Want to know about star war toys? In “ A New Hope ”, it is described by Obi-Wan Kenobi that the force, like energy that can surround and penetrate all living things, binds this galaxy together. But the thing is, the Venerable Jedi Master was talking about the Power Star war compromise. The cultural impact of George Lucas’ creation is very much vast, that it actually created a generation of fans and made it approach to The Filmmaking Hollywood Blockbuster.

Star war also changed everything in the Toy industry. But no one knows that these changes will continue to remember for like, thousands of years just like the tales of Sith of old and Jedi.

It remains to be seen in the long arc of history.

One thing to be noted is, for different brands, star wars was kind of high disturbance in the force of the business.

The force awaken.

The story of star wars and Kenner is very documented. In short, before the arrival of star wars, Kenner products were the home of Spirograph, easy bake oven and the Six Million Dollar Man toys, which are covered by the great Steve Carell’s character in “ 40 years old virgin”. He later sold it on ebay. But before the toys proved their hints, Kenner’s gamble for making star war toys was based on some drawings and story breakdown. Its gimmick of essentially selling empty box early bird sets paid off. But the gimmick was not really a great success, but it was working enough. Kenner’s sales in 1978-1979 reached 100 million dollars. In 2007, by franchise 30th anniversary, Hasbro reported that they nearly made 9 billion dollars from Star Wars toys.

Zero to Hero!

Hasbro turned down its chance from Star Wars initially. But before Star Wars became a legend and a part of history, Hasbro hitted its hands with G.I Joe.

It was introduced in 1964. The G.I Joe that was original was actually a poseable 12 inch action figure.

That figure then becomes a traditional soldier before evolving as a Super Joe & Adventure Team with Kung-Fu grip. It was due to sentiment that was surrounding the Vietnam War.

G.I Joe swooped into sci-fi very late. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, star wars toys became dominated in the market. The ¾ inches figure became the standard of the industry and also immense the popularity of G.I Joe waned. The line was discontinued by 1978. G.I Joe rebirths was also encouraged by the world of Luke Skywalker.

In 1982, G.I Joe returned right between the return of the Jedi and release of the Empire Strikes Back. it was in a brand new ¾ star wars style figure. It was futuristic and highly specialized. Then, a brand new American special hero fights a battle with villainous Cobra. Cobra was led by a Cobra leader that was a masked baddie sustained by the interchangeable stormtrooper Esque grunts and colorful henchmen.

The line of the smaller figures that featured ten points of unification as opposed to the five present on the Star Wars figures. By a scale playset, a kid can collect them all at a manageable amount as compared with the earlier 12 inches figure.

A Marvel Comic Series and an Animated TV show written by Larry Hama flashed out the World created for selling the toys.

In 1982, Hasbro sold 51 million dollars in G.I Joe toys and 100 million dollars in the following year. That number then grew to $185 million in 1986.

But, that line was discontinued in1994 because of some overshadows by the Star Wars. it did return in several forms as convention collectibles and exclusive sets.

World greatest super heroes: Marvel, DC, Mego.

marvel super heros

As in the 1970s, the Meggo Corporation was actually pretty. And in 1972, that company got the license to make 8 inch action dummies for both DC and Marvel comics characters. It was then sold in line billed as the World Greatest SuperHeroes. Then from the Planet of Apes, Wizard of Oz and Star Trek, the company filled their coffers with the franchise tie-in dummies. Celebrities like Farah Fawcett and Sonny& Cher also participated. And Mego achieved their success in 1976 with the Micronauts line that was based on 3 ¾ inches of Microman toys with the help of Japanese Toymaker Takara. Vice president of R&D, Neal Kulban also quoted as saying late 1970s Mego Pulling around 110 million dollars at its peak. Micronauts then make up third of its sales.

But the thing was, when the toys was created in response to the Franchise’s success, Mego Was not actually prepared for the unreleased property like Star Wars.

Here is the list of some of the Star War toys for you;

star war toys
  1.  Luke Skywalker.
  2. Artoo-Detoo 
  3. Princess Leia.
  4. See-Threepio.
  5. Chewbacca.
  6. Darth Vader.
  7. Ben.
  8. Stromtrooper.
  9. Jawa.
  10. Han Solo.
  11. Death Squad Commander.
  12. Sand People.
  13. Hammerhead.
  14. Greedo.
  15. Walrus Man.
  16. Snaggletooth.
  17. R5-D4
  18. Power Droid
  19. Boba Fett.
  20. FX-7
  21. Death Star Droid.
  22. Leia Organa.
  23. Rebel Soldier.
  24. Imperial Stormtrooper.
  25. IG-88
  26. Bossk.
  27. Luke Skywalker.
  28. Lando Calrissian.
  29. Han Solo.
  30. Baspin.
  31. Ugnaught.
  32. Yoda.
  33. Dengar.
  34. Rebel Commander.
  35. Zuckuss.
  36. Admiral Ackbar.
  37. Yak Face.
  38. Imperial Dignitary.
  39. Lando Classian.
  40. Warok.
  41. Romba.

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