If you want to know how to clean airpods then here are the following tricks and tips for you for cleaning your airports first of all Apple instruct you to use a slightly damp and soft cloth that is dry and Lint-free and you have to be cautious that you should not use soap, shampoo or solvents for cleaning your airport as AirPods are not water resistant. If you want to dig out a nasty bits in the microphones and the speaker meshes then Apple recommend you to use a dry cotton swab and you can also use a soft bristle brush for cleaning the nasty bits. 

For airpods Pro you can remove the ear tips and then you can wash it with the water according to the Apple but without soap or other cleaning agent Apple then wants you to follow a general rule of using dry lint free and a soft cloth for wiping the ear tips clean and letting them dry completely prior to the reassembly.

If you want to kill any kind of germs that might have sit right on your AirPods then Apple says it ok to gently wipe the exterior surfaces but make sure you don’t do not why the speaker mesh with the 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes for a Clorox disinfecting wipe so you can kill the germs and it would be good if you avoid using avoid that is overly saturated because you don’t want to get moisture in any of your AirPods opening and in the end no matter how grimy and disgusting your airport maybe do not try to submit them in any clear in product.

How to clean AirPods by Fun-Tak.

How to clean AirPods: Fun-Tak

It is pointed toward the exterior of the airport and the case with a dry cloth and for rubbing of the grim but if you need a better one before getting the wax and dirt out of your mesh and hollow of the speaker then you can try a wooden toothpick for it. For removing the dirt and the wax that stuck inside the hole of your airport speaker you just have to grab a small piece of Fun-Tak and stretch and knead it for warming up. After that you have to press it against the speaker a few times so it will pick up all the dirt and wax.

The wooden toothpick can be used for gently removing the stubborn wax, that are struck to the side of the speaker hollow and wooden toothpick is no point enough for picking out the individual specs of gross and it is much safer than the sharp metal object like in unfolded stapled that can scratch the plastic or it can also tear the wire speaker mesh.

How to clean AirPods by Podswap.

If you will brother replace your airports and then go through the cleaning routine especially if your airpods are on their last legs anyway than the Podswap is a Startup that says that it will send you refurbished airport in exchange of your old pair so you are into sustainability and recycling in addition to potential savings for swipe could be one way to go for cleaning AirPods. That’s as long as you can get the powers of the fact that you are going to buy a set of used AirPods however the refurbished and the clean pair Podswab send you will be cheaper than buying a new set from the apple and the company says that it will replace the battery of the AirPods too.

How to clean AirPods by Airpod max.

There are also a list of instruction for cleaning your airpods makes for this

Don’t run your airport Max under a full water flow use a dry clean free and a soft cloth if your airport makes or exposed to anything that my score damage your stain for example shampoos, conditioners, soaps, perfume, solvents, lotion, detergent, acidic food or acids, insect repellent, oil, sunscreen, or hair dye, then you should wipe them with a clean and and slightly damp cloth. Do not try to use the airports until they are completely dry make sure not to get any liquid into the opening of your airport then don’t use any kind of sharp or abrasive material for cleaning your airport Max.

How to clean airpods: Cleaning headbands and cushions.

If you want to clean a headband and cushions of your airport then in a clean container take one tablespoon that is 5 ml of a liquid laundry detergent into 250 ml of the water and after that remove the cushion from the ear cups. When you try to clean the headband you have to hold your airport upside down for preventing liquid from flowing into the headband attachment point after that dip a lint-free cloth into a Soapy water pollution wearing it out slightly and then rub the cloth on the cushions and the headband of the airport for 1 minute after this wipe the cushions and the headband clean with a separate dry clothes. Make sure you dry the headband and the cushion with the dry and lint-free cloth and remove any kind of excess moisture from your AirPods. Make sure to the dry for at least a day before you reattach the cushion and after that you can use them again

Clean charging case.

Clean charging case.

You can clean the charging case with a lint-free, dry, and soft cloth if necessary you can also use a slightly Damp cloth with isopropyl alcohol and allow the charging case to dry. Make sure that none of the liquid will go into the charging ports. There are few more guidelines for cleaning the case of your AirPods. You have to remove any debris from the lightning connector with a dry, soft, bristle brush for cleaning the charging case; do not use abrasive material. If you want to avoid the damage of the metal contacts do not try to put anything into the charging ports

Avoid skin irritation. 

Here are a few tips for you if you want to avoid skin irritation especially if you have sensitive skin or any kind of allergies.

Choose which Airpods is for which ear. 

After a workout with your airports on or after your device is exposed to any kind of liquid like soap, shampoo, sweat, makeup, sunscreen, lotion that can potentially cause skin irritation you should clean and dry your device and keep your AirPods Pro, AirPods, AirPods Max and earpods and your skin also dry and clean. it will maximize the comfort and prevent a long-term damage to your device if you have known allergy is or if you feel that you are sensitive to certain substances then check the materials in the AirPods and earpods.

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