’s best Psychic attack.


Originally it was discovered in the Sinnoh region. Gen 4 Pokemon  Weavile is a great counter for Mewtwo that’s also readily accessible. It’s first stage, Sneasel, is a common Gen 2 Pokémon. It also has also been featured in events. as it is a Shadow Pokémon, so you can probably already have a couple in your collection. 

As an ice type and dark type, Weavile can also take reduced damage from Ice and Psychic, but double damage from Fire. it can take quad damage from Fighting. If you’re bringing Weavile in the raid, you’ll want it to know Foul Play and snarl.


This one is a pseudo Legendary. It was originally encountered in the Unova region of Gen 5, Hydreigon performs well in this Raid. As a Dragon type  and Dark type, it takes reduced damage from Psychic, electric, and Efire, but it also doubles from ice and fighting. But despite its first stage, Deino, being featured in events, Eggs. Even as a Pokémon Go Battle League reward encounter they are still quite rare, so several players don’t have the Candy for powering up their Hydreigon.but,  if you have one then you’ll want Dark Pulse and bite for the moveset.


Good old reliable Tyranitar is the most accessible counter for Mewtwo. This pseudo Legendary from Gen 2 has been featured in several ways both in its first stage, Larvitar and as fully evolved Tyranitar, that there is just no good excuse not to have an entire team of high 4 Tyranitar powered up. As a Dark type and rock type, Tyranitar resists Psychic and Fire. It can also take quad damage from Fighting. Crunch and bite are the moves you’ll want for this Raid, but if your Tyranitar knows Smackdown, don’t TM it away. Smackdown is one of the Legacy moves.

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