Shiny pokemon are very rare Species of Pokemon that have unique colors in comparison with other Pokemons and their species. If you randomly encounter shiny Pokemon Species, consider yourself lucky, especially during the days like Community days or Pokemon Go fest.

How can you know if you have encountered a Shiny Pokemon? If you see the icon above your CP like in the picture below, it means you have encountered a Shiny Pokemon.

Besides Raid Boss encounter, encounter in wild, research tak rewards, special Research breakthrough and other rewards are just new ways for encountering shiny Pokemon.


Some pokemons like Meltan and Unown, or Ditto cannot be encountered in their shiny variants outside of specific events.

Regional Forms:

It is possible that you may encounter those that appear as shiny pokemon at the first glance but they are actually regional forms of the Pokemon.

As an example: Kanto rattata is purple and can stand on all four, while the Alolan rattata is black and can stand upright. Also the Kanto Rattata is a normal type Pokemon and the Alolan Rattata is normal and dark type.

Note: certain regional form pokemon can be shiny. Like a standard pokemon, it is very difficult to tell if there are shiny icons present above their CP.

Shiny Pokemon Go was first introduced as a part of the Water Festival event, with Gyarados and Magikarp. With every event and community event, new shiny Pokemon are added to Pokemon Go. The shiny Pokemons are very vast in numbers so it is hard to keep track of which of the following Pokemon you should be checking.

Here, we are providing the complete list of Pokemon you should keep tracking of, and you can catch them all.

What are pokemons of Shiny Pokemon Go?

As you know, shiny Pokemons are color variants. For one shiny pokemon, there is only one shiny color. Some variants obviously resemble shiny Gyarados red instead of blue. Others are more stubble like Squirtle or Shiny Bulbasaur, which have slightly different contrast and shades but same colors. 

As for the core games, every single pokemon contains a Shiny variant but as in the Pokemon Go, shiny pokemon are unlocked during events like Community daysor with updates.

If you are unable to unlock shiny, then it doesn’t matter how much of the Pokemon you will catch, you will always be unable to find a shiny Pokemon. In comparison with core games, these Pokemons are far more common in Pokemon Go especially if there is any event.

But still you have to give your best to find a shiny Pokemon. Shiny checking always consumes time, but once you know which species can be Shiny, it will be a lot easier for you.

Note: one of the things you should keep in mind is, you cannot catch an evolved Pokemon. As an example, if you tap on Lvysaur on the map, it cannot be the shiny one, even though you can catch a shiny Bulbasaur.

Shiny Pokemons i Pokemon Go:

Gen 1.

first generation of shiny pokemon go
  1. Bulbasaur.
  2. Lvysaur.
  3. Venusaur.
  4. Charmander.
  5. Charmeleon.
  6. Charizard.
  7. Squirtle.
  8. Wartortle.
  9. Blastoise.
  10. Caterpie.
  11. Metapod.
  12. Butterfree.
  13. Weedle.
  14. Kakuna.
  15. Haunter.
  16. Gastly ninetails.
  17. Vulpix.
  18. Clefable.
  19. Clefairy.
  20. Cloyster.
  21. Dratini.
  22. Mewtwo.
  23. Gengar.

Gen 2.

second generation of shiny pokemon go
  1. Chikorita.
  2. Marill.
  3. Shuckle.
  4. Bayleef.
  5. Azumarill.
  6. Sneasel.
  7. Meganium.
  8. Sudowoodo.
  9. Cyndaquil.
  10. Aipom.
  11. Sunkern.
  12. Sunflora.
  13. Swinub.
  14. Piloswine.

Gen 3.

third genration of shiny pokemon go
  1. Treeko.
  2. Nosepass.
  3. Lileep.
  4. Grovyle.
  5. Skitty.
  6. Cradily.
  7. Torchic.
  8. Aron.
  9. Milotic.
  10. Mawile.
  11. Sableye.
  12. Mudkip.
  13. Medicharm.
  14. Duskull.
  15. Dusclops.
  16. Shuppet.
  17. Castform
  18. Feebas.
  19. Banette.
  20. beautifully.
  21. Wailord.
  22. Spoink
  23. Huntail.
  24. Glalie.

Gen 4.

  1. Grotle.
  2. Turtwig.
  3. Drifloon.
  4. Drifblim.
  5. Lopunny.
  6. Weavile.
  7. Honchkrow.
  8. Lickilicky.
  9. Infernape.
  10. Shinx.
  11. Luxio.
  12. Bonsly,
  13. Purugly.

Here are all the pokemons that can be Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go. stay tuned for more updates.

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