Before Buying a Nintendo Switch for your Pokemon Game, you should know what it is. Is it worth buying? 

So, Nintendow Switch Pokemon is a Video game console that was developed by Nintendo. On March 3, 2017, it was released worldwide.  The console is a tablet-like structure that can be used for multiple purposes like, a portable device or docked to use as a home console. It is a hybrid type console.

Nintendo Switch Pokemon Specs. 

  1. It is also known as NX or HAC.
  2. It is developed by Nintendo PTD.
  3. It’s manufactures are Hosiden and Foxconn.
  4. It is a hybrid type video game console.
  5. Generation: 8th Generation.
  6. It was released on 3rd of march, 2017.
  7. Media: Digital distribution and Game Card.
  8. System on Chip: Nvidia Tegra X1.
  9. Memory: 4GB LPDDR$ @ 1331/ 1600 MHz.
  10. Storage: 32 GB eMMC.
  11. Display: 6.2 inch, 720 x 1280 LCD. 1080/720/480p via HDMI.
  12. Camera: Ambient light sensor.
  13. Touchpad: Multi Touch capacitive.
  14. Connectivity: Bluetooth and WiFi.
  15. Online Services: Nintendo Switch Online and Nintendo eShop.
  16. Width: 173 mm
  17. Height: 102 mm.
  18. Depth: 14 mm
  19. Predecessor: Wii U.
  20. Website:

Nintendo Switch Pokemon Games.

Right now there are many fun Pokemon games present on Nintendo switch. no matter if you are looking for a core RPG, a challenging spinoff, simple simple puzzle game or fun DLC.

This list of every Pokemon game for the switch is here to meet your needs. Here are few of these titles which are considered to be the best Nintendo switch game. 

New Pokemon snap. 

Now ride around on a track. take pictures of wild pokemons in their natural habitat. You have to use food in items to get some Pokemon to come out into the open. Will you be able to fill your Pokedex? And will you be able to figure out the mystery behind the Illumina phenomenon. It will release on 30th of April 2021. 

Feudal sinnoh 

Pokemon legends Arceus. Many players control 8 winners from ancient sinho time who are tasked with creating the first pokedex ever. for doing that they need to explore a gorgeous open world. you can even catch a Pokemon in over world for this you have to throw an ancient Pokeball. Don’t worry because different battles are also included. it will release in early 2022 .. 

Pokemon brilliant diamond. diamond in the Rough. 

Pokemon brilliant diamond. diamond in the Rough

Revisit the single origin with these gorgeous remakes coming to Nintendo Switch in late 2021. These games employ a top-down view and chibi art aesthetics in the world of original DS games. 

Pokemon Shiny pearls. pearls of joy.

Run through the Sinnoh region in generation 4, remaining for Nintendo switch. You will come across different Pokemon found in brilliant Diamond. You will need to trade with friends to fill your product. It will come in Late 2021. 

Pokemon sword. protector.

Nintendo Switch Pokemon: Pokemon sword. protector.

 It is the most recent generation of core Pokemon RPG has players exploring the UK inspired gallery gen. There are many new pokemons to collect and many new gyms to defeat. There will be a lot of fun multiplayer catching to do in the wild area dance. This sword will feature exclusive Pokemon that will not be found in the shield.

Pokemon Shield. Defender. 

Nintendo Switch Pokemon: Pokemon Shield. Defender

The counterpart to Pokemon sword will give players different to better and exclusive pokemons to catch there are other few differences. Will you be able to fill out your products while exploring the region of galarand all of its new Pokemon? 

Pokken tournament . Stadium battles. 

by looking your Pokemon out in a message, Stadium proves that your favourite Pokemon are the best. There are 21 creators you can choose from and they each have Unique attacks for helping you to take down your opponent.

Pokemon mystery Dungeon. Rescue Team DX. team up. 

Nintendo Switch pokemon

You have been turned into Pokemon and you are mending together with different Pokemon for taking on her rescue mission. You can also meet and recruit over 400 different types of Pokemon to your team while exploring various dungeon. Which Pokemon you will Discover. 

Pokemon let’s go Pikachu! kanto trip.

Pokemon let's go Pikachu! kanto trip

 This gorgeous game reimagining the kanto region from the generation 1 Pokemon game and also allow its players to revisit the fun with upgraded graphics. Players start with a special Pikachu who will follow them around and we can wear fun clothes. Pokemon fight Army is limited to gym battles and trainers. Most while Pokemon are simply caused by throwing a ball. Many players will need to trade with the let’s go, eevee players for catching all of the pokemons in the game

All Pokemon games present on Nintendo switch.

 We have been  Pokemon fans since we first got our hands on blue and red in elementary school. Whether you are a new Pokemon enthusiast or a different kind of veterinarian, there is so much fun for you to enjoy in the Nintendo Switch Pokemon. If we have to recommend only one game to you it would be either Pokemon sword or Pokemon Shield. These 8th generation games are the third highest selling Pokemon games after red and blue former gold and silver. 

They also introduced the wild area sections of the map where the Pokemon can be seen walking around in the overall area. If you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership you can never jump into max raid dense and catch Pokemon with others online. If you are a huge fan of original RPG then we cannot recommend Pokemon let’s go Pikachu or Pokemon let’s go Eevee. You have to explore the kanto region in all new adventures with the other special Pikachu or a special eevee at your side. You can explore the original gym, you can take down team rockets, you can also see Pokemon wandering around. You have to know that fighting is mostly removed from the wild Pokemon battles and then reserve trainers for all gym battles instead of while Pokemon Battles.

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