This article explains how to open an iPhone SIM card without the eject tool. The instructions in this article apply to all iPhone models.

What to understand 

  1. Hands down the simplest non-standard tool: a fastener.
  2. Next best non-standard ejector tool: a security pin.
  3. To reveal the SIM tray, unfold a fastener and stick the straight side in the ejector hole until the tray slides out.

How to open iPhone sim card by the iPhone SIM Card Ejector Tool

The SIM card tool that wants to eject the tray from the side of the iPhone, if it’s included in your country and together with your network-\specific iPhone, is included within the packaging.

The SIM ejector tool might be hidden in these papers. The tool is typically a small piece of metal which is attached to a white piece of paper that makes it easy to accidentally throw it out.

If you are unable to find the tool or bought a secondhand iPhone, there are several other ways to open the SIM tray to feature or replace a SIM card.

Try these things to Eject a SIM Tray

Although there are several straight objects that can work, the SIM hole requires something sturdy with a narrow dimension.

Here are some tips and ideas that are used in this matter:

  1. Paper clip: Most small size and average size paper clips work by bending one side.
  2. Safety pin: keep in mind that all sizes of safety pins will not work. You have to Find the littlest pin possible to suit inside the opening.
  3. Earring: An earring works during a pinch. insert the post of earring’s back into the SIM tray hole. You have to take care of it because soft materials like gold bend very easily.
  4. Staple: a staple can be used during a pinch, but it will be hard to use due to how thin and versatile it’s. An industrial staple that is thicker may be a more sensible choice.
  5. Mechanical pencil: if you want to use a mechanical pencil then give the lead a couple of clicks for increasing it farther than you’d to write down. Poke the lead within the hole and provide it a firm push. It’s difficult to use due to brittleness of the lead but it is one of the common items found around the house or during a backpack.
  6. Toothpick: Most of the toothpicks are too wide for the iPhone SIM hole. 
  7. Fishing hook: Fishing hooks are available in various shapes and sizes, so if you’re off on a ship and wish for an emergency SIM swap, try one among these.

Many cell phone carrier stores have extra SIM card ejector tools if you’d like better to stick with a proven and guaranteed method of extraction.

How to open iPhone sim card With a Paperclip

How to open iPhone sim card With a Paperclip

A fastener is one among the simplest and commonest objects to use once you do not have an ejector tool.

  1. Start with a little or medium-size fastener.
  2. Unfold one straight side, so it’s protruding.
  3. Stick the straight side of the fastener into the SIM card ejector hole as far because it will go.

With the fastener within the hole, use your thumb to press firmly until the tray protrudes. It should slide out slowly instead of beginning.

iPhone Models and SIM Tray Locations

The SIM tray on most iPhones is found on the proper side of the phone. On the earliest models, it’s located on the rock bottom fringe of the phone. The SIM tray may be a narrow oval with a small circle beneath it. The tray slot sits flush with the side of the phone and is roofed by any phone case.

The iPhone XS Max was the primary iPhone to modify the direction the SIM card rested on the SIM tray. rather than sitting within the tray facing you, the SIM card sits on the rear side of the tray.

How to open iPhone sim card and take away the SIM card in an iPhone or iPad

All cellular capable iPads and iPhones accompany SIM card slots on their sides. A SIM (subscriber identity module) card is how your carrier provides all the knowledge your device must get on their network and access the voice and data services linked to your account; if you travel internationally or decide to switch carriers, you’ll got to swap the SIM card in your iPhone or iPad.

If you upgrade, want to use an area SIM while traveling, or want to get rid of the SIM card on your iPhone or iPad for any reason, here’s how!

What you would like to get rid of the SIM card in your iPhone or iPad

The only thing you would like to get rid of the SIM card in your iPhone or iPad is an Apple SIM card remover tool (included within the box in some countries, especially once you buy an unlocked device) or a little bent fastener .

If you’re employing a fastener, straighten the long end until it projects out (see the photo above). If you’re using something else, just like the tip of a little screwdriver, just confirm it fits into the SIM ejector slot. You do not want to mangle your device.

Find where your SIM tray is found on your iPhone or iPad model

Find where your SIM tray is found on your iPhone or iPad model

Every iPhone equipped with a SIM card tray,if you have an iPhone 4s or newer, you’ve got a SIM card slot.

Here is where you’ll find it, given your iPhone model:

Original iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPhone 3GS: 

  1. On the highest of the iPhone in between the headphone jack and power button
  2. iPhone 4s and later: On the proper side of iPhone, the side opposite your mute switch and volume buttons
  3. Only cellular-capable iPads have SIM trays. If you’ve got one, here is where you’ll find your SIM tray:

Original iPad: 

  1. Along the left side of the iPad towards the center, opposite the side that contains the mute switch and volume buttons, near rock bottom 
  2. iPad 2/3/4: Along the left side of the iPad, opposite the side that contains the mute switch and volume buttons, near the highest 
  3. iPad Pro/Air/Air2/mini (all generations): On rock bottom right side of the iPad, an equivalent side that contains the mute switch and volume buttons
  4. Gently insert the tiny paperclip you bent earlier into the tiny pinhole opening within the SIM tray.
  5. Apply a little amount of pressure until the SIM tray pops out of the iPhone or iPad. Don’t apply pressure at an angle, only within the direction of the pin hole.
  6. Hold the SIM tray and pull straight out.
  7. Swap your SIM card. confirm you’ve installed the SIM within the correct orientation by aligning the notched corners on the cardboard.
  8. Re-insert the tray. confirm you’re inserting the SIM tray within the correct orientation.

Note: If you’re using an iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR from China with dual nano-SIM cards, the cards are placed on either side of the SIM tray, and will only fit a method.

Keep in mind that you simply should never force a SIM tray back in situ. you’ll break pins off the logic board which can leave your iPhone or iPad unable to attach to any cellular network.

Always confirm the SIM is installed within the tray correctly while you’re putting it back in your iPhone or iPad within the correct direction. A simple thanks to make certain is to line up the pin hole. this manner you recognize you’re putting it in correctly.

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