These switch cases are specially designed for traveling and protection purposes. To choose the Best Nintendo Switch Case depends upon your Stye, budget and different needs like if you are planning to take a big number of game cartridges with you or if you wish to stash accessories. Some of the Nintendo Switch Lite Case, double as a stand or they can provide extra protection while you play. 

In this guide, you will figure out the best way for keeping your device safe.

  1. Hori Tough Pouch.
  2. Orzly Carry Case.
  3. Butterfox Compact Carrying Case.
  4. PDP Commuter Case.
  5. MoKo Case
  6. CoBak Carrying Case.
  7. Official Nintendo Switch Lite Carry Case.
  8. HORI Hybrid System Armor.

HORI Tough Pouch.

If you need something tougher, then this one is officially licensed semi-hard case. This case won’t let you down. It is available in black or blue color. This one is capable of going through the rough. It can tumble that life brings.

Orzly Carry Case.

This case from Orzly is truly Marvelous. It is the best budget option. It is not only capable of Fitting the switch inside but it is also capable of fitting up to eight games and numerous accessories in a mesh separator.

It comes up with multiple variety colors and it can also double the stand.

Butterfox Compact Carrying Case.

Butterfox Compact Carrying Case.

It can store up to 19 game cards. It can also store two Micro-SD card slots. No matter where you are going, you can easily take all of your games with you. Not only games, you can also take cables and headphones with you. 

You can pick your favorite one from a multitude of color that also include Silver and Gold.

PDP Commuter Case.

PDP Commuter Case.

It can carry absolutely everything you need. This case is also capable of holding everything you need for your Switch, including spare JOy-Cons, Pro-Controller, cables, plenty of games and battery pack to boot.

HORI Hybrid System Armor.

If you are a fan of those kinds of cases that can fit your phone like a glove, so this case is best for you. It is an officially licensed offering from HORI. Same as some other phone cases, its translucent rear panel will allow the Nintendo Switch Lite Logo to show.

Official Nintendo Switch Lite Carry Case.

 Official Nintendo Switch Lite Carry Case.

This case fulfills the phrase of “ Kill two birds with one stone” because, this case also includes a screen protector.  This case is small in size and especially designed for hugging the Nintendo Switch Lite tightly. But this is not really small in size, it can still manage to pack in some game card slots. It also has a place for pairs of Earbuds.

CoBak Carrying Case.

This is a compact designed case. It is made up for keeping your Nintendo Switch Lite secure. It is easy to grab on the go. It has six card slots. It also has a pocket for your charging cables, headphones and many other accessories. It has enough space for storing all the things you need without being bulky.

MoKo Case.

With this game, give your arm a break because it contains some comfort grip cover with the kickstand. In addition to this, this case is also a shock absorbent case. This offers you two Built-in game slots.

Wherever you go! Take it with you.

No matter where you are going, and where you are living currently, the HORI tough pouch is actually one of the best Nintendo Switch Lite Case for you. This case will not let you down. It is guaranteed to be able to withstand every kind of weather. You just have to trust in this Nintendo Switch Lite Case for getting your job done.

One of the other marvellous cases is the Orzly Carry Case. with its exceptional value, it is able to store up to eight games, cables, some earbuds and a slimline battery pack also. If you cannot resist taking your big battery pack, Pro Controller, headphones and several games with you, then you have to look up on the PDP Commuter case. 

These are the cases we recommend you to look up.

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