In Apple’s 2020 iPhone line-up, the iPhone 12 Pro is larger of two Pro levels. It offers to boost battery life, super-size with camera specification which includes large sensors with better stabilization. It’s chrome steel and glass design with flat edges. At Apple’s October 13 hi-speed Even, iPhone 12 Pro Max was launched together with iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro.

These modes are different from one another on the premise of camera technology and screen size.

Features of iPhone 12 Pro Max:

In the fall line-up, there are four iPhone models, and iPhone Pro Max that stands larger in comparison with the other two Pro-level models.

Specs Information.

weight8.03 ounce.
Mobile hotspot capabletrue
WEA Capabletrue
Hearing Aid CompatibilityM3, T4
Supported Email platformApple Mail, POP3, IMAP4, microsoft, Yahoo, Gmail.
Wireless network Technology Platform4G, 4G LTE, 5G
Maximum Expandable memory0GB
Operation SystemiOS
ProcessorA14 Bionic chip.
connectivityWiFi 802.11ax with 4×4 MIMO, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, voLTE, USB.
Battery DescriptionBuilt-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.


 This device incorporates a super 6.7-inch retina, XDR display, compared to iPhone 11 Pro Max. it also has LiDAR and triple-camera.

Along with stronger chassis Apple is additionally employing, toughened ceramic shield glass to back and front for adding durability, with a rear that supports a textured made glass effect.

display of iphone 12 pro max

 together with the sturdiness theme, Apple also improved its water-resistance over the previous generation. It’s now capable of surviving a depth of six meters of water for up to a half-hour.

This year Apple offers four colors of iPhone 12 Pro Max with a tweaked gold that’s, traditional silver in the middle of tweaked graphite rather than of space gray, and a new pacific blue.

At 3,07 inches wide and 6.33 inches tall, the device is well within phablet territory. While maintaining the thickness of stablemate at 0.29.

it’s size also makes it heaviest in the range at 8.03 ounce.

models of iphone 12 pro max

All four models used OLED super retina DR display this year with the Pro level model receiving a more advanced display.

It’s screen size made it different from iPhone 12 mini that is 5.4-inch and iPhone 12 pro max is 6.7-inches.

Apple ensures that this Pro model has superior video quality that features

support for 10-bit color depth imagery in HDR videos.

800 nits of maximum brightness for HDR.

Wide-color P3 screens also boast a 2-million to 1 contrast ratio.

All the models of the iPhone 12 use the front cover of Apple’s ceramic shield.

This shield is developed by the partnership company “corning”.

It adds a new high-temperature crystalization step that grows nano-ceramic crystals in the glass matrix. These increase drop performance by 4x.


 Apple has gone with the same camera arrangements that’s are

Three 12-megapixel cameras can cover wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto range, with 2x optical zoom-out, 4x optical zoom-in, and a 10x digital zoom-in.

It has portrait mode and portrait lighting effects, equipped with dual optical image stabilization. It also includes smart HDR, night mode, and panorama features.

In iPhone 12 Pro Max, the optical image stabilization has been updated, to a DSLR- style sensor-shift by which the sensors move but the lens cannot. It enables the image for long exposure to stay sharper and more enlightened.

The best thing about the camera is it can be adjusted up to 5000x/second, you can say, five times more adjusted than the similar system used in iPhone 11 Pro range.

For the Pro line, Apple also introduced ProRAW. It is a new imaging format combining computational photography with RAW photography features like Smart HDR and Deep Fusion.

By this, we can have dynamic range, full control over color details from the iPhone Camera app.

ProRAW images can be edited in third-party RAW editors like Lightroom or Photos App.

camera of iphone 12 pro max

Video capabilities also improved y which we can now record in 10-bit HDR. iPhone 12 Pro Max will be the first iPhone that will record Dolby Version HDR, by which users can edit on iPhone and play through a compatible screen with the help of AirPlay.

On 60fps, it can do 4KK resolution. It can also support 1080p slo-mo at 20fps, audio Zoom, and record stereo audio.

At the top of the screen are the TrueDepth camera array and notch standard, which can capture 12-megapixel images with complete portrait lightening effects and portrait mode.

It 60fps, it offers 4k video recording with cinematic video stabilization, at 20fps it offers 080p slo-mo video and 4k 30fps HDR at Dolby Vision.

lidar sensor

The New Pro-level models are also equipped with LiDAR senor, which can create a 3D map o the surrounding area by performing time-of-flight calculations. It is similar to the front-facing TrueDepth camera, only on the back of the iPhone.

With the help of new sensors, you can take advantage of depth data to create portrait mode imagery, in between all photographic effects.

It can autofocus in low-light situations, which makes it gain focus times faster.

APKit applications also boosted by iPhone 12 Pro Max which can add depth data, including room scanning


processor of iphone 12 pro max

At Apple’s September Time Flies, it introduces A1 alongside iPad Air. this latest chip also powers iPhone 12 series

Some current A-series processors for Apple using a seven-nanometer process were also provided by TCMS.

The company claimed that the 6nm process is now ready for mass-production in April 2019. The nm process was in the phase of production at that time.

It was then not surprising that the 5nm process is used in A1 Bionic.

For an unknown A-series, a benchmark processor showed up in Geekbench it can be said that it was for A14. in a single-core performance over A12Z Bionic that is used in iPad Pros, this benchmark showed 50% gain. With this Benchmark, it was concluded that in A-series, A14 wud be the first chipset to clock over 3GHz.

Apple announced that it was moving its Mac processor to Apple Silicon from Intel, in WWDC 2020.

In late 2020 models of MacBook including Mac mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Apple launched the first M1-powered Macs. iPhone 12 models will not be affected by this process directly, but whatever Apple learns from the processors of Mac-class, will likely trickle down to the mobile line.

Wireless connectivity and 5G:

Apple upgraded to 5G from 4G LTE in next-generation iPhones. Modems of this year were provided by Qualcomm since Intel has exited the modem business.

After airing the patterns from Intel in million dollars dels, Apple may start making modems. But the modems designed by Apple will not be ready until 2022 at the earliest.


magsafe charger

It is a name that was once used for MacBook Charger. It describes the magnetic system for iPhone 12 series. There is a circular arrangement of magnets inside the back of every phone. These will snap the phone onto wireless chargers, sleeves, cases, and wallets.

Foe MagSafe accessories, Apple has created a new ecosystem.

Hardware partners like berlin and Apple, both are making magnetic accessories for new phones.

MagSafe returns for iPhone 12 Pro Max lineup. Apple has added an accessory solution and magnetic charging for the new iPhone 12 Pro-Max which allows user to easily swap and attach cases and other accessories.

Cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max with Magsafe need special magnetic charging oil for compatible MagSafe Charging.

The MagSafe charger can output up to 15W to iPhone, and charge I compatible devices at 7.5W.

With these accessories via MagSafe, users can open up into a new accessory ecosystem.

The new iPhone 12 Pro Max in comparison with iPhone 11 is 9.% thinner and .8% rapper. It is also slightly heavier than its predecessor models.

Other Features:

  1. 6.7 inch Super Retina XDR Display.
  2. Ceramic shield.
  3. 5G connectivity.
  4. A14 Bionic chip
  5. Pro camera system.
  6. 5x optical zoom range 
  7. Night mode.
  8. Deep fusion.
  9. Smart HDR.
  10. Apple ProRAW
  11. 4K Dolby vision HDR recording.
  12. LiDAR scanning.
  13. Night mode portraits.
  14. IP68 water resistance.
  15. Support MagSafe Accessories.
  16. iOS 1.