If you are Wondering what the best Pokemon Go Arlo counters are? Then we can help. In contrast with the other Team Rocket leaders, Arlo changes their lineup frequently in Pokemon Go so even if you’ve taken pokemon go arlo down before, you might find that you struggle this time around. Here’s a proper guide for you about the best Pokemon Go Arlo counters.


  1. Gardevoir, Infernape or Aggron
  2. Salamence, Armaldo or Scizor

Pokemon go Arlo

Below you will find every Arlo’s possible Pokemon, along with the best four counters. We also mentioned the optimal moveset for taking down each one.

Pokemon Beldum counters

Beldum is a Steel and Psychic type Pokemon. but thankfully this one offers very limited move pool in this battle. Ghost-type and fire moves are the way forward because they can also take reduced damage.

Pokemon                           Moveset

  1. Giratina                           Shadow Ball or Shadow Claw
  2. Golurk                             Shadow Punch or Mud Slap
  3. Heatran                           Flamethrower or Fire Spin
  4. Chandelure                     Flame Charge or Incinerate

Gardevoir counters

Pokemon go Arlo: Gardevoir counters

For the counter everything Gardevoir can throw at you, you essentially want to solely use a Steel type Pokemon. These are one of the strengths against Gardevoir and they can also resist the move of its move pool.

Pokemon Moveset

  1. Heatran Iron Head or Fire Spin
  2. Registeel Focus Blast or Lock On
  3. Metagross Meteor Mash or Bullet Punch
  4. Melmetal Rock Slide or Thunder Shock

Infernape counters

As you have expected, Infernape is weak to both Psychic-type and water Pokemon and thanks to it being a dual Fire and Fighting type. Since Infernape can sometimes use Solar Beam, so, Psychic type Pokemon are mostly recommended to take it down.

Pokemon Moveset

  1. Victini           Psychic or Confusion/
  2. Espeon         Future Sight or Zen Headbutt
  3. Mewtwo      Psychic or Psycho Cut
  4. Alakazam     Psychic or Confusion

Pokemon go Arlo Aggron counters

Aggron can be a pain for you, but because it is an incredibly powerful Pokemon that can use Rock,  Steel, Dragon and Electric type moves. Your best bet is to go on the all and out offense. You have to try to take it down as quickly as possible with one of the following counters.

Pokemon         Moveset

  1. Excadrill         Drill Run or Mud Shot
  2. Steelix Dragon        Crunch or Tail/
  3. Lucario         Power-Up Punch or Counter
  4. Rhyperior    Rock Wrecker or Mud Slap

Salamence counters

Pokemon go Arlo: Salamence counters

Now we are onto Arlo’s third slot and Despite often knowing two Fire type moves, the  Salamence is a Dragon and a Flying-type which means it takes the 4x damage from Ice type Pokemon. But, The problem is that Ice types are weak to Fire type moves So, unless they have a secondary type that is Fire type resistant. Taking into account Salamence’s possible Fire type moves, following are the top four counters.

Pokemon Moveset

  1. Walrein Blizzard or Frost Breath
  2. Mamoswine Avalanche or Powder Snow
  3. Kyurem Blizzard or Dragon Breath
  4. Lapras             Blizzard or  Ice Shard

Armaldo counters

Armaldo is a Bug and Rock type Pokemon that knows moves from a number of multiple types. You will obviously want to go all and out here to take it down so opt for Water/Steel type counters.

Pokemon   Moveset

  1. Kyogre   Surf or  Waterfall/
  2. Terrakion   Rock Slide or Smackdown
  3. Tyranitar   Stone Edge or Smackdown
  4. Aggron    Stone Edge or Smackdown

Scizor counters

Last but obviously not least, Arlo can also use Scizor. This is a Steel and Bug type Pokemon which means that Fire type moves reign supreme. It can also deal with  4x damage. Now battle with your strongest Fire type Pokemon and go to town.

Pokemon Moveset

  1. Reshiram Overheat or Fire Fang
  2. Moltres Overheat or Fire Spin
  3. Charizard Blast Burn or Fire Spin
  4. Entei             Overheat or Fire Fang

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