What should you do if you forgot iPhone passcode? In this article we are going to give you proper guidelines if you forgot the iPhone password code 


If you ever happen to forget about the passcode of your iPhone the first thing you ever do is resetting your iPhone.all of your photos, contacts, and social media accounts are more safely tucked away between that lock screen and the lock screen is locked now and you cannot get any of them maybe you have not used your phone for a while and now you have forgotten your password so here is the guide how can you able to use your phone again first of all never forget to backup your device so if you have backup your device recently you might lose some of your most recent data in most recent processes, but the people always Harping about backing up your device was not doing it for their own enjoyment so you should proceed with cautions.

before you start to reset your passcode you will going to need a way for erasing your device unfortunately this is a prerequisite for resetting your Forgot iPhone passcode if you have forgotten your passcode hence if you did not backup your data then there is no saving your device that are before proceeding you have to make sure that you know that the Apple password associated with the Apple id and the Apple id is locked in in your phone so once you perform a reset your phone will start over a brand new but as you go through the setup process you will also need the Apple password and Apple ID for bypassing Apple activation lock.

If you don’t know about this password then your phone will be nothing more than a paper wait until the password is reset by apple officially. 

STEP 1. 

step 1 is the recovery mode for getting your phone to recognise that it will be reset without entering the passcode you obviously need to put a recovery mode this is a button combination that is used to make your computer to work with your phone and the button combination also where is buy a model for scroll down for specific instruction on your device. 



if you have an iPhone 8 or later then to reset a new model iPhone things have changed a little bit you will need to use your computer just as you did with the older model iPhone show before connecting and following the recent option that is listed below 

  1. put your iPhone into the recovery mode. 
  2. Don’t plug your phone into your computer immediately. 
  3. Long press the side button until you see that the phone gives you a slider to power down. 
  4. Drag the slider across the top of the screen. 
  5. Turn it off and stop the up volume. 
  6. Then press the down volume. 
  7. Then long press the side buttons again. 
  8. Make sure you do this while plugging it into your computer. 
  9. Do not try to with those three buttons together. 
  10. if you manage to do this task properly then you will see that your phone will resemble the screenshot above.


If you have an older model of iPhone like iPhone 7 you can still reset your Forgot iphone passcode but this will be slightly different but in combination then the above you have to follow the same instruction mentioned above for powering the phone off. The iPhone 7 has always been different so that key combination is also different. For this model 

  1. you have to plug the phone into your computer by pressing the volume button down keep. 
  2. you have to hold the button until the recovery screen appears on your phone. 


If you have iPhone 6s or older then you have to turn your iPhone off, plug it into the computer and hold the home button until the phone displays the recovery mode screen. 

STEP 2. 

The second step is to reset your passcode with the help of recovery mode if you have never Synced with itunes or set up my find my phone in out iCloud then recovery mode is the only option that is available for restoring your device this will erase the device and its passcode so 

  1. Connect your iPhone with the computer 
  2. open iTunes 
  3. when you devices connected force restart it 
  4. you will then see an option to restore or to update factory store 
  5. your iPhone will then download software to your device when the downloading process finished you can set up and use your device conveniently


You can also reset your password with the help of iTunes if you previously synced your device with items you can erase your device and you can read the passcode on the software to connect your device with the computer use synced with and open it. If it will ask you about the passcode try another computer using with if this will not work then you have to restored to the recovery mode wait for I don’t to sync your device make a backup and when the sync and backup are completed you have to click restore iPhone in this process of restoring your iOS device you will reach the setup screen tap restore from iTunes backup select device in iPhone pic the most relevant backup according to the date and the size.


Here you will be asked if you want to set a password upon the initial setup on your device if you will skip this step or if you set up a passcode and change your mind about it later then you can set or reset it later you have to follow these steps 

Ahead to setting 

Scroll down until you find touch id and and if you find the passcode 

Select either turn on passcode or change passcode 

The latter will require you to enter a current passport and the former will require you simply to set a new passport before changing to a new one.