The former head of team rocket is Giovanni who served as the secretive gym leader of Viridian city gym. Giovanni handed out the earth badges to trainers who defeated him. As Giovanni is Gym leader, he is specialised in ground type Pokemon but his master plan also includes collecting their pokemons of all categories. in Pokemon Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun he also makes an appearance as the leader of Team Rainbow rocket. He is also known as self-proclaimed strongest trainer.

Giovanni Pokemon Go specs.

Here are some specifications of giovanni. 

  1. Gender: male 
  2. eye colour black 
  3. hair colour: black 
  4. hometown :viridans City. 
  5. his region is kanto 
  6. his trainer class is rocket Bose team, rocket Bose team leader, Pokemon, trainer team rocket Rainbow, and the boss go. 
  7. his generation is 1,3,4,5,6 7. 
  8. The games are red, blue, yellow, leaf, green, Fire Red, heart gold, soul silver.
  9. black 2, White 2, Ultra Moon, Ultra Sun, let’s go Pikachu, Eevee Stadium, let’s go master X Pokemon go. 
  10. He is a leader of a viridian gym. 
  11. he is a member of team rocket team rainbow Rocket team go rocket
  12. his rank is BOSS.

Giovanni Pokemon Go core series.

As for the core series, Giovani is the primary antagonist of the games taking place in kanto. Giovani served a dual role in the first game. one was well known to residents of Kanto and the second was more secret.

He was first shown as the leader of team rocket and many criminal organizations for gracing the Pokemon games. After the player defeated him and his teams at Silph Co, Giovanni fled to A hideout that all the players were unaware of. Once the player returned to the city one of the major plot twists was revealed that Giovani in addition to his role as a criminal was the final gym leader to fight with before the elite four. In this area he specializes in the ground type. Once defeated, he left the player with earth badges and disbanded team rocket and TM 27. The role of Giovanni in leaf green and Pokemon Fire Red is the same. The only difference is that defeating him in the gym battle will earn the player TM 26 instead of TM 27. In this game he also implies that he intended to return with power one day rather than being moved to dedicate his life to studying Pokemon. There is also a side plot in the sevii Island which also revolves around Giovanni. you will see that a group of team rocket members will try to continue the aim of team rocket but they abandoned this when they will realize that their leader has been defeated.

In Pokemon let’s go Pikachu, and let’s go Eevee, during the first appearance he is seen to be talked with The archer for giving him the permission for proceeding with the plan to take over silph co. When Giovanni will be defeated for the first time he will give the player the silph scope as a token of apology for mocking them when the president is shown the giovanni demand him to hand over the master ball like they had previously agreed in the gym battles his is reward earthquake TM but this time it will be TM41 instead of TM 26. 

in Pokemon crystal, gold silver, hardball, and SoulSilver, a group of team rocket members tries to relaunch the all team. They will take over Goldenrod Radio tower. They will broadcast radio announcements intended for Giovanni. only in soul silver and heart gold is it revealed the Giovanni does hear the broadcast from his hideout in tohjo falls tohjo falls is actually an event in the remake involving our time travelling Celebi allows Lyra and Ethan to travel back in the time and they can defeat Giovanni at the same time the rest of team rocket is being defeated at the Radio tower. Upon defeating, Giovanni e will leave the room and disappear. Later, the kanto will  reveal that blue took over the viridian gym after the disappearance of Giovanni .

he then reappears in white 2 and Black 2 in Pokemon world tournament it will replace blue who instead participate in the Championship tournament. After his return he will use brown type exclusively . 

while the announcer usually introduced gym leaders by their title Giovanni who does not have a title will be introduced as a self-proclaimed strongest trainer. He will appear again in ultra moon and Pokemon Ultra sun at the boss of news Team Rainbow rocket featured in episode RR. He will be first seen during aether Foundation broadcast from aethers Paradise. There he seized control of organisation from lusamine. He fortified himself inside team rocket Castle and stations versions of mixie, Cyrus, Archie, lysandre and ghetsis from the parallel worlds as his Guards. Team Rainbow rocket grunts will also be with him . After battling with the help of his Army the player and Lillie will find gioVani holding an unconscious lusamine inside his control Central deep within the castle.

Here he will introduce himself and also reveal that he plans for the creation and Army of ultra Beasts world conquering the world. and for this purpose he needs the aether Foundation resources and also intended to brainwash lissamine into serving him . Then he will fight a battle with mewtwo, and ultimately loss . After this he will accept his loss and abandon his plan .

Appearance in pokemon go.

As for Giovanni in Pokemon go is the head of the team rocket. He will possibly be located at pokestops and can be found by using the super rocket radar. but there are also their chances that the box of uncovered will be occupied by the decoy grunts disgusted as giovanni instead, if the real one is located we will be challenged by the player for battle. if the player has super rocket radar equipment it is guaranteed that he will appear from the next team go Rocket Balloon.

Type of pokemon.

As for the type of Pokemon he uses a team of three Shadow Pokemon in a training better. Each will independently and randomly selected from separate pools. Green coloured cells will denote what Pokemon will be encountered during the bonus challenges. Shadow Pokemon that will be left by him will be guaranteed captured on the first premier ball that hits. Initially on the first of each month the shadow legendary Pokemon caught by him will be changed.

Pokemon generations.

He first appeared in the years after the International Police had failed to find in during the rate in the gym he was seen standing on Hill present near the city declaring that team rocket would never fall full stop with his disappearance Roma about team rocket disbandment beginning to circle around. He appeared in The Legacy.

Pokemons he found

Here are the names of some Pokemon he found. persian: 

He found persian when he was a kid. 

diglett , rhyhorn,nidoqueen, Raiden,nidoking, kangaskhan


Giovanni Pokemon Go: Encounters

Persian counters include

  1.  Melmetal
  2. Machan
  3. Rhyperior
  4. Conkeldurr. 

Kangaskhan Encounters include 

  1. Dragonite
  2. Giratina
  3. Togekiss
  4. gyarados. 

nidoking counters include 

  1. empoleon 
  2. jirachi 
  3. Dialga
  4. kyogre. 

garchomp counters include 

  1. Togekiss
  2. Articuno
  3. Gardevior
  4. Dragonite.

 zapdos counters include

  1.  Rhyperior
  2. Tyranitar
  3. Mamoswine
  4. Rampardos
  5.  terrakion.

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