Shadow pokemon go: Complete Guide For You!.

shadow pokemon go

Shadow Pokemon, Or Shadow Pokemon Go are the Pokemon present in the Pokemon Go, that have been truly modified by the Team Go Rocket, through the unnatural means that results in converting them into dark, flaming auras, red eyes and angry. Players can capture a shadow Pokemon by defeating the Team Go Rocket. They can then restore them into normal state through purification.

Shadow Pokemon Go has a Fire sign present at the Bottom left of their image.

Shadow Pokemon are actually the result of artificially overpowered by the Team Go Rocket. It causes frequent pain to them and gives uncontrolled strength to them. They are surrounded by Purple Fire. In the case of MewTwo, they are surrounded by Psychic power. 

Shadow pokemon go: Purification.

Shadow pokemon go: Purification

Players can catch a shadow pokemon, and then purify them. It will change them to their original state.  You can purify them with the help of Stardust and Candy. 

The Purified Pokemons will have almost the same appearance as their normal forms, but the change is, they will be surrounded with a white and misty aura.

By Purification, the Pokemon will;

  1. Power up the trainer level player, up to level 25.
  2. IVv increased by 2.
  3. In the first slot, return replace the charged attack.
  4. They cost 0.9 X candy for evolving.
  5. They cost 0.9 X candy and stardust for powering up.
  6. They cost 0.8 X candy and stardust for learning a second charged attack.
  7. They can lose their shadow bonus.
  8. Eligible for the special states.
  9. Can be able to Mega Evolve.


Name:Cost for Purification:Released Date:

Stardust: 3000 Candy:322 july, 2019
ivysaurStardust: 3000 Candy:322 July, 2019
venusaurStardust: 3000 Candy:322 July, 2019
CharmanderStardust: 3000 Candy:322 July, 2019
CharmeleonStardust: 3000 Candy:322 july, 2019
CharizardStardust: 3000 Candy:322 july, 2019
squirtleStardust: 3000 Candy:322 july, 2019
wartortleStardust: 3000 Candy:322 July, 2019
BlastoiseStardust: 3000 Candy:322 July, 2019
WeedleStardust: 1,000Candy: 117 oct, 2019
KakunaStardust: 1,000Candy: 117 oct, 2019
BeedrillStardust: 1,000Candy: 117 oct, 2019
RattataStardust: 1,000Candy: 122 july, 2019
RaticateStardust: 3000 Candy:310 june, 2020
EkansStardust: 3000 Candy:310 june, 2020
ArbokStardust: 3000 Candy:310 june, 2020
SandshrewStardust: 3000 Candy:37 Nov, 2019
SandslashStardust: 3000 Candy:37 Nov, 2019
NidoranStardust: 3000 Candy:33 Feb, 2020
NidorinaStardust: 3000 Candy:310 June, 2020
NidoqueenStardust: 3000 Candy:310 june, 2020
NidoranStardust: 3000 Candy:310 june, 2020
NidorinaStardust: 3000 Candy:310 June, 2020
NidokingStardust: 3000 Candy:310 June, 2020
VulpixStardust: 3000 Candy:33 Feb, 2020
NinetalesStardust: 3000 Candy:33 Feb, 2020
ZubatStardust: 1000Candy: 122 july, 2019
GolbatStardust: 1000Candy: 122 July, 2019
OddishStardust: 3000 Candy:35 Sep, 2019
GloomStardust: 3000 Candy:35 Sep, 2019
VileplumeStardust: 3000 Candy:35 Sep, 2019
VenonatStardust: 3000 Candy:35 Sep, 2019
VenomothStardust: 3000 Candy:35 Sep, 2019
diglettStardust: 3000 Candy:312 Oct, 2020
DugtrioStardust: 3000 Candy:312 Oct, 2020
meowthStardust: 3000 Candy:35 Nov, 2019
Persian Stardust: 3000 Candy:35 Nov, 2019
PsyDuckStardust: 3000 Candy:35 Sep, 2019
GolduckStardust: 3000 Candy:35 Sep, 2019
growlitheStardust: 3000 Candy:35 Sep, 2019
arcanineStardust: 3000 Candy:35 Sep, 2019
poliwagStardust: 3000 Candy:31 Aug, 2019
poliwhirlStardust: 3000 Candy:31 Aug, 2019
poliwrathStardust: 3000 Candy:31 Aug, 2019
abraStardust: 3000 Candy:35 Sep, 2019
kadabraStardust: 3000 Candy:35 Sep, 2019
alkazamStardust: 3000 Candy:35 Sep, 2019
machopStardust: 3000 Candy:310 june, 2020
machokeStardust: 3000 Candy:310 june, 2020
machampStardust: 3000 Candy:310 june, 2020
bellsproutStardust: 3000 Candy:37 Nov, 2019
weepinbellStardust: 3000 Candy:37 Nov, 2019
victreebelStardust: 3000 Candy:37 Nov, 2019
slowpokeStardust: 3000 Candy:312 Oct, 2020
slowbroStardust: 3000 Candy:312 Oct, 2020
magnemiteStardust: 3000 Candy:312 Oct, 2020
magnetonStardust: 3000 Candy:37 Nov, 2019
grimerStardust: 3000 Candy:37 Nov, 2019
mukStardust: 3000 Candy:31 Aug, 2019
shellderStardust: 3000 Candy:31 Aug, 2019
cloysterStardust: 3000 Candy:31 Aug, 2019

So, this was some shadow Pokemons Go for you. We hope you find this article helpful. Let us know if you have any further query or comment regarding this topic. Looking forward to your reviews.

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